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  1. Well at least we have 'some' clarity. Wonder how they determine how much is too deep and how much is just standard variance.
  2. I no longer read the magazines because they didnt seem authentic, just as Ive stopped following other golf media because of the same reasons. While I think it does still happen at MGS a bit, it seems to be far, far less than other outlets on the web. The OEMs do not have a 'right' to harrass the media, but they can make it a stipulation of the business 'partnership' if theyd like. If that is the case, the media outlet has the right to refuse and tell their community about it. Consumers will decided with their dollar what they believe. Fanboys on the internet will hype anything they
  3. Ketsch 2 sounds like it will be released next spring with a TR insert instead of a full face mill to keep QA a bit easier to control. Take it for what its worth, but thats what Im hearing.
  4. Newbie here who just sent a little something your way, thanks for the reviews this year. I've really enjoyed them.
  5. Im impressed you guys can hit anything >60*, I cant ever hit the 60* consistently, let alone a 64
  6. Sure thing, check out this link that has my full write up, numbers, pics, etc http://www.bunkersparadise.com/forum/clubs-balls-and-accessories/ernest-es14-portable-launch-monitor-review
  7. I think Oosthuizen won it using the G30 though....
  8. Interesting thoughts, I could see myself loving it for firm/flop shots, but just wondered about the wet stuff. Thanks for answering!
  9. Not sure how many of these will sell, but I bet the ones they give away for 'public relations' will be big hits.
  10. While I dont take offense to it, I could see how it would rub some the wrong way. Especially since the confed flag is what they eye will see when the putter is sitting in the bag.
  11. Reports online are he is up in Montana/Wyoming at Gretzkys place. Still playing golf, supposedly shot 61 in a member/guest or something. Doesnt make much sense to me....
  12. He is here "to be serious and win a major", but he interrupted the GC coverage yestd to talk tiger. Riiiiight Bubba. Go away loser.
  13. How are you seeing them perform out of wet/sloppy lies? They seem like they would be chunk city.
  14. I had very poor results using the ES14 and the SC100. I launch the ball lower than most other golfers so I think it was throwing the numbers off a bit. Id have wedges going 140 yards when I saw them landing at the 100 pin I lasered seconds before. The ES14 was closer, but the spin/launch numbers werent calculating too well either when compared to the Trackman I was also using for the same shots.
  15. Version 2 will be out sooner than we know it, likely easier for them to manufacture.
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