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  1. Awesome! Would love a chance to test and review these. I moved to game improvement Ping G30 irons from JPX800 pros and won't look back. Why make the game harder than it needs to be? I would love to compare/contrast these against my G30s. Looking forwaed to providing an in depth review and opinion if selected... thanks! Tony from Wisconsin Ping G30 irons 4i-U with CFS Distance shafts in stiff flex Ping Glide ES wedges in 56 and 60 degree All irons in Ping Red dot lie angles Current handicap is a 5 hcp. Thanks again, Tony
  2. Would love to try this out..and provide reviews or feedback!! Tony Wisconsin Hcp 4 Currently have a Ping g30 4i and a 22* g30 4h. Both in stiff flex... 4i has too low a trajectory for me, 4h is about right but lose em left on occasion. Hoping this crossover gets me the trajectoy im missing from the 4i. Thanks+
  3. Would be awesome to test these.. moved from JPX 800 pro forged to my current Pings for more forgiveness.. would love to get the forgiveness of the g30s with the forged Mizzy feel.. heres my entry! Tony from Eau Claire, WI Hcp 3 Ping g30 irons w/ping CFS Distance stiff Custom Fit – yes, Ping Red Dot
  4. Tony Brown Wisconsin Edel E1 Torque balanced I have tried many blade putters and really want to love one, but have not yet found that perfect blade... hoping this is it and I would love to be chosen to try one out!
  5. - My name is Tony Brown, from Wisconsin Current hcp 3 - I play probably 50+ 18 hole rounds/summer - I prefer a Prov1x for feel and distance but play Prov1 and Prov1x interchangably... however I refuse to pay $50/dozen new. I shop at lostgolfballs.com and buy them slightly used for less than half the cost of new. I would love to try these out and post some reviews/opinions!
  6. Much better results today.. Teeing down a bit really seemed to help, although was very uncomfortable at first. Misses low on the face definately worked out better than above center... when set at b4 (12 degrees) the higher face misses seemed to balloon slightly, and lose a lot of distance so I dialed the loft down to c4 (11.25) and the flight was overall more penetraring even on the above center misses. The combined lower loft and lower tee height got me back to the length Im used to seeing on course, as well as one of my longest drives I have ever had, so Im excited to see what I can get out of this 915 once the weather gets above 70 and things firm up.. Im not sure why the fitting put me at 12 degrees though, 11.25 certainly seems to be a much better fit.. Im guessing the launch monitor could be a little off or although the numbers looked better at 12 vs 11.25 loft, its still not as good as being able to see the actual ball flight outside. I suppose the trackman can get you 95% of the way there though and then might have to tweak just a bit more once you get outside and can really get a good look at things...
  7. Not every other club... the "screws" on my Exotics E8 were not on the center of the face. It was just above center about a quarter of an inch.
  8. That is excellent information! I had been playing a Tour Edge Exotics E8, but the dispersion wasnt all that great for me and the sound was particularly annoying so I decided to splurge on a fitting at 2nd swing in Minneapolis. The guy there was great, we tried several head shaft combos, and he put me into this D2 with a Rogue 60 stiff flex shaft. I had my E8 with me as well, and the D2 beat it by 10yrds carry and 13yds total distance... D2 spin was around 2400rpm and about a 14 degreee launch angle, very similar to the E8, just a little less spin (2400 vs the E8 26-2800) but much better ball speed and dispersion with the D2. That E8 seemed to do way better when the ball struck just above the centerline.. so i teed up a little higher than I used to after reading many drivers now have their sweet spots a little higher on the face. That same spot on the face seems to not be the best place on the D2, so I was curious as to if players simply need to adjust tee height a little to find the best place to make contact in the face, and that might actually be different for every driver.. And if course, try to find out where that spot on the face of the 915D2 lives, so I can adjust accordingly
  9. Hi all! Im looking for your experiences with the 915D2 driver... my previous drivers have performed best (more distance/less spin) when the ball made contact just above the center of the face. With the 915D2, Im finding that shots hit above center of the face lose distance and launch too high. I need to tee the ball pretty low and make sure I hit center of the face or even just below for the best performace. Any of you other 915D2 owners experiencing the same? Is the sweet spot on this driver center face vs just above center like some other drivers out there? Thanks!
  10. Just wanted to jump in and say hi.. look forward to paticipating.. what a great forum!
  11. I would love this opportunity to test! Here is my fitting and comments: Wedges 59 55 51 Irons 47 43 39 35 31 27 23 Length standard Lie standard Shaft KBS Tour stiff Grip standard My Handicap is 6 The online fitting process was thorough, but for someone like me very concerned about my specs, the fitting really wasn't clear or informative on how it came up with my fit. For example, I inputted my current custom fit specs for my Mizuno JPX800 pros, which have all been adjusted two degrees weak in loft, and 1 degree flat for lie. When the recommendation page appears, the stock lofts for my current irons are shown, not the adjusted loft for my custom fit. It showed my PW as 45 degrees, when really it's 47 degrees since I was fit 2 degrees weak. This makes it appear like I have a 6 degree gap from PW (45) to my 51 degree SCOR wedge, which is false... its only a 4 degree gap. This doesn't make sense to me, and seems a little misleading. It makes my current setup seem horrible when its not had it listed my fitted lofts. It also makes me wonder if my custom specs were considered at all in the fitting, and decreases my confidence in the loft or lie recommendations. I am 1 degree flat right now, but the recommendation for lie was standard. I am not convinced thats correct since my 2 degree weak loft adjustment were not listed in the analysis it showed me for my current setup. I had the same issue with the SCOR online fitting and needed to have my lie adjusted to 1 degree flat after purchasing the SCORs at standard lie based on their recommendations. I would really LOVE to give these a full workout and review though... I golf 5-6 times a week and have a little obsession with trying out new equipment. What does Hogan mean to me? When I hear "Hogan" I think simplicity and common sense. I admire Hogan's simple, functional, and common sense approach to the game. Thanks for your consideration!! Tony
  12. Your handicap - 6 What grip you are currently playing - Pure Pro and Lamkin REL Ace 3gen. How often you regrip your clubs - 1-2 times per year Why you would be an awesome grip tester I am just about to regrip! I have tried various grips the last 2 years and really cant find the perfect grip. Ive tried NDMCs, Pures, Lamkins, Golf Pride VDRs and TVs, and would LOVE to try these superstrokes and see how they compare. Im hoping its like a goldilocks story.. some are too hard.. some are to squishy.. maybe these are just right.
  13. RBG is great for 1-2 yr old new stuff.. global golf for used. Also lostgolfballs.com for balls. Best deal around..
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