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  1. I would like to see MGS collaborate with TXG or Club Champion and take 4 or 6 golfers through a comprehensive fitting. Half of the field having never been fit and the other half with experiencing being fit with clubs. You guys can fill in the rest but I would love to see how a precise and complete head to toe fitting would affect golfers and their game.
  2. Seduced...that’s it right ther. I was talked out of my 8802 in high school and trusted the advice because it was someone I respected that said “good putters use forgiving putters.” I did well with that and continue to use a heel-toe Anser style but always had luck with a blade I wonder what would have been different...I was a good putter with that blade.
  3. Absolutely the same for me. I hated everything about it. I traded for one with a spy, used it for 3 holes and couldn’t make anything. As much as I try to find a different look when the putting isn’t going well, I always go back to a heel toe Anser.
  4. Email last night from the District Golf Assn. The District Championship has been postponed until next year. This is a bummer but I’m not entirely surprised. I’ve got 406 more days to practice until next years qualifier.
  5. Hole 11, an uphill 208 yard par 3 at Reservoir Creek. My tee shot didn’t fly as low as I had hoped into a decent breeze and landed short left just before the grass bunker. In the photo, you’ll see that’s where the pin was located. The shot was a 52 that I landed and checked about 2’ from the pin. I will take a 3 on this hole every time and after tapping in I smiled all the way back to my cart.
  6. The funny thing is, no matter our age the thrill of waiting for the UPS truck rivals Christmas morning. Hoping that Acushnet Santa comes sooner than later Sam.
  7. Same here. The Maltby TS1 set I built is easily one of the top performing sets I have ever owned. What I can say is that I played the Ft. Worth's with HI irons for two seasons as a 21-24-27 in the HI irons and 31-47 in the blades. The biggest issue I had with the blades was the sole was narrower than the width of a sheet of paper. On the days where I was not playing well, I could not fake it. While the combo set is only 8-P in the Icon, I still hope that the sole has been addressed and widened slightly to offer some lower CG as well as better turf interaction. These are being marketed to a better player who can still shoot in the 80's so I would imagine (HOPE) that the 8-P would be slightly wider. As far as the UiHi goes, If they improved on the Ft Worth HI iron, this will be the best long iron in the game. The HI irons were the best long irons I have ever swung, period. I am really excited to put these irons to the test and see how they fare. I will be comparing these to a set of Player's Distance irons so I hope that those who are on the fence will see how they compare and contrast.
  8. I started with the MGS app and then switched to Tapatalk. I’m currently using Safari exclusively as I really did not care for the apps. To each their own but I prefer the Safari page.
  9. NYS has so many great public and off the beaten path courses that would rival some of the greatest courses across the country. I believe it when you say the views are incredible.
  10. High nasty bombs. I came prepared today
  11. Unfortunately no, this is a really fun one. It's only 368 from the back tee and that fairway sits on a table. Miss left and you're in a valley surrounded by those trees. Miss right and it's OB. I hit a 3 or 4 iron and it turns into a get your par and walk to the 11th scenario.
  12. Played 18 today with dad at the course hosting the district qualifier next month. Lots of positives and some really good course management today. 39/37 with 3 birdies and a double. If I could gripe about one thing, my was not great. 5 over round was a big deal for me as I had never broken 80 on this course until today. I strung 3 bogeys in a row on 15-17 but finished 18 with a bird. It’s at the south end of Canandaigua Lake and the views are fantastic. One amusing shot from today...I landed the ball square on the top of the flag. The black nut that keeps the flag secured left a nice ding as a reminder.
  13. What do you do when you get new wedges? Practice wedge game. 10 yard chips in the yard today.
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