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  1. You. The second season is set to launch any day. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. PING changed the color code system a few years back. Blue used to be 1* up now it’s 0.75* up.
  3. I like this thread...I’m quirky so I can definitely dig in on this... General: I prefer a clean looking bag at the top. The fewer the head covers and larger clubs, the better Driver/metals: Feel and flight are tops for me. Now that most every driver and fairway has a tinging sound it’s difficult to differentiate the crowd. My all time favorite driver was my 975D, a missile launcher with incredible feel at impact. Hybrids: after 31 years of golf, I have finally found a hybrid that I like. Tour Edge CBX119 17* Irons/wedges: Since I was 18, the only irons I have played were Titleist 962b, 670’s, PING i5’s and Hogan Ft. Worth’s. As I get older I’ve become less particular about the irons I play. I wouldn’t say my game is in decline, I just need a little more forgiveness. As I approach 40, I am eagerly awaiting to try a set of players distance irons. Putters: Nothing in 21 years has been able to outlast my PING Anser 2 stainless. It’s been everywhere with me during my most memorable college and professional events. Balls: Consumer direct. At the moment, it’s OnCore’s Elixr. Longer off the tee and better feel around the green than the ProV1. Gloves: I prefer no glove. I like the feel of the club in my hands without a buffer. Shoes: It has been FJ forever. I ordered my first pair of True Linkswear knits last season and loved them for dry rounds. Brands: forever, I’ve been a Titleist and PING guy. I was on staff with Titleist in early 2000 and as I get older, I appreciate that there are some solid companies that could help me become better. I’m looking at you King forged tec 2020 [emoji4]
  4. The offset looks close to my i5’s. I can appreciate why someone would be against that look but the compromise between GI and players iron is a healthy blend.
  5. I have been able to find some good information on here of all places in recent months. I’d like to start using but I’m apprehensive. It’s hard to know the efficacy when there is no universal standard for testing and qualifying. I’ll check out that Joe Rogan episode posted above.
  6. Uncle Neil in one of my favorite live performances.
  7. To be honest, most brands have a very complete top to bottom line of clubs that accommodates all golfers. Mizuno, PING and Titleist are three that come to mind that offer a variety of hybrids and irons that complement each other. Best way to figure it out is to go with an open mind and hit as much as your back allows [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Fun. I play a lot of scramble events and sociable rounds with friends who are very mediocre. My bad rounds are still enjoyable and I’m competitive despite playing more than I practice. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. I love the look of this putter...just never could get the mechanics to work. Hope it rolls well for you.
  10. Makes sense. CBD Oil in its many forms has to be easier on the liver than daily ibuprofen.
  11. Really liking that cross sport. Brings an Audi style look to the line. Great work and congrats on being able to go in recognition of your great work history.
  12. For the record, I selected approach. Put a driver in my hands and I feel like King Kong. Put a 6 iron in my hand and I have little confidence; I try to steer it. Short game for me is my favorite. I love being creative with my shots. Putting, meh, some days goos some days bad but never terrible.
  13. DT has such a great swing...not just a great swing but I would argue, the most technically efficient putting stroke that we’ve seen. In an interview following the 2001 PGA, his wife bought him a glass case to hold his Cleveland 5 wood [emoji4]
  14. bens197


    After watching The Dark Knight in its entirety, I could appreciate why he won an Oscar. Superhero films aren’t necessarily my favorite, yet Heath’s portrayal was a work of art. There’s this perception from the previews that this film casts a light on outcasts among society. I’m excited to see it. Thanks for sharing.
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