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  1. That works. My personal preference is the wood floor with the framed joists beneath. Same as you’re planning with a blower and a walk behind. The wood floor joists was easier to start and keep level throughout the build.
  2. Are you pouring concrete or doing a stud floor?
  3. The camera work has been exceptional. Whoever is in charge of alternating aerial vs ground shots is truly doing a great job. Now, can someone take the batteries out of Peter Jacobsen's microphone?
  4. Those wall studs are robust! Love the new windows as well...your reduced heating bill will offer you a nice raise this winter!
  5. I originally built a 7 iron in the spring as a demo. I played one round with it and instantly ordered the balance of the set. While that sounds reactionary, and surely it does, I can say with confidence that I have never felt or played a club like these. Now wait, Steve you sound like a homer because you just praised the Hogan’s. Let me clarify. The Hogan’s in their own right are amazing. When I’m playing good golf, they will be in the bag. When I need irons that allow me to be me and give me that extra oomph, it’ll be the TS1s.
  6. Thanks @tommc23 I wrecked my back in August and slipped a disc. I haven’t played since 8/9 so here is what I can say... They are point and shoot irons. I can’t put into words how good they feel but I have zero buyers remorse. High quality, soft feel and consistent trajectories. I didn’t ever hit a shot and think what the heck just happened there.
  7. In spite of their ineptitude, the idiot owners of this team (Kim and Terry Pegula) finally found a GM and HC who have figured “it” out. Build a team that sheds bad contracts and find players who will buy into their plan. No egos, it’s team over the individual. Now, Josh Allen can stand in the pocket for more than 0.5 seconds and actually survey his routes. For so long we had checkdown qb’s because our offensive line had more holes than Bonnie & Clydes getaway car. Seahawks are so good. I have always loved how Pete Carroll runs his teams and couldn’t ever root against them. That field has been a bucket list for my college friends for a long time. Good luck this season!
  8. Cam has the talent, will he be able to play for Belichick and conform to a system without being a sideshow? If so, he’ll thrive.
  9. McDermott and Beane have done a great job shedding bad contracts and creating a true team concept. Now that Allen has an OLine and five legit options each play (Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Singletary and Run) there should be no reason they can’t make a statement. Good luck to you guys this season.
  10. It was great to watch the NFL last night. Best of luck to everyone’s favorite teams this season. Cant wait to watch Josh Allen connect with Stefon Diggs in only two days
  11. New for me Today was PT appt 2 and I have some good progress as well as a better understanding of what’s happening. Now it’s as many have, time to learn to swing.
  12. Yes...the PVC connects to another metal trap which runs to the main drain. Silliness.
  13. As you can see, the joists run front to rear and perpendicular to that plumbing. They were slick and “only” cut down 5” of the 2x8 at the point where it was resting on a party wall. After some laughs and some tears we did some repairs to the structural support before swapping the double p for a singular run. But as you describe, maybe traps are overrated anyways. I mean, who doesn’t love free smells?
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