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  1. This forum has taught a lot of people to be open minded about gear. Brand agnosticism is really the best approach to setting yourself up for success. This doesn’t mean I don’t have biases. I won’t touch a TaylorMade putter. That is really the only line I will draw…Setup, feel, performance…they do absolutely nothing for me. One thing has been a constant for me throughout college and as a club pro, the drivers in my bag have always rotated between Ping & Titleist. Going back 20 years my bag has been 975D, TiSi, 983K, 905T, G5, 913D3, G400LST, TSI3. I tried a couple random brands for fun without success..Nike Ignite, Callaway Big Bertha, SIM2… Clubs are a lot like food…give it a chance and be open minded.
  2. As did I Nice to hear it confirmed in public…
  3. Like it or not, the Sam Hahn & Bill Presse effect is happening…L.A.B. Is in “last great frontier” tech for putters and it’s something that mainstream OEM’s haven’t dabbled in. This is the closest means of mimicking what L.A.B. Did with the MEZZ.1 and I think we’ll see more in the coming years.
  4. Well priced... THE most difficult battle in selling clubs is convincing someone to try the best club for their game. Putting a Wilson club in their bag when they want TaylorMade or Callaway is always a battle, especially when the sticker is not too far apart. I hope they do well.
  5. Ray Dalio once said “Be radically open minded.” Anyone who thinks there is only one way to properly fit a golfer is someone I don’t want to be fit by.
  6. It's not unreasonable to ask for an update. You've been patient and you're paying good money for a set of clubs that you special ordered... Let's not lose sight of the most important part of this...club manufacturers exist explicitly to fulfill orders...when they are unable to deliver, they should be questioned...IMO, using covid supply chain as an excuse is tired. This opinion stems from my own recent experience from last spring. I was fuming mad when my Mizuno 223 irons arrived last year out of spec. I set the 9 down and immediately knew it was way flat. Obnoxiously out of spec. I worked at this shop 20 years ago and know a lot of the guys who still work there. Rather then send them back, I asked if I could just go back into the workshop and bend them myself. 30 minutes later and I was back in business. I blew up Mizuno on socials and the only reply I received was "we're sorry your clubs were out of spec. Please contact the retailer and they'll make the necessary changes." Essentially, told me to go s in my hat. Makes me wish I'd gone with the Callaway's that were neck and neck with these ones... BTW...here's how they arrived vs what they are after I bent them... 3 59 lie 19 loft - Now 61 lie 19 loft 4 60 lie 22 loft - Now 61 lie 22 loft 5 60 lie 25 loft - Now 61 lie 25 loft 6 60 lie 28 loft - Now 61 lie 28 loft 7 61 lie 33 loft - Now 62 lie 32 loft 8 61 lie 36 loft - Now 62 lie 36 loft 9 60 lie 42 loft - Now 63 lie 42 loft P 62 lie 47 loft - Now 64 lie 47 loft
  7. Baltimore & Cincinnati was another division game that on paper, should have been a walk for Cincinnati...not the case...looked a lot like Buffalo & Miami. After watching how the Bengals played last night I feel a lot better about playing them on Sunday. I am still thinking Buffalo San Francisco... I have tickets to Buffalo if they host the AFC Championship and a flight booked to Atlanta if its KC Buffalo. One week at a time, it's one week seasons at this point.
  8. Miami is a GOOD football team. New season and I am not even a little bit surprised to see the Dolphins play us so tight. Mike McDaniels is awesome and he is going to be trouble for the Bills this next decade. Skylar played far better than any of us expected and made a game of it. I have my own thoughts but I always revert to this… When you’re a good football team, you can afford to make mistakes and still win. The Bills from 10 years ago would have rolled over and died.
  9. I like how Sam's decided to offer the Garsen quad as an option. I put a Garsen Max on my MEZZ and the setup completely changed how I putt. It's so simple but fascinating how the rotation of your arms create a change in your arc...
  10. Crazy as it sounds, the 6 year pursuit of the perfect bag has been settled. I finished 2022 with a bag that I really love top to bottom which includes a great ball. I was fit for a TSI3 about 2.5 weeks prior to the release of the TSR line yet I hit this thing so well, I cant really justify chasing something and will remain content with this awesome setup. I may adjust with a few items this season...here's what I had in mind and I'll keep you posted: I've been reading a lot about LA Golf tech and the consistency of their shaft builds. The consistent plane it maintains on its own through impact is intriguing. I am quite fond of the modus shafts, how well they're made so if I need to satisfy an itch, I may tinker with a L series wedge shaft in a 50* T22 or SM9 this year. My HMB MP 20 3 iron is pretty solid. It has good days and bad days and if there is a weakness in my bag, this would probably be the one. Ping's new crossover looks good, perhaps a hybrid for the first time, we'll see. Besides that...I am secretly hoping that LAB manufactures a smaller version of the DF.1 putter. I really want to try that style in a smaller head...c'mon sam!
  11. meanwhile, someone still has dads left leg to lean on to remind you they're there
  12. Houston has a serious lack of self-awareness problem and I believe many of us have worked for places that resemble their toxic leadership. I'm not a religious man but I will say if there is a god, I'd say god help whoever is silly enough to take that HC job...
  13. There was some buzz following the game that the staff and players got into it in the tunnel after the game... Green Bay were running their mouths and Lions were heard saying "let's play again so we can beat you a third time this season" ...you gotta love what Coach is doing there.
  14. I am here to say that I LOVE Dan Campbell. I love how he created a locker room with buy-in and trust. You have a winner in that man and what he is building and considering your future draft picks, the future in the motor city is bright...like he said after a post-game win last season... "Welcome to Detroit!"
  15. It’s a combination of factors which makes it so rare. Age, timing, location of trauma. Within the beat, it’s during the ventricular repolarization at the beginning of the T wave. Fractions of seconds and super rare. I’m content in waiting for Damar to walk out of the hospital and i am certain we will know more in the near future… …perhaps when Buffalo is done celebrating their Super Bowl Championship this year
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