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  1. He’s not going to earn much sympathy. I’d respect him if he chose to keep the post on his page. Own it if you feel that way.
  2. Southern Hills is pitiful and overrated...then deleted it...so he thinks its true, just doesn't stand behind his words...
  3. I get it. I agree. And to take it another direction I agree with Patton Kizzire... Setting a PGA layout as if it's August is a recipe for struggle.
  4. @chisag @Shankster I am officially forming the +42 social club this evening, following the conclusion of R3. It’s an exclusive club.
  5. Currently sitting 201/205…come and get me! I heard from Bob Vokey himself that I am in contention to win a rusted 456.14 from the lost & found at City Municipal golf club.
  6. Amazing right…I’ll always remind my daughter when someone tells her you play like a girl, that she should reply with “if you work hard, someday you could too.”
  7. Prevents people from becoming drunken slobs en masse. That’s it. That is the reason. As far as the Professionals go. It boils down to two things. Do you want to spend every holiday and weekend away from your family for terrible pay?
  8. Inspired by @MWGolf23 the 223's are here to stay...
  9. I had two yesterday. The first was a chip in from a missed long left approach on a par 5. Landed on the fringe and found the bottom of the hole. First eagle of the day. The shot of the day though was on 16 in our scramble we had 223 to a front pin. 3rd guy hit a gorgeous 3w to 6’ I chose a 3 iron and hit mine to 4’ Didnt mean to steal his thunder but we all agreed, the eagle 3 felt great.
  10. Played a scramble today for the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation. This is a 2-day event in Rochester which draws hundreds of players. It's often just a death march but the cause is phenomenal. I was lost off the tee and hit some decent irons. Made up for it with my short game today which included a hole out from 30 yards for eagle and knocked in a few putts over 10 feet. The good news was, My final two long irons were solid...a good omen headed into the next round. We shot 59 and for the first time since I've ever played, we won the event. Didn't think we could pull it off after 4 straight pars to start (which included a missed birdie from 3') but 2 eagles were good enough.
  11. I lived in Jupiter for 9 years and played plenty up the SE coast. In Miami, Miccosukee is probably one of the better public options. There are plenty more if you head north into Lauderdale and Deerfield Beach. PM me if you have any questions and safe travels.
  12. Really well produced and among all else, I thought the testimonials were really well done. Old, young and getting some women involved is a great thing to see. Nice work.
  13. The brain farts...nothing more humbling than a decel chunk from inside 130 yards...
  14. Start by feeling your lower body rotating first on your downswing. You can see during your transition that your head changes position and your spine angle moves. This is caused by your shoulders and arms leading the downswing...the upper body taking over is causing this over-the-top movement that @jlukes is talking about...it's sequencing. Play other sports? Throw a football and you'll notice your lower body rotates prior to your shoulders and arms. My favorite, is taking a tennis racket and hitting a low volley at a slow speed. Your hips rotate first and then the upper body...all while maintaining that spine angle. You really should work with someone 1:1 in person so they can convey these feels. You'll get some good mileage out of the members here and I think someone like @RickyBobby_PRwould be a good start.
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