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  1. Awesome job fellas! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. I’m also a no glove player. I played a moderately humid round yesterday with the Sonars and was very pleased. This is my first season with them since playing Tour Wrap 2g’s for 9 years. They kept dry and tacky without any issue at all. They’re worth a look.
  3. There are golfers who are all arms who will look as if they’re making a profound turn. In reality it’s a deceptive move as they’re just lifting up their arms. This looks natural from the sequence you’ve shared. It looks balanced and it looks like you’re using your big muscle groups. Good luck keep up the good work!!
  4. I Love how much extension you get on your backswing.
  5. Beat the rain today and squeaked in 9 this morning. 6/7 fairways, 5/9 greens, 38 with 14 putts. The OnCore Elixr is really working well for me. It spins slightly more around the green for me than the Vice Pro Plus but where I’m seeing gains is off the tee. I’m excited for this summer.
  6. You could tell yourself to make a longer backswing but your body will only turn as far as it needs before you add to that resistance. It may be worth it to focus more on connecting your arms to your torso to your lower body. This backswing seems more out of rhythm with your body and downswing rather than a length issue. Focus more on your tempo. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Makes good sense. I haven’t played a GD since their YS7 series. Play well with that great bag!
  8. Really great bag. The LST is really a lethal weapon, I love mine. What led you pick the GD DI 6 over any of the other options for your driver? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. The way they speak it wouldn’t surprise me if they were paid by the word. I would love a broadcast with no commentary, just golf.
  10. Have you ever tried (don’t laugh at me because this is seriously a thing) Kerrygold or a similar type butter in your coffee? It sounds repulsive but it’s quite nice.
  11. Great day at the range today. We’ve been granted a reprieve from the rain and I took full advantage. Today was an emphasis on keeping my right elbow beneath my left forearm on the downswing. It may sound odd without a video but when I pull downward as I rotate, the club gets more vertical than I like. I then have to flip my hands in order to catch up with my body rotating. It’s hard work trying to feel that one plane swing.
  12. I like the taste of coffee [emoji4]
  13. bens197

    Wedge Grinds

    This is why the variety is so important. I wouldn’t play a lob wedge that had anything more than 8* bounce. I’m a classic M grind for my lob and its worked well since I am not much of a digger. I will second the Vokey tool. It is about as good as it gets for narrowing you down until you can get hands on and truly experiment. Ive actually taken advantage of prior year closeouts and used my grinder at home to experiment with grinds. A lot of open face soft hand shots with higher loft wedges required some heel relief and I could get reallly creative. One word of caution, don’t be afraid to throw away your product; this isn’t as simple as brushing your teeth.
  14. How do you take your coffee? I’m always looking to try something new but I shy away from folks who drink it with cream or sugar. At the firehouse we always have a pot of swill that’s caramelizing on the hot plate for hours [emoji4] When I’m home, it’s Peet’s. I was sold on Peet’s (Major Dickason’s blend) during a trip to the Bay Area last fall. It’s available in the local Wegmans which was a pleasant surprise. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Cleveland 900 gunmetal 58* wedge. There wasn’t a shot I couldn’t hit with it. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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