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  1. I'm going to be selling my 56 & 60 when the replacements arrive if anyone is interested, PM me.
  2. I thought the prior improvement from the AP line was not to be outdone...These are fantastic...Now to find some address photos...
  3. Couple darts right there...did you make the putts??
  4. In all honesty, every dad could have received a maple bacon donut with a cup of coffee and it'd be a 10/10 day.
  5. My wife thought I would look good in a Travis Mathew polo. She was right. Worked a night OT last night and I get to come home to some good coffee and a really nice breakfast. Today is already shaping up to be a good day. Happy Father's Day to all the dads.
  6. Could definitely be. There are plenty of good and reasonable explanations for it. Either one circuit is overloaded, there is a bad connection causing some arcing or the dust / pup hair. The outage makes sense as its in a series (2 hot and 2 neutrals). Regardless you have a good plan so please keep us posted, I would love to know the result.
  7. Could be something as simple as a tired outlet mixed with some dust and schmutz...pretty common to be honest. @tommc23I am sure you've seen some of these while on duty, we usually get 2-3 a year. Good move on getting the electrician. My money is on a bad outlet and a quick fix.
  8. These are sweet. I'm a recent Nike convert and love my Infinity's.
  9. Ben Hogan wedges a little while ago... The MG2 Tiger heads will be going for sale shortly...Just could not get them to work for me, which stinks, they're the best looking wedges I've ever played. I went Equalizer II, 50* Texas grind and 58* standard, both in the chrome. Orders look like they're behind slightly but that'll be OK. The biggest selling point was the looks in continuity to my current set and since they were part of a testing opportunity, I wanted to spend my money with Ben Hogan.
  10. There really weren't any miraculous shots or darts or anything out of the ordinary today. The shot that did it for me was my tee ball on 3, it kicked off the rust and led to a nice 3. It wasn't the intelligent choice but after the way I started I figured why not. 3 is a narrow landing area on a 360 yard hole. Helper wind and I hit a 3 wood that traced the right edge of the fairway and landed right in the center of the fairway before the green. Had 52 yards in and hit a decent approach to 10' and made the birdie. All in all, a great hole but that tee shot was what did it for me.
  11. Nice reviews fellas. I love the Nippon love and by the looks of it, you guys do as well. Great job!
  12. I chose to not play in the District qualifier that was scheduled for today just because I really don't have "it" this season. Probably could have limped around the course but I figured there were more guys who really want a shot to play Oak Hill and that was good enough logic for me. So today, Dad and I went to a course we used to play with his father (my grandfather) 20 years ago. Started out with a superb triple bogey and settled down to shoot 40/40 with 2 birdies & 8 pars. I am really falling out of love with my TW wedges. Short game was always something I was so proud
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