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  1. You and @edingcare two guys that have some great progress videos that I have enjoyed thoroughly. Keep crushing it
  2. The way you keep that club on plane on your downswing is fantastic. I'm not going to be surprised to see you blushing at your distance gains when you get that lower body firing.
  3. Some things are worth indulging a little bit. I don't know of anyone who's died and kept their money.
  4. Thanks Sam...I’ll definitely check these out. I was rotating between this, Counter Culture “big trouble” and the occasional Tim Hortons just because. I’ve always loved good black coffee and as I age I’d prefer to use money I’d spend on beer or other non essentials on a good cup. I discovered Peet’s on accident on a family trip / wedding to SF Bay. The Air BnB had a communal, non-perishable leftover policy that allowed us to try the prior tenants coffee preferences. That happened to be Major Dickason’s blend and the rest is history. We were waking up drinking coffee to this view...(this is sun
  5. I’m a Peet’s guy for now. Always down to try something new. These are the current stock...
  6. I don’t think most truly understand how good Professional Golfers are at their craft. If you’ve ever played with a CC scratch golfer, we could all agree they’re good. Now, take that golfer and knock off 4-6 shots from that scratch handicap. Now, consider they’re playing courses with 13-14 stimp greens at 7,300 yards at their peak condition. Professionals play blades because they expect to hit the center of the face every single time.
  7. Hopefully it’ll run it’s course and you’ll be good to go tomorrow.
  8. How’s it been 24 hrs later? Guessing you had Pfizer based on timeline.
  9. Good to know, I love the west coast. I have family in Alameda, Napa and my brother just moved back east from Oakland. There's a couple more CNY guys here most notably @Berg Rymanif you weren't aware. I'm a LeMoyne grad living in Rochester, if we can ever organize a round in the Cuse we'll send it out.
  10. I’ve only been there once in college and the pizza was incredible Another Upstate / CNY golfer . For some reason I focused on your photo and thought you were in the Bay Area.
  11. Perfect. That's exactly how I would describe it.
  12. Utica, NY is famous for Chicken Riggies, rigatoni pasta with chicken. What makes it great is the sauce; It’s more of a creamy red sauce with some spice. Not too acidic for the elders who easily get the agita (Italian for heartburn, also acceptable is “the ajjjj”)
  13. Had some writers block with my work menu. I’m normally very ambitious and go overboard with work meals. Last night was not one of those menus. Chicken parm meatballs with Utica Riggie sauce for sketts.
  14. I’m 39, wife 38, both of us Moderna and both were body aches and yuck the day after the 2nd. My parents are in their mid-late 60’s and both were Moderna. Following the second dose they each said they felt fine. It looks like there is a certain window among 25-45 yo who seem to have the most significant immune responses and based upon what Dr. Gottlieb and Fauci have said that is a good thing!
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