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  1. The current ones work just fine but I’d love to swing a Mizuno forged Vokey wedge.
  2. I’ll never pass on a chance to post Mr. Man. He’s getting up there. Love him to pieces.
  3. The HMB MP 20 in my bag is solid. It’s not the best long iron sub that I’ve hit but it’s still in my bag for a reason. It’s also very low-launch which still surprises me. I’ll have to see a noticeable difference to boot my Hogans as well.
  4. Sight unseen, I may go 225 in the 4-6 and 223 in the 7-P. Mizuno's definitely been gearing up towards a blend / combo option since the 18's. I can't wait to swing these.
  5. I am going to say yes. From what the early reviewers are saying, they are implementing some of the JPX technology into the MP line. This is where they got me listening...thinking MP head size and shape with the COR of a JPX line...
  6. 160 on 106 is pretty efficient. You're certainly close on the spectrum depending on the manufacturer. I am between 112-116 and I still have a HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 Stiff in my g410LST that I used for almost 4 seasons. I currently play a Tensei White 60-X...It isn't an exact science. If you're this close and serious about narrowing down your shafts (especially if you're looking for a premium) I would find a trusted fitter and compare as many as possible.
  7. The SIM2 has been a launch pad for me since replacing the G400 LST. I'd like to see an improvement on dispersion. While it's long, it's not the most accurate driver I've ever played. Give and take.
  8. Given the choice, I would gladly choose the women over the men. Women's sports in sum, are far less competitive and cutthroat. Things may change as I age but the spirit of the games (notably sportsmanship) are more appealing to me in women's than men's sports. Olympic women's sports, the US Women's soccer team, the Solheim Cup; all are what sports should be.
  9. I am a Sugarloaf Social club buff. The way they play the game is so appealing to me. With friends, finding beauty in places we always don't look. There is an appreciation for 90's and 2000's gear that I grew up with and occasionally, they drop releases that I cannot resist. They got me for two wood covers and a putter cover. Hoping they arrive this week
  10. I like to follow the season blends for the most part with things being mostly medium flavored / sugar and honey / fruit notes. I am excited for these. First cup tasted good today.
  11. @chisagMy Verve order arrived today. I went through the Intelligentsia that I had purchased and thought it was great...it didn't blow my mind. Starting with the Bishan Dimo today...trying to figure out my proportions...smells nice after a grind.
  12. Mizuno Pro 223 irons. Still thinking about them. They're just gorgeous.
  13. Love this thread. @RickyBobby_PRits a driver all day. That landing area is ripe.
  14. Yes. Modus 120's by design will be a softer feeling shaft than a Dynamic Gold. Take a soft forge and then combine with a steelfiber or Modus and you're just melting butter...
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