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  1. So if I’m reading between the lines here, are you changing your swing & tempo to fit the shaft?
  2. One of the FF here who grew up with my father plays there often (southern meadows) and opened my eyes to it. I had no idea it was so close. Genny Valley is one I need to get back out on and play. We played Durand last season when it wasn’t soaking wet and reminded myself that the parks courses here are such a good value. Wherever you end up play well
  3. The control from longer rough is what really caught my eye. It’s a game changer. Great stuff John.
  4. I’m really believing that changing the PGA to May has given this tournament purpose once again. Fans are out, leaderboard is looking great and the course looks outstanding.
  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Golfers should not be penalized for hitting a fairway. Especially at the expense of someone else’s laziness.
  6. It’s so lush. I had the conversation with my boss this AM while leaving work. He belongs to one of the top 3 clubs in Rochester and it’s immaculate. He asked if I had plans to play today and I’d said my go to for the moment is often dried out and not in great shape, this spring had given it life and has made some of the unplayable areas AOK. Any plans for you to play this weekend?
  7. This will always be my favorite look at address. Knowing what we know now about MOI we may never see this shape again but goodness, it sure did instill confidence.
  8. I came here to say the same. Put a Cobra, Callaway or TaylorMade head down and I’m lost. It’s the shape for me.
  9. Maybe one of these days I’ll swap the handle.
  10. I’m all in on BK. This course suits his game and he’s coming off a win.
  11. This has been living in his brain for months. Agreed Russ, that if there’s anything preventing him from winning it likely won’t be his personal life. It'll be his short game that’ll determine whether he can contend.
  12. I am not wishing anyone bad Karma, I know this game can be difficult and make for a Cruel Summer. So if you have a bad round, don’t let it create a Blank Space. This game Hits Different and we know it All Too Well
  13. I agree with all of that. And more so, I love watching folks here build others up to achieve their goals. This group does a fantastic job of supporting each other.
  14. I have to plead ignorance and say that I have no clue. On another note, the course pictures look great.
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