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  1. For left handed Ping 425 fairway which was ordered in December, delivery date is April 15th. Left handed irons and driver scheduled for delivery March 23rd.
  2. Name Mark Scott Location - Colorado Springs, CO Current Putter Odyssey EXO Rossie, Stroke Lab Which Impact model you want to test - #7 mscott4567@hotmail.com
  3. Mark Scott / United States Handicap: 16.9 Current irons in Play - Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metals The carry distance of your 7 iron - 135yds
  4. Mark - Colorado Springs, CO Driver Swing speed - 85mph Current Ball - MaxiFli Tour X Prefer the Tour X When these balls came out and I saw they had a urethane cover, and the price point, I was like I have to try this ball. I am glad I did, as they perform great. I started with the Maxifli Tour then changed over to the X. These balls fly great off the driver, long. There is plenty of spin around the greens with the Tour X generating more. I was a Chrome Soft player for many years, but now I play these balls only. I have also introduced them to many others, and they have all come back and told me "Wow" you were right these balls are for real. I did some further research, but not really sure of all these facts. I believe Taylormade actually still owns the Maxifli trade name and just licenses it to Dicks Sporting Goods. Any change these balls are being made at same plant as the TM TP5s? Ummmm
  5. First Name/State: Mark - Colorado Current Putter: Odyssey EXO Rossie Stroke Lab Right hand or Left hand: Right Hand Why are you interested in testing the TA Impact #3: I currently have the amazing Exo Stroke Lab putter and want to compare it to the Impact #3. It should be a David verses Goliath test. I have never had a more forgiving consistent putter than the EXO Stoke Lab. I believe my detailed comparison of these two putters will give readers a true idea of how well the Impact #3 compares to $300 plus, amazing, extraordinary putter.
  6. Mark Colorado Springs, CO HCP 14.7 Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis and Srixon Q Star Tour Softer ball
  7. Mark Scott Colorado Springs, CO HCP: 14.7 Cleveland RTX4 mid grind 52, 56, 60 Desire the same lofts and similar grind
  8. Mark Scott HC - 14.1 50+ Rounds Purchase balls at Golfsmith
  9. I have access to a launch monitor and all the necessary club building materials and tools to install the shaft. I have an 80-85mph swing speed.
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