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  1. Gah! @Golf2Much Posting the score here! Shot 84 last Thursday and jetted down to Miami for the opening home game for the Dolphins. Had placed my score on a scorecard and left it in my car at the airport … had to hide Grint notifications that day. It’s a 27 hole course at Wescott and I realized late last night that the score has the handicaps done from 1-9 for each 9 … placed the scores back into The Grint to get the 18 hole handicaps calculated and to reflect my course handicap of 11. And to add to all that, I’ve for sure got COVID … feel like absolute crap today. Go Dolphins!
  2. Date 09/17/2023 Course Name Charleston National Gross Score 86 Course Handicap 14 Gross Strokes over/under par 14 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 0 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score Happy with my 86, and that’s with two 3-putts on back to back holes. But I am still following up good drives with poor approach shots, or hitting good approach shots followed by bad putting. Frustrating and good all the same. Lost my temper at the par 3 14th , after a nice start to the back 9 with some clutch shots and putts … and allowed that to fester onto the next tee box and doubled again.
  3. Witnessed my 3rd ever hole-in-one this past Sunday, 1 for me and 2 for my playing partners. The dude damn nearly slam dunked it. IMG_2863.mov
  4. It’s no secret that we all know @GolfSpy BOS has Tom Brady jot down his scores via a burner phone.
  5. Alright you jesters and hecklers, got my first round in ystrdy … an 85 with a course handicap of 15 at Crowfield Golf Club. Turns out the 1st hole was my only real good look at a birdie all afternoon. Made some Questionable Judgements on the 2nd hole for a triple. And even more annoyed to have a 3-putt from inside 10ft on my card as well. But all in all, I’m happy with how my round went.
  6. Date 09/05/2023 Course Name Crowfield Golf Club Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 15 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par -2 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 277 VCT Match Play Score Click Here for Week 1 Match Play Score The 1st hole was a bit of a teaser on what I felt my round might look like with a birdie look that burned the edge … and how it was my only good look all round. Only then to follow it up with a triple on the 2nd hole. While my FIR was at 29%, I was driving the ball very well from a distance standpoint and was just missing the fairways.
  7. Ha! Ordered their 849 Pro Driver just last week … hoping to get a shipping notification very soon! And those are some very clean and nice looking range balls.
  8. MGS did a ball lab test on them in ‘22 and gave em an overall score of 89 in that test. On a whim and based on that info, I had a DSG gift card and bought a dozen, and I was shocked by how well they performed for me. Already a low spin hitter as it is, but for me, off the driver, the X LS just flies. Don’t know if it is the hexagonal dimple pattern or whatever, but I was hitting to landing areas at my home course that I was rarely ever at. Went thru that dzn and didn’t buy them again, I’m a DTC Snell/Vice guy. Fast fwd to just maybe a month or two ago and DSG had the cubed box sale for 48 balls at the cost of about 3 dzn. Snatched ‘em up, and once again, they’re a fantastic performer for me. I might just suck it up and buy them from here on out … especially when you factor in that they’re wayyy more durable than the new Snells. For reference I’m at/around 107 swing speed.
  9. Was told by my fitter that my avg angle of attack throughout my iron set ranges from just under a -1 to just under a +1, a ‘picker’ as he called it … and by virtue of that, my ball spin numbers will almost always be low. It was like a freakin eureka moment for me and made so much sense. For those of us golfing mortals, it is almost never an apples to apples comparison. But, the ball test data is still incredibly helpful and insightful nonetheless.
  10. Wasn’t surprised at all to see Vice Pro Plus towards the top of the rankings. Bought 5 dzn for my boys golf team this past spring season and after some initial push back on buying them … it was within a week that many of my golfers were waxing poetically about them. They loved em.
  11. Had some clubs I needed to clear from my garage, traded them in with Sub70 for a store credit. Been slowly getting stronger throughout this year and was ready for a new driver and shaft … purchased their 849 Pro Driver this morning.
  12. Really happy to have been a part of this review. Final review is up!
  13. You lucky ducks! But I’m still happy for you jokers! No, no, no … I mean it, seriously, a huge congrats to a fantastic group of testers. I’ll be following along this review closely. I’m happy with my irons, but I’ve always wanted to like their T200s in the past, and always felt they were rushed into production or just off. Seems like they made a big leap fwd with their new T-Series.
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