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  1. Oh man, this is a great opportunity. A golfing buddy is letting me borrow his Swing Caddie SC200+ and I’m really enjoying it. It’s a must every time I head out to the range ... and I’m hoping he’s forgotten about it.
  2. LOL! We took a shot and got drinks at the turn and he covered the tab. He thought it was ridiculous that the drinks and tab were the hole in 1er’s responsibility. Additionally, there wasn’t another soul at the bar ... a quiet Wednesday in Yarmouth, ME I guess. I know it’s not the same, but once back home, I’ll be buying drinks at my home course with my Sunday morning crew and whoever else is at the bar at that time. Thanks man! My buddy told me to take my shades off to show my watery and swollen eyes. Thanks @MattF and @Sluggo42!
  3. That it was not! Was a 4i from my TM M1 set ... but the 7i-GW have been great. We’re on a 3 week vacation (with remote work thrown in) and I’m ready to get back home and order the TS2s to finish out the set. Thank you, sir! Many thanks, Rick! And I certainly hope so!
  4. At 40 years young, I finally got my first ace while on vacation at a course up in Maine ... Toddy Brook Golf Course. Was 188 out from the pin at their par 3 6th hole ... hit my 4i and we watched it sail on a line with a slight fade towards the pin. It’s a kidney shaped green, with the pin just over a crest towards the back right of the green. My buddy Johnathan and I couldn’t see the ball go in from where we were ... but we did joke about it being a hole in one on the drive up. My buddy’s tee shot was well short of the green, so I dropped him off and drove on up ... grabbed my putter and walked on up to the green, only to not see my ball anywhere on the putting surface. Turned and walked back to the cart to grab my SW, then walked back to the green just as Johnathan was coming up as well ... I suddenly could sense that this might the one. Johnathan got to the hole first and looked into the cup, but made a reaction that made me feel as though he was f’n with me. My eyes came over the cup as I walked up and when I saw the ball ... I lost my collective mind. And not only that, I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I started crying. LOL I was keeled over with my hands on my knees just trying to compose myself ... was even more meaningful for my buddy plays with my dad’s old and original Callaway Big Bertha irons. My old man took his life 16 years ago this month and it made it all that much more special to have Johnathan there with me. A surreal experience and wonderful memory. How I absolutely love this maddening game of golf. Cheers y’all.
  5. It's just the 7i thru GW at the moment and will likely go with the TS2s for the 5 and 6 irons. Just haven't ordered them yet due to prolonged crappy weather as of late in SC, the end of our daughter's school year, an upcoming family trip to ME for a few weeks, and to be fair I'm still somewhat debating possibly the TS1s in the 5/6 as well. BUT! I've been really pleased and impressed by them. They're 2* weaker lofts compared to my previous M1 sets, so along with also incorporating a new swing thought with a shorter back swing and more compact follow through (I'm clubbing up and swinging a bit slower, until it's an ingrained muscle memory) ... distance wise, they're about 7 yards shorter at the moment, but my goodness they feel wonderful when well struck almost every time. Played my 3rd full round with them on Sunday and shot 87 that included a triple, two 3-putts, and strictly a 3W off the tee (have the yips with my driver). And yet it also included a missed birdie putt from about 2 feet ... which came after a 7i off the tee for a par 3 that was on a rope to the pin. All in all, I really couldn't be happier and golf is just so much more fun when you're playing well. And you're right, I have no desire to get new irons anytime soon and will only reward myself with possibly newer Maltbys down the line! LOL Have been eyeing their DRM wedges though. My hdcp was at 18+ just over 2 months ago before I ditched the One Lengths, it's back down to 14.7 and looking fwd to it getting lower.
  6. Wow. Man, the golf industry has never been stronger at the moment. Beautiful irons by Titleist, and like a few others have said, I prefer the look of the T200.
  7. I turned 40 in March and felt it was appropriate to start seeing a dermatologist on an annual basis. Saw one then and got a baseline exam ... oddly enough, the two spots/moles I was most worried about we’re a non-issue. Yet this dark black freckle on my stomach was their biggest concern. They measured, took photos and I’m actually doing a 3-month follow-up on Tuesday with them to revisit that freckle. Grew up in Miami and was a sun worshiper, along with lots of youth sports outdoors year-round Think the sleeves will keep my wife happy.
  8. These posts have been great, thanks guys! Wouldn’t have known of SParms if not for MGS ... and will likely go with them. Going to try both their arm sleeve and their sleeves that connect across the shoulders. Not worried too much about the sleeves slipping down my arm ... but man, when I sweat, I get really sweaty and need them to hold and stay in place.
  9. Not too tight or annoying around the biceps? And yeah, there’s definitely more caddies on Tour that are wearing the arm sleeves ... and it makes sense.
  10. Has anyone tried the UV arm sleeves during a round? I've been on the fence on purchasing a pair and was curious if any of you bought a set and regretted it afterwards.
  11. Stick with it, man! If I can add just 1 little tidbit that's worked for me in the past ... I have a tendency to top my irons or tee shots once in a great while, and the minute I do, I remember to do the following; an old head pro mentioned that I should try to have the ever so slightest pause/hitch at the top of my back-swing, and then initiate my down-swing. And what do you know, I hit a flushed shot almost every time. He told me that I'm in such a hurry to start my downswing that I start it with my arms, my hips get behind, I come across the ball, and then I lift up out of the swing and top it. But truthfully, grip and ball placement/stance/setup are probably the two most important things as well. Hope your next range session is better!
  12. Wow! That's a hella-impressive rangefinder. I'll sit this entry out and will be curious to follow along ... happy with my PrecisionPro at the moment. I'll also add that that's a rangefinder that you DO NOT want to leave behind in your cart!
  13. Ha! Agree with you 100% there ... it's crazy how much more spin I get with the 54* as opposed to the 58*, did fail to mention that. Been dragging my feet on wedge purchases until MGS comes out with their Most Wanted Wedge review, hopefully sometime soon. And at the same time, I'm intrigued by Maltby wedges as well. That makes two of us with respects to being Vokey homers and an early morning golfer. It's exactly why the other 3 have the T20 in their bags. Nothing like a 6:48am tee time for our Sunday course for all of June and July!
  14. Have Vokey SM7s in the 54* 14/F and 58* 08/M bounces - and in almost all situations, I find myself grabbing the 54* and applying distance control with my swing. I'm realizing the bounce of the 54* just suits my eye and swing. It's really helped me in keeping those errant approaches to the green ... at worst a bogey or at best a par. The only time I grab the 58* is when I'm on the fringe and the pin is on the near side without much green to work with, and simply need a delicate chip and roll out. The wedges are just over 2 years old and I've been looking hard at Cobra's MIM wedges in the versatile grind and PING's Glide 3.0 as well. All 3 of my Sunday golf buddies have the Mizuno T20s, and I just find the leading edge on those to be too rounded.
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