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  1. Massive bummer! So sorry to read that and appreciate you making us aware of that, for I’m a spray on sunscreen user as well. Not sure it’ll work, but I use this product on all our devices and it absolutely works wonders ... to be fair, haven’t tried it on the watch.
  2. Completely agree and how I’m hoping for the same thing from other OEMs as well. I really like Bryson and appreciate what he’s adding to game via ONE length, getting stronger, analytics, personality ... but between the OB/fence situation and the ant pile the following week, he lost me after that. IMO, feels like the most underwhelming US Open Champion in a long time. Even amongst my golf buddies, there hasn’t even been a word or mention in our text threads about his win.
  3. Team One Length! Never going back to the conventional sets ... this challenge convinced me that it suits my game. And for any fellow MGS forum members that are on the fence, def take the leap and go for it.
  4. 100% agree! I played Snell MTB Blacks exclusively for about 18 months, and on a whim, I purchased Srixon Z-Stars during a Father’s Day BOGO sale earlier this summer. Fantastic golf ball and distance was great with it ... but my short game took a huge hit and my putting was atrocious. Had more 3-putts with the new ball in 1 round than I did in the past several months combined at that point. To MGS’s point, play 1 ball and stick with it. Crazy that even the prototype was that much different for you in the short game area.
  5. As difficult as it is for me to say this, but ... Congrats, Bryan! @B.Boston One of my fav players growing up was Randy Moss ... and then he joined the Patriots. I cheered for him from an individual stats standpoint, but as a team, I desperately wanted them to go 0-16, rather than 18-1. Bryan, you sir, are my Randy Moss ... only you walked the walk and talked the talk. Congrats! ’Straight cash, homey!’
  6. Like everyone else, no issues with the battery on the watch I rcvd. And as @knightsofnii mentioned, I’m curious if there is any Bluetooth connection in the background that may be draining the battery. Now that I’m back at the office, the watch unfortunately has been nonexistent on my wrist. Prior to starting back up to work, I’ve begun to enjoy the watch from an everyday at home standpoint, but it’s just too big to wear with my work clothes. So now its been sitting in our bathroom drawer for the past 10+ days now. Did play my local home course yesterday and completely forgot to g
  7. That! looks like a fun course ... and agreed, it’s looks like it’s in great shape.
  8. Man have I missed this thread and how life has been busy. @daviddvm I absolutely love my OL F9s! Massive kudos to Cobra for overnighting the clubs to me from California just before our Maine trip, as well. Seriously ... one super happy customer and they've likely won this customer for life. The 5i has been a hard adjustment and it’s not the length, but the lie angle is much more upright than one is used to. With CL irons, the 5i is much flatter ... but the rest of the set, heaven. The OL 4h is optically very difficult to adjust to ... feels like I’m swinging my daughter’s driver. I’
  9. Played yesterday at Belgrade Lakes Golf Club ... if any of y’all happen to be in this part of Maine, an absolute must to play. Stunningly beautiful course. Used the LX5 while playing and it was extremely helpful for those elevated blind shots into the green and those landing areas on par 5s that were over a hill ... and really focused on using their swipe screen that gives you distances to the front of and carry for, on multiple hazards. Very convenient and speeds up the pre-shot process. Had previously been using the crosshairs on the course map and dragging it to the hazards on the map
  10. That’s a great course and think you’ll enjoy it. Don’t let the short total distance deceive you, it’s a tough track. We’re up in Maine and I’ll be playing at Belgrade Lakes Golf Club tomorrow ... looking fwd to it. To comment on the overload of information, I can sympathize for I’m very analytical as well. ‘Analysis Paralysis’ Hasn’t been an issue for me in my 3 rounds with the watch, and have mainly focused more on the contours of the green on my approach shots. But I can see how the information may be a detrimental to my mental approach over time. We’ll see ...
  11. And for middle of the week humor ... at times, very relatable.
  12. Hot damn, Hammer! That’s a phenomenal shot!
  13. Agreed. It’s impressive how light the watch is. And congrats on the top 10! The SC mid-am is a long-term goal of mine as well. We’ve been getting obscene amounts of rain the past 3-4 days and played in a 2-person 9 hole scramble late yesterday afternoon ... it was cart path only and having the watch as opposed to my phone was great. I’d simply get the initial distance from the cart path, carry 2 clubs and a towel ... walk over, measure distance and swing away. The next time out, I’ll start plugging in my scores and then upload them to the app ... curious to see the benefits and dat
  14. I just realized to make it easier, you could just request the OL irons from 4h to 7i and then order they’re standard lengths in a separate order.
  15. It can be done, but you’d have to order each club individually via a custom order. It can all be placed on one order, you’d just have to go through each iron and place your specs. But you can order the 8i thru GW and stagger the shaft lengths incrementally a half-inch shorter each iron down.
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