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  1. Good god, man! Those really are in outstanding condition! And yet they must be close to 25 year old clubs. Got me all nostalgic as well, had T-Zoids as a junior golfer in high school and I’d go as far as to say that just about every golfer in the mid to late 90s badly wanted those club. Enjoy the sticks.
  2. Nice setup, Cody! For me, I’ve never been comfortable hitting indoors into a net … it’s an annoying mental block that I just cannot seem to get past. And it’s especially more pronounced with the driver, my swing speed will be anywhere from 7 to 10mph slower when hitting indoors.
  3. Got a small bucket range sesh in at the local Muni last night during our daughter’s soccer practice. I’m currently about 2.5 weeks into Level 1 of the SuperSpeed system (thanks to @edingc for getting me his homemade training set) … and man, my contact and ball flight with my irons were noticeably firmer and farther. Went GW, 9i, 7i, 4h and finished off with the 3W … the 7i was easily clearing their 158 yardage flag through the air, whereas previous sessions with the 7i would land just at or short of the flag. Def a confidence booster for sure and happy to see how the SuperSpeed will benefit my iron game as I go through the training program. And I’ll add, evening range sessions are the absolute best. It’s easy to see your ball, and IMO, the ball flight just looks much more polished at night than it does out under the sun.
  4. While it’s not the K grind, I do have my 54° in the F grind at 14° … never knew my bunker game would benefit so much from a high bounced wedge.
  5. +1 on the team PING comment … been extremely pleased with the G425s. And almost +1 on the wedges … But disappointed to see that for the Pro Glide Forged, the highest bounce option is only at 10° throughout the set, and the lowest bounce option at 6°. And at $200 makes it slightly more annoying to purchase, when two new Mizuno T22s would set you back $300 or so. Their Glide 3.0 wedges had way more bounce options with 12° and 14°, but are no longer available in custom orders. The SM8s performed well in the MGS Most Wanted Wedges and have always played Vokeys, but like you, PING has won me over.
  6. Yessir! Got that squared away … … still over the moon with these irons. Side note, I’m annoyed that none of the PING distributors offer custom options with the PING Glide 3.0 wedges. Not a fan of PING’s Glide Pro Forged bounce options. Happy with my Vokeys, but they’re close to 3 years old now and worn out.
  7. Woah. Woah. Back it up … you legit got the i59 irons??? If so, HELL FREAKIN YESSS!
  8. Got 18 in today … a 49 on the front with a frustrating triple, triple, double, double start and somehow managed to get 3 pars in on that side. Started the back with yet another triple, but went +1 over the final 6 holes with 5 pars and a bogey for a 43, 92 overall. All while only hitting the 3W off the tee on driving holes. Like many other Spies, did buy Maxfli’s new 2021 stock at DSG and I’ve been pleased with them. Bought a box in white and another in yellow. That six hole stretch of +1 overall, I put the yellow ball in play and lost it off the tee on 18 for the final bogey. Played with Snell’s in yellow for a long while and got away from it for a few purchases, think I might go back to yellow purchases going fwd.
  9. Ha. Funny you mention that, for I was planning on playing the Kiawah tees … but the wind was very light yesterday morning, and only picked up slightly on the back. Along with that, my caddie saw my shots and distance on the range and challenged me to play the Dye tees. Two single digit handicappers played the Ocean tees at 6700, and 1 other gentleman played from the Kiawah tees. My looper told me that he caddied for Ben Curtis during a practice round once … he shot 70 while hitting just 6 GIRs. Crazy.
  10. Got out and played the Ocean Course at Kiawah for the first time yesterday … what an incredible experience. Got on the tee sheet as a solo and was lucky enough to be paired with 3 other really good dudes, great golfers and just good company. My goal was to break 90 from the Dye tees at 6400 yards and 139 rating … shot 88 with a birdie and a triple as my best and worst scoring holes. As happy as I am about that score, I’m even more amazed that I didn’t top my 3W at the first tee … for I somehow managed to pipe it right down the middle! Can’t remember a time being more nervous on the first tee. If you’re ever out there, I highly recommend that you request Will Strickland as your caddie. Fantastic dude with 15 years experience at the Ocean Course. Just simply could not have been a better experience. And I really wish I had an endless bucket of money in the discretionary expenses category for I’d be playing courses with caddie programs and walking at every chance I could get.
  11. Nothing like crisp morning fall weather, long shadows, morning dew, a cup of coffee, and a range sess. Hope the weather is as spectacular for the rest of you Spies.
  12. I’m almost shocked and embarrassed to mention how quickly I got this bad boy … 2 weeks. Custom order with green dot, + 0.5” with their AMT shaft. Went back and forth on their Z115 and the AWT, and went with the AWT for this will be a full swing club most of the time. Cannot wait to hit the range tmrw.
  13. Argh! Just missed Snell’s restocking of their shelves … ordered 5 boxes of Vice Pros earlier this week. The recent MGS ball test left my impressed with Vice’s improvements on their golf balls.
  14. Oh wow. That says a lot … a $350 shaft outdoing a stock shaft by only 5-7 yards, with less dispersion. And like you said, worth the $$$ paid … but impressive nonetheless from PING’s Alta CBs.
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