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  1. Since my lesson about 2.5 weeks ago, I haven’t been able to get a 4-5 hour window to golf 18 and to see what my on course play would look like … so it’s been the range almost every other day. Had mainly been implementing changes from my lesson with the 8i on down to LW during previous range sessions … for yesterday, I worked mainly on 7i up to 4h and I’m seeing some success. The biggest difference I’m noticing is the next to none, nada, zilch mental chatter while standing over the ball; and literally just two pre-swing thoughts. And the benefit is just really allowing myself to get after the ball and smash it. No longer am I trying to self assess a mistake and determine what happened … I know it’s the range, but I’ve had many moments on the range where my brain was all over the place with thoughts. Driver lesson is next Tuesday … how I hope to GOD! we’ll get a fix in for that club.
  2. LOL! That's why CHA is our coping mechanism page! Hahah ... and they know the key words to stoke our buying interests. Damn ... that's a great comparison photo. I have the Heppler Anser 2 and I'm very pleased with it. But man their new PLD line is just sooo nice.
  3. I feel ya, man. Really wanted to make the MD trip work with my calendar as well … and even more frustrated that this will be the first summer, after two straight years, that we’ll not be visiting Maine. Lastly, was in FL for a h/s graduation last week, stopped into a Golf Galaxy store and messed around with their putters in stock. Went straight to the PING PLD Prime Tyne putter … and it wasn’t jibing with me. I’m honestly disappointed that I didn’t like it as much as I thought. Was surprised how small the putter head looked and it just felt light, IMO.
  4. The MGS community demands that you get drug tested for PEDs …
  5. I bought this used through a golfing buddy that purchased the SkyTrak for his garage. And honestly, I really do like it ... no regrets in buying it from him. Its has simple, straight-fwd data and its main purpose/focus is the Smash Factor data. It's relatively spot-on with its data output compared to that of the SkyTrak.
  6. Appreciate it. I’m doing their training program as well, but I’ll admit, it’s been off and on, didn’t do much of it during the winter, and I’m at Level 2 now. But it was their comments on how their program help trains your brain to know that you can swing harder. Like life, golf is a grind … gotta keep chipping away.
  7. Got out to the range today, irons were great but I’m still struggling at swinging freely with the driver. My swing speed during practice swings will be at/around 107, whereas once behind the ball, it drops to below 100. Had just one swing behind the ball at 103, and it read 267 carry. Didn’t grab a photo at the time for I wanted to keep the momentum going, but I couldn’t get it back over 100 again. Below was my last swing … and TBH, they were all in the middle of the range with a slight fade, so I’ll take it. But still, need to get past the mental block of getting after it.
  8. Wow. Beautiful course indeed. Def a bucket list to play some AZ golf.
  9. Upsetting for sure. And I can’t help but think that he withdrew for what would likely have been a massive distraction that he’d bring to the Championship. Every question from reporters would be about the LIV and his previous comments. Hopefully Tiger’s presence will be more of a focus from the press.
  10. I’m not too well versed in this topic, but I will say a Tour player with (what appears) to be light grip pressure is Gary Woodland. Followed him for a few holes during a practice round for the PGA at Kiawah last year … and his light grip, noodle like takeaway is mind blowing. It’s one thing to see it on TV, but a totally different experience to see it at tee box with him directly in front of you. A phenomenal athlete.
  11. Aaah. Very true. I’ll need to remember that. Once my confidence is more sustained, I’ll look at hitting the Maltbys again.
  12. Appreciate it man … seriously, thank you. It’s something I’m working on as well, finishing thru the ball … but at the same time, there’s no water left of the green or a deep pot bunker at the front that I need to worry about.
  13. At the detriment to my lower back and left oblique, got in a 4th range sesh over the past 3 days this morning. Really want to grove in pre-shot routines and setup. Hands fwd, quite one-piece take away, compress onto and smother the ball, and lastly finishing onto my left side by rolling onto my left heel. Finally remembered to bring my MLM and aimed for smash factors in the 1.30 range … had quite a few at 1.30 or higher, with many of them at 1.28. As before, happy with the results.
  14. Keep at it man! As someone who has Crohn’s, along with half my colon and large intestine removed, I have no other choice but to eat healthy/whole foods. While my family and I aren’t exclusively vegan, I’d say it’s more cyclical with us. At times we’ll go a month or two on a vegan diet, then off again for a few months. But man during those months when we’re vegan, my body and mind feel f’n great! It’s bonkers what an affect it has on my body. But with our lifestyle, it’s just difficult to maintain over longer periods … plus, I love fish and chicken.
  15. It was gorgeous morning out on the range today … got out and implemented drills from yesterday’s lesson. Happy thus far. *video plays directly from a mobile device, requires a download from desktop site* FullSizeRender.MOV
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