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  1. HA! I didn’t even notice as well! I had two browser windows opened on my phone and was toggling back and forth. And yes, @goaliewales14 got it, fair enough. Congrats!
  2. @B.Boston is 9.3 @daviddvm is 70 @edingc 69.4/114 @GB13 is 5.1% @Headhammer 24 years!
  3. No way! What a perfect opportunity to test the watch! Especially with the slope reading for the greens ... massive bummer, man. Def shoot some low scores and enjoy that trip. Jealous already.
  4. Here’s to hoping the weather cooperates for all 10 of us once the watches are rcvd. Nothing but 100% rain in the forecast for us here over the next 10 days.
  5. Cody, love the fair and honest write up. Seriously, man ... well done. I’m hoping you’re able to determine the issue for your struggles, and I agree, it sounds like it may be the shafts ... possibly? And agree on the price point for these clubs, and it’s the reason why I pulled the trigger on last year’s F9 irons at $599. And that’s with the Nippon Modus shafts, which are usually at a premium with a few other OEMs and the DTCs.
  6. From what @Wedgie said in a wayyy earlier post on this thread ... an advantage of the OL irons with the 9i on down to the GW is that the ball flies super high and lands straight down. Is that true for you as well? Can you aim for the pin tucked just behind a bunker?
  7. That 3W looked to be working for you though on two of those shots!
  8. Ha. I know the feeling. I have a TS2 hybrid at 18° and it does take some getting used it. It’s one of those ... it looks like a wood, but my setup is an iron stance ... and we’re unsure of which swing to use. For me, I figured out that if I use my typical driver, fw type of take away (low and slow) and then the sweeping follow through ... I’ve noticed it helps and works for me. Haven’t really had hook/strong draw issues with hybrids, just more of topping the ball and poor setup/ball placement has been my problem.
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