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  1. Keep up the fight. Quit 4 years ago after almost 30 years best move I ever made..
  2. Congratulations, steve. Here are 'Your Hogans' Your new Ben Hogan Fort Worth 15 irons and TK-15 wedges are shown here, along with your specifications for shaft, length, lie and custom specifications, if any. Building your irons and wedges with the same shaft and specifications will improve your feel and performance. Feel free to add or delete clubs from this order form, or explore other changes. When you have 'your Hogans' the way you want them, you can proceed to checkout or save your order for future reference and purchase. Thank you for trusting your iron and wedge play to the 'new' Ben Hogan. Please review the options and club selections before placing your order. Shaft: Length: Lie: Grip: Grip Size: FW•15 IRONS Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 59 39 $149 59.5 38.25 $149 60 37.5 $149 61 36.75 $149 62 36.25 $149 63 35.75 $149 63.5 35.5 $149 FW•15 Irons Subtotal: $1043 TK•15 WEDGES Include in Order Loft Lie Length Price 64 35.5 $149 64 35.25 $149 63 35.25 $149 63 35 $149 TK•15 Wedges Subtotal: $0 Additional Notes: Order Summary Handicap - 8 The Ben Hogan “name" to me signifies everything that is right with golf. His pure swing, his character, and the way he played the game. You hear professionals constantly citing him as an influence in their game. I remember growing up and watching Ben Hogan play and had a set of hand me down Hogan Apex irons with Apex shafts that I hit every day in a park across the street for hours on end. I purchase a set of SCOR wedges last year, and what a difference from off the rack, and can only imagine what Terry Koehler is going to do with Ben Hogan Golf. It would be great to be a tester, but if not chosen I'm looking forward to the feedback from others chosen as I'm very interested in this offering.
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