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  1. Name/Hometown: Zach, St. Louis, MO Handicap: 0 Current Irons/Shafts: Callaway X-forged (3-PW) w/DG X100 shafts (standard length, tipped 1/4") Custom Fit?: No Cool contest here Good luck everyone!
  2. I honestly have never thought about what part of the golf ball I look at, but it certainly sounds like a topic that I would argue with my instructor about After consciously noticing, I determined that I look at the top of the golf ball (I'm slightly Stack N Tilt). For getting setup the correct distance from the ball: 1. Study tour players setups until you have a good idea of what is acceptable 2. Now practice over and over again in a full length mirror, or take a few pictures/videos of your setup. I have found this to be the most objective way to setup correctly,
  3. It's definitely not surprising that a post like that went viral! It's a matter of how we describe certain words. On one hand, you've got the golfer who describes feel in an abstract way: "I feel the sensation of happiness when I strike the ball pure, and I feel the a sense of harmony and the body working as one part to deliver the club-face squarely at impact" On the other hand (might I add that most people will describe it in this way), you've got the golfer who is concrete in their description of feel: "I feel the club hit the ball, and I feel my feet pivot in the dirt, and I fee
  4. I'm sure we've all gone through it, but I finally got my swing feeling like money, but my putting went down the drain! I can't explain how frustrating this has been, as I've been working so hard on the swing just to be let down by the flatstick. I thought instead of venting to the people I normally bother with my golfing woes, I'd bring it to the forum. So the question: What frustrates you most about golf? Aside from my putting woes, here are my top 5: 1. Practice sessions that end with me wanting to break every club, and feeling like I got worse 2. Not being able to bring m
  5. Oh and my opinion on Tiger... I think he would have surpassed 20 by now if he'd have stayed with Butch. But I've always been a big Tiger fan Painful to see him play golf nowadays
  6. Boy can I relate! As you may have seen, I refer often to Bradley Hughes and his instruction, because I have sworn by the old school methods that he teaches. Luckily, my personal swing coach was actually the one that showed me Bradley's stuff, and so we basically work on it and learn it together which is really nice. I also found a site called Advanced Ball Striking which teaches the same stuff Bradley does. To be honest, there is a growing community online now that teaches from the same school of thought (BradleyHughesgolf.com, Advancedballstriking.com, secretgolf.com, secretinthedirt
  7. I just read Rotella's new book, How Champions Think: In Sports and in Life, and absolutely loved it! It really got me thinking about my thought patterns off of the golf course. One of the topics in the book talked about swing coaches, and how to find someone you know is good to listen to. I thought this was the best part of the book, because it made me realize how many sources I was trying to improve my golf game from! I have a swing coach, but was constantly going on YouTube for instruction as well. I found that the mixed theories are extremely harmful to a golf game. Definitely been
  8. "So, maybe I've discovered the secret of golf" This is why we love the game Anyways, just keep working hard on it! There is this thing in the brain called "myelination" that explains how we form "muscle memory." Just remember that in order to myelinate a position in the swing most effectively, you can only be thinking about one thing at a time. Hit balls in groups of 20, and think about just that one thing. Trying to build a golf swing can be extremely overwhelming and frustrating, but just keep in mind, you can't fix it all at once! I've been building my swing for years and
  9. I use an app on my Iphone called "Coach My Video." It's free, and has frame by frame clicking. It doesn't draw lines or anything fancy, but I don't generally need the lines to see where I need to go with my swing. For your issue, you're not alone! The difference between what something looks like and what something feels like is tremendous. The hardest part about "giving yourself a lesson" is figuring out how to translate between the two. For example, when I want to come more from the inside on the downswing, I think about keeping my weight to the right foot as long as I possibly
  10. Ive heard good things about the CamCaddy! I'll definitely check that book out. I think filming the swing correctly and knowing what to do with the video is extremely important, especially since it's so easy to do with smartphones these days.
  11. Just wanted to touch on something that popped into my head today as I was practicing on the range... I had just filmed my swing DTL, and noticed that on my takeaway, I had the club slightly shut, which was causing me some problems later in the swing. I fixed that, and then filmed again. Now my club was too flat at the top of the swing! I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to swing mechanics, but this scenario brings up a point that is so important for us swing tinkerers to be aware of! If you're trying to change something in your swing, it is imperative that you constantly mon
  12. I would agree with that for sure. Slumping is unavoidable in any sport. I guess I'm referring to a larger slump than the ebbs and flows of golf. I'm more referring to the slump Tiger is in and has been in for several years. Granted, I have no authority to tell Tiger how to fix his game, but it is the only example I can think of that makes sense. Sure, Tiger has had some high and low points with each part of his game, but overall, his game is in a "slump." This post was geared more towards someone who has totally forgotten how to think well on the course. For me, it's more about the
  13. To read with pictures and headings, visit this link. Recently, I was struggling with my game, frustrated, and didn't know how to get out of the slump I was in. I was shooting in the high 70s just about every round, and couldn't seem to get myself to even par or better if my life depended on it. After several weeks of reminiscing on some of my better periods of golf, I realized that the main reason I was struggling was a result avoiding high numbers rather than trying to shoot a low numbers. In golf, there are two mindsets that play tug of war while we are on the course. In order to play our
  14. The golf ball drill (I actually use tees) is a great way to feel that right arm pinned to your upper body at impact. I never try and hit full shots with this drill, because eventually you will have to lose pressure in the armpit, but for short wedge shots and chips (my favorite to use this drill with), it is a great feeling to have!
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