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  1. You hit the nail on the head. These putting mats can be fun and way to relieve boredom I suppose. But they're not real. I could probably train a chimp to become a better putter on a mat. (no offence to dogs or cats) But Like Swag said, all bets are off out on the course on real greens. Like Harvey Penick talked about - never practice the same putt more than once from the same position. You'll never ever get that same exact putt again. So why practice that way?
  2. I like to reminisce about parts of my game because they are improved from long ago. For example, I remember how I was once a poor driver of the ball. I was so bad at one time that I would tee up a 2i and leave the driver the bag all day. That's no way to play this game. Then I progressed to a 2w - and I do mean an actual wooden club. Today I consider myself a decent/good all round player. No two days are alike. Some better than others. But, I play/score in a narrow band and to me that's good. So no .. I don't want to remove from memory any part of my game past or present. My golf memories over the past 55 years are gold.
  3. https://mygolfspy.com/2018-taylormade-m3-m4-drivers-fairways-hybrids/
  4. I appreciate other peoples comments. But... why don't you develop this app Mackdaddy? You seem to have a strong opinion about it. It's certainly not something I'd be interested in sinking some dough into for many reasons among others - as there are already many that do this to one degree or another. If MGS would want to develop something like this more power to them. Why doesn't MSG start making shafts or shoes or push carts, etc, etc. I'd imagine it's already tough enough competing for eyeballs and making money off a website and golf forum site. That is unless you make a ton off advertising and sponsors. Personally I have no interest in any of these types of apps or devices.
  5. I'd like to pump a couple of million into the deal? Where do I send the money?
  6. "Adding Wei - the "biggest name in the announcement?". Have they never read or heard of Love's career? 15 PGA wins including one major - Hall of Fame, etc. 16 other non PGA professional wins. Michelle Wei - 5 LPGA wins including one major. Period! That's it.
  7. I'd like a set if they were stamped, PlaidJacket. Hogan, Nicklaus, Player, PlaidJacket.
  8. Poor: I don't personally know anyone including me that would play a ball with chunks gouged out of it, cuts, or holes. LOL So those can be eliminated from the analysis. These type balls are beyond poor. They're junk. Average: I generally discard a ball if it gets a serious scuff from a cart path or tree. Therefore for me.... eliminated. I'd also consider these Poor quality. Good: I'll play these. They've been hit a few times but in very good condition. I'd call these Like New. New: Speaks for itself. I don't fret over granular differences as related to balls and other equipment/clubs. I do however keep my ball and clubs cleaned during a round. I don't think anybody - including a TV golfer could ever tell or suffer in their game by playing a ball that's not brand new. Perhaps more interesting would be the weight of Brand New balls from various companies. Including DTC balls. Are golf balls restricted (USGA) one way or another (minimum-maximum) by weight? What does a single golf ball weigh? Are they all the same regardless of type? PV1 vs Pinnacle vs Snell vs Bridgestone vs Maxfli vs Mojo, etc. etc. Beats me. Maybe Mr. Richards can offer us some information.
  9. Not sure how this would be good for golf. Considering how NBC has already infected the golf channel. Disney/ABC/ESPN will only spread the disease.
  10. That's good advice for a 0.6 hcpr Zipr. But, ole Shankdog is a 19 hcpr according to his info above. I'd guess many/most of his basic fundamentals need some work first. I hate to say it again but having a trained instructor take a look at his swing, grip, alignment, etc. might be the best place to start. (and not just a one and done thing) IMO - Until those basics are working reasonably well; should he start to focus on details. Shankdog it seems is a guy that needs to solve/improve the big picture. Again, just my opinion.
  11. Well said. I don't read that many reviews top to bottom as they drag out too long for my taste. Personally I'd prefer the testers receive the equipment (scrap the silly unboxing) and after a few weeks post their photos and results. All at once. I'd also just have 3 people participate. A low, mid, and high Hcp'r.
  12. I wish the guys at my course would do this occasionally. I've mentioned this a few times but they just don't get it.
  13. You're correct Stu. I once had a 919 driver and currently bag a 929 4w. Both fit and built/bent to my specs. The driver never did agree with me for some reason but the 4w has been a winner and in my bag for 4 years.
  14. I always enjoy reading and looking at GS Dave's postings. Especially his photographic work. I'm not a buyer of this type product but that doesn't take away from the write-up/description at all. Certainly I could have one but I'm just too practical to let it happen. I currently carry a cardboard box in the back of my suv about the same size as the Yetti. In it I have a couple sleeves of balls, a pair of shoes and a crumpled rain/wind jacket. Maybe even an old snack bar and a dried out cigar.. and some loose change. It's not very impressive but it works! For me anyway. Again... nice post and review Dave.
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