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  1. PlaidJacket

    Puma Introduces Play Loose Collection

    Being not much of a fashion guy that I am.... these don't really appeal to me. Certainly not at $75/shirt. For years now I occasionally will wear while playing golf a full button front silk shirt in the summer. I buy them at SteinMart for around $20 bucks. They are cool, loose, and comfortable. I guess I've already been living Puma's "laid back-coastal" golfing lifestyle." Just without the cost and coast. Hmmm? Could it be perhaps that Puma adopted Plaids style.
  2. Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do. And in your case MPR you just don't have access to a golf course or range or instruction. Not easily anyway. And...to top all that off the weather in your area closes the courses for months on end. I don't know how folks like you do it honestly. Get out man!!! Get out!! Seriously, and I haven't read every comment but your driving distance is really low for a young man of your age. You appear to be in good physical shape too. Please don't take this wrong but I know 12-14 year olds who can hit their driver 250 yds. I'm not kidding! I have no idea about your swing really but I can only guess you're arm swinging. When I see that move/swing out of golfers the ball goes nowhere. Well... maybe 192 yards. Keep working on it.
  3. PlaidJacket

    Do you shape your shots?

    Here's a post I started several years ago on this topic... I can also hit a low hooking shot when necessary. Usually to get out of trouble. Not all the time successfully but easier than a fade when needed. I still typically play my stock shot shape most of the time. Draw.
  4. I'm going be of no help as I'm not an instructor. However, a 5 second vid isn't much time and the camera angle isn't setup appropriately. Two proper views would be; 1. face on (across from the ball) with the camera at about hip level. 2. rear view looking down the line. Again setting the camera about hip level. Slow motion is better. Oh I forgot... you're asking for advice from a bunch of internet forum members many of who are high handicappers. Few are golf instruction professionals. Best Wishes!
  5. I couldn't read the article as it's behind a paywall. For me anyway. But I can imagine what it's about just by reading a few comments above. First I'd say unless you run a non-profit (who depend on other peoples profit) you'd better have your business centered around profit. Otherwise you'll be out of business. But fast! Not sure what the developers took advantage of exactly. I do however believe they saw and opportunity which most business do and ran with it. Some for better and others for worse. That's different from taking advantage. I agree that golf was overbuilt and nobody has to contend they think that's what happened. It's an old cold hard fact that golf overbuilt. I agree that golf has shrunk and rightly so. But I also think it's healthy. For some. Think about it. Making a Profit is a good thing. I know I sure enjoy it. Otherwise there is no MGS for example. No electricity, no grocery stores, no Starbucks (bucks - get it?), no golf clubs, no golf courses and on and on.
  6. PlaidJacket

    Club fitting question

    There's been a recent Q&A on a Club Champion fitting session. I've added a comment there also.
  7. PlaidJacket

    The Walking Golfer

    I've never seen/played a course where walking isn't allowed. Maybe a resort course somewhere. So how do they handle kids who aren't old enough or have the money to rent a cart? Ban them? The whole idea seems counter intuitive to me.
  8. That is now considered holed. At this time into the new year I've been playing as I've always played... by pulling the pin. However, yesterday I had a slick down-slope 20 footer and elected to leave it in. Didn't make the putt (but close) and rolled it past by 6'. It's these times when I might leave it in. I did observe a group of youngsters ahead of us that appeared to be playing with the pin in.
  9. PlaidJacket

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    With the ragged showing of the Cowboys yesterday the NFL season is officially over for me. The rest of the playoffs and superbowl are of no interest. (honestly, the cowboys aren't/weren't a serious contender anyway) The Rams offense looked great and ran over the Dallas defense. Additionally, the Rams had 2 seriously bad calls against them and still won. Especially that roughing the kicker call. Didn't matter anyway as the Rams are the better team.
  10. PlaidJacket

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    I'm surprised to hear this. IMHO it would take a full year to plan before a launch. MGS and perhaps some vendors would have to underwrite this and it wouldn't be cheap. I believe for a national scale event it would require dividing up the US into regions and have qualifiers throughout the year with those winners or placeholders advancing to the National Championship in the fall. It'd be a big deal all around. Would I play in such an event? Maybe. Show me the plan.
  11. Personally I wouldn't walk.... I'd run from your local CC store. I've never had a fitting experience at CC and I've made comments before about my one and only "visit" to a CC in Austin Texas. I only went there to see a store and look around. Nice place. But here's what I learned. A "salesman" ehem... fitter came over and we talked a little bit about their process/approach. At one point during our discussion I picked up a driver head of some brand as asked what would this cost for example. The salesman plucked a shaft off the wall and said, "oh about $600-$700" I recall. Gulp. I then asked how much is the head and how much for the shaft he selected. He said the head was like $250 - $300 and the shaft $400. Hmmm? I then asked wouldn't it be possible for me to be properly fit into a great driver with a $200 shaft? The salesman replied, "absolutely!" I don't know where you live JeffRamm but you might want to consider seeking out an independent fitter - builder for your new clubs. They're out there and some have way more years experience than most CC stores. These new club fitting boutiques sprang up after the advent of Launch Monitors IMO. There's a lot invested in these fancy stores where they sell the sizzle and you pay for all the show and fluff. My irons were custom fit and built by a guy that's been applying his trade for 30 years. He's a nationally recognized, accredited, award winning club fitter. He also uses a LM in conjunction with his vast experience. His fitting shop isn't fancy. It's functional, clean and appropriate for the task at hand. In other words it all business and no frills. Give your journey some thought and take your time before you make any commitments. You'll end up with great playing clubs and save a ton of cash over a CC type of boutique.
  12. Haahaaa... Sergio could have been at the Kro-Flight launch party and you'd have never known it by his comments. What did ole Serg like most about the flash? (other than that sweet Callaway $$$) Well, he says it looks good and sets up nice. Wow! Kind of 100's of other drivers on the market. And then there's the new! angled micro-grooves on wedges - now Phil can hit those low skipping/checking shots. Just like he's been doing for 20+ years... but somehow he managed without the new! angled micro-grooves. Hmmm? Oh well, sign me up. Got to love marketing.
  13. PlaidJacket

    Matte or glossy

    I prefer glossy. But I've never owned a matt finish. Never had a glare issue with glossy either.
  14. PlaidJacket

    Driving range wants and needs

    Kind of sounds like me at my course on Saturdays. LOL
  15. On the elevator. I do this all the time and have for years. Of course when I do - do this.... I'm alone. LOL Honestly I think it helped me unwind some old muscle memory I had to get rid of a few years ago.