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  1. Sounds like your aren't equating what you're seeing on the range with what you get when playing your game ball. I'd spend more time out on the course learning what you can expect from a game ball. ie... knowing your distances. Since your range has limited flight balls they should only be used for swing training really and warm-ups before rounds.
  2. I hope it's ok for me to make comments about my EXS experience in this topic. I think you guys are going to like the EXS very much. Today I had my lowest round of the year so far. +2. I've been teetering on the brink of going low for the past few weeks. My game today was solid tee to green. But... my EXS set it all up. Who says it's bad to drive for show? I only had one bad tee shot all day where driver was used. Everything else with the EXS was long in the mow. I've suggested here in the forum and to myself to add a little more weight in the rear of the head but now I'm having reservations. I liked everything about my ball flight and distance today. Funny how a good ground changes your thoughts. But actually, my driving with the EXS has been generally good recently. Perhaps I'm finally beginning to grow into the club after a 5 year successful run with the SLDR. Let see you thoughts guys. I'm ready.
  3. This will be interesting and fun to watch. Yea, I think you can break it. Maybe not on your first pass but I think you can do it. Everyday is different in this game. Give it a shot or two Stu and good luck.!!
  4. If you gained 50 yards you must have had a sleeve of duds. I've never given up or gained anywhere close to that kind of distance from any modern and current issue ball. Maybe it was your breakfast or something. LOL
  5. I like to check in occasionally on your odyssey. I like your honesty too. This game ain't easy. I'm curious at what distance do you play your course? I ask due to soft conditions I think you play on.
  6. I'm most interested too as I recently purchased one and it's been in play now perhaps 1.5 months and around 8-9 rounds. I keep telling myself to consider a little added weight in the rear port. My distance has increased which is good but I've decided that's mostly due to my lower ball flight. I ditched the stock Tensei Blue S shaft as it was a non-starter for me. Good luck guys. I'll be watching and commenting.
  7. I've never seen anything work really. Except.... STOP over crowding the course. That settles slow pace of play issues every-time. Doesn't matter if it's a public or private course. Another thing that works is having the club or course stop doing stupid stuff. One example from last weekend.... Our club recently added a bunch of new members. UGH! It's been noticeable a few times. But last weekend we (4) got trapped behind a group of 5. (that's a whole other issue) These guys were having a party out there. Yucking it up, seeing who could blast the longest tee shot, drinking, loud music, etc. and.... on the back 9 they were joined by three other carts of wives, girlfriends, and babies all while trying and impress the ladies and play golf. I called the shop and reported this nonsense. And.. they actually sped up after a marshal showed up. So who was really at fault here? Mostly the pro shop for letting the ladies* entourage out on the course to interfere and disrupt pace of play for everyone. Perhaps renting out three carts was that important to the daily bottom line. Stupid pro shop staff.
  8. I have not. Yet. I've been in sporadic email contact with Michael Chang - Harrison Shotmaker. I don't have a good feeling about things right now. Last week he asked for my shipping address and said he'd be in contact prior to shipment to get my payment. Tick, tick, tick. I kind of think they are almost or mostly out of business. I ruined the one in my SLDR because I didn't read the directions for removal. (I twisted the top - seating element of it off) Dammit. I was going to use it in my EXS. If you'd like to try and order one I'd be happy to supply his email.
  9. I'm going to say the Shotmaker insert. https://mygolfspy.com/harrison-shotmaker-review/
  10. I'm guessing this is the tournament you've entered. https://dsga.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/dsga19/event/dsga196/index.htm The site says it's a 72-hole event with 36 being played on Sunday. If you make the cut. The site also only lists qualification of having an 8.5 hcp or lower. Certainly there's more to it but I didn't find it. Here is what I believe are last years results... https://dsga.bluegolf.com/bluegolfw/dsga19/event/dsga185/contest/1/contestant/stat/parbreaker.htm
  11. I don't want to burst your bubble (and speaking from experience) but if your state golf association is anything remotely close to Texas.... a 7.4 hcp will not sniff at being competitive. And it won't matter if you're playing in the open bracket or senior. I'm a little surprised a 7 will even get you in the event. I don't know your age ballplayer but I'm guessing 30ish? If so you'll be competing against collegiate and other amateurs with scratch and + handicaps. All these guys do is play serious competition. All the time. Pretty much the same with the seniors. You will be a "field-filler" for the event. The guys that play and are competitive in these type of events are basically professional amateurs. Your event is probably three days - 54-holes so you'll most likely only play 36-holes and miss the cut. Sorry to lay out the reality... but you asked. This type of competition isn't a bush-league scramble. Best of luck and keep us informed.
  12. I'd go every year if they'd just pick me every year. What's wrong with them? Looking for #3.
  13. You'll like it there. There's really one main road/hwy right through the middle of the village and the golf courses are all located on one side or the other it seemed. They're all with a few miles of each other. Each course have their own pro shop and grill or restaurant to one degree or another. The place isn't fancy or over the top which I enjoyed. People were friendly I found. Pretty hilly around there so be prepared. There was one course I recall where out in the rough there were a lot of white rocks all over the place. So don't hit your shot out there if you know what I mean. Me and my buddies have always rented a house. Both times on a lake. That was nice too. We'd play golf all day and then fire up the grill in the evenings.
  14. Does the fairway comeback together somewhere past those rocks or is it divided the whole way? Decision time.
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