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  1. I've never had a ball crack. Any ball - any brand. But I wonder... why do you keep buying them?
  2. I'm not even going to go look..... I'd imagine I have 3-4 different brands. I dropped in a sleeve of Maxfli Tour yesterday to try out today. Over the past few months I've been playing some Bridgestones, Titleist, Ksigs, Srixon, TM, and so on. I'm a little like Sirchunk in that I'll switch around and play different balls - particularly if I've never tried one before. I've never bought into playing only one ball as I'm not sold on ball fitting or that my game is so precise that only one ball is good enough for my awesome game. Personally, I've never really noticed any determinable difference in any good quality urethane ball whether that be ball flight, distance*, spin, feel*, and so on. I think they all play and preform well. I can shoot low or high scoring rounds with any of them and not once has the ball been a factor. * perhaps a minor distance gain or loss and feel off putter face.
  3. Well, initially I had planned to give it all to the estate. But instead they told me to keep the money and go take some lessons.
  4. Just a heads up... If you don't post a lot of photos - top to bottom of these clubs you'll probably not get a bite. Just saying.
  5. Also if you'll run your mouse over my photo I'll get a $1 deposited into my PayPal account. Try it.
  6. I recently purchased a dozen each of the Tour and Tour-X. I started at the top of this subject and started reading about the balls. To save time I honed in on Rev's comments as we're similar age and playing ability. After getting through about 6 pages where I read Rev's comments I skipped the rest as I am probably already convinced that the Tour will be a better choice for me also. This weekend I'll be playing at least 2 rounds so I may play the Tour one round and the X another and just see. Anyway... they sound like good balls.
  7. I have not. But after 5 years of awesome SLDR'ing success I did switch to the Exotics EXS last spring. It's a good one too but there is something slightly missing that the SLDR had for me. Hmmm... SLDR-C ya say? Do tell.
  8. Do you guys want me to rehash the story of my old beloved SLDR? LOL Didn't think so... he's retired now and living a comfortable existence in my office.
  9. I've played courses like the BRCC and even though I liked them - they probably needed some tree trimming and or removal in a few places.
  10. #9 looks very tight from that angle. I enjoy parkland style courses and prefer them over some other types. For me they seem to suit my eye and I drive the ball better. I suppose I just like a clearly defined setup is all. Like keeping it between the goal posts.
  11. I hate to say it but..... you guessed it. Take him in for a fitting. Not sure it necessarily requires a deep dive but a basic fitting. Perhaps consider a nice used set. But fit to him as best you can at this time.
  12. That guy ought to be ashamed of himself. He could at least have sprung for a nice matching set of Kro-Flights. LOL
  13. I kind of disagree and agree with Dave. I disagree only because I sometimes like to watch a few golf YouTube instructors just for entertainment mostly. There have been a few times I've picked up a Tip I thought made sense. To me. I agree with Dave that if you're really interested in working on your swing - making improvements or a swing change; an internet golf instructor isn't IMO the thing to do.
  14. Above is something I've always encouraged people to do if they can. As for practice - playing - lessons... there are gillion opinions out there and none of them are better or worse; right or wrong. Personally, I prefer to play more than practice. I also take an occasional lesson as a tune-up. I've just never been a range guy all that much. It bores me. If I'm going to actually practice I'd rather go play a few holes or 9 by myself and setup various shots - scenarios on the actual course. This option isn't always available.
  15. Boy... that's a lot to unpack. Swaying, chunking, swing path, slowing hips, restricting hips, swinging harder, hitting the ball more frequently (as opposed to whiffing?) Not sure about playing a wide-sole iron as I don't play them. Perhaps someone else can figure this out. Sorry, I'm no help.
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