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  1. The last time I wore a White Belt was back in the 60's. At the time they were called Mod Belts. Kind of wide too. Here's one for you fashion guys. I sometimes wear a light brown/tan western style belt. LOL It's mid-width I guess. One of those hand-tooled types but with a regular style buckle - not one of those giant rodeo buckles. LOL Surprisingly I've had quite a few complements. And I'm not even a cowboy!
  2. There already are restricted flight balls. On your range! Feel free to use them. However, I want an exemption.
  3. Can you add some photos with the ewheels?
  4. I'm not a go-to guy regarding rules. But, I believe you can record in GHIN 9-hole rounds. It's quite remarkable for a 18+ hcpr to shoot even par. Ever! But you did it nonetheless. I assume you pared every hole or had a bunch of birdies. Every now and then the stars align. Congratulations
  5. I've been wearing Sketchers shoes for about 2 years now. The ones I wear are not Sketchers Golf shoes. More of an athletic - walking type of shoe I guess they are. I buy them at the Sketchers Outlet store. They are a flat sole. No cleats, spikes, lugs, etc. I used to think that only a "golf" specific shoe would work for me. Ha! But one day I decided to wear my Sketchers and loved them on the course. I buy these Sketchers for about $40/pair. Now... the course and courses where I normally play are dry and fairly flat. These shoes I wear wouldn't be good in a wet climate. But they work for m
  6. It doesn't work for me (but it might) as we haven't starting using it or agreed to a service agreement yet. Can you expand on your claim? I'm interested. How has membership been devalued and what numbers have declined? Keep in mind we are not a golf club, country club, Muni, etc. We're only a practice/range facility with a 6-hole practice course. Thanks
  7. Curious.... why did you take them off after only 9 holes?
  8. We're actually looking into using Golf Now at our new range and practice course opening next spring. Like many things and in this case GN some may like it and others may not. The first reason we're considering it because of the cost. Which as I understand today is... no cost to us. There are many golf course tee sheet & POS systems out there and all of them come with a price tag. Our situation is somewhat unique in that we're a non-profit (First Tee chapter) and our facility will consist of a full range (long and short game range, putting green, chipping green with sand bunkers) along with
  9. I heard Kenny got 3 more yards one time.
  10. FWIW.... You can already easily do this. At your local golf course. All you need is a little time and a LRF. There's no need to go purchase any technology other than what you probably already have. If you have a GPS they're handy also. That's what I used to do. I found it to not only be useful for nailing my distances but fun as you're also practicing various shots and clubs. Of course all this has to happen on the golf course with your game balls.. Not the range.
  11. I wouldn't describe my favorite shaft a unicorn - but I have one that works for me. That's really all I care about. As many long time forum members know... I'm not a shaft guy. That means I don't give a S what kind of tech/data/specs/graphics any shaft have attached to them. All I care about is "does it work for me?" When I hit the ball is my flight good? Is my distance good? Good dispersion pattern? Does the shaft feel good? That's it. Nothing else matters to me. Data? What data? I see the data every round. My favorite shaft (the one that works best) for my driver for the past 5-6 years
  12. Not flabbergasted. Sure... PGX are expensive. But that's their business isn't it? Capitalism = choices.
  13. Damn... I couldn't even. I'd ask the instructor for some advice. He's the guy that is with you. In an equipment forum like this one you can get tons of recommendations and such. But again... I'd start with the guy on the ground you're working with. At this time anyway. Good luck!
  14. Perhaps if you paired the illegal ...ehem - non-conforming driver with an illegal .. nonconforming ball like a Condor, Bandit, Polara you'd get those extra yards. Maybe more!! If that doesn't work send it in and have the face shaved and put some vaseline on it. Finally... if after all that and you're still not driving greens; just move up a tee or three.
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