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  1. Hi Kenny, You have an extreme variant of a dynamic balanced putter. In theory it would be possible to make a slightly lighter version of what you are already using, by taking a belly putter and cutting it down. You would need a head weight of over 400 grams and 100gram counterbalance for example. If you look at burtonputters.com then you will see a 430gram mallet which can be made up with a 100gram counterbalance. These are the best putters you will find and produced in a factory which is involved in formula 1 racing for McLaren & Williams. They are full adjustable and have the wor
  2. Hi Tim, Many of the new putters on the market have increased head weight. Belly putter heads have a heavier head (375 - 400 gram) and can be cut down with counter balancing added to balance it out. A standard putter will need to have weight added via lead tape or tungsten powder down the tip of the shaft. Recommend head weight for a 31" putter is around 415 grams with a 100 gram counterbalance.
  3. hahaha!! how many shots did I take on the last hole. Was it six shots or five......
  4. best thing about them is the scotty logo. He could put his logo on a dog turd and people would buy it (for a lot of money)
  5. when you perform well, its on you. When you perform badly its on me hmmmmm.......
  6. Hi Kenny, hows it hanging? Great question. Lets clarify a few points. a stroke which feels SBST will have a slight arc. The incline of the putter swing plane is at 10° from vertical. What I love about the Brad Faxon video is that he highlights how the stroke is an athletic motion (albeit a slower smaller one) and that it requires flow, rhythm and a trigger. One of the leading authorities on putting, Frank Thomas coined the phrase '6 degrees of freedom' and the reduction of interfering movement through stabilisation of 6 different technical aspects. Although he may have a great ca
  7. This forum can be such a relief at times. I spend my working day trying to get people to take an interest in their putting. Thanks for the replies guys. Big Stu, your toe hit on sliders is one of the points of research on toe bias and also relative to MOI. I love this video from Faxon
  8. Hi Kenny & Stu I certainly remember your story Kenny and comparing it with Stu's story proves again that there are so many differences in style and technique but the most important thing is to know what works for you. Stu, you are obviously very knowledgable and old school which is right up my street. Forgive me if I confused the backweight, counterbalance (counterbalance is called backweighting here in Holland). You certainly like to swing from the putter head and feel the release of the putter. I would guess that you also have no need for alignment guides at address and that
  9. Have you tried back weighting? It certainly helps to stabilise the stroke and produce a lighter dynamic balance. As for going back to an old putter model, I love the fact that with putters you are just as likely to succeed with an old model putter than with a new fangled design. We are not always progressing forwards
  10. Hi Everybody, I have been away for a while and researching new leads on putter balancing along with my technical team. We are pleased to announce that we have found a way to explain the correct balance of putters and the effects of back weighting combined with head weight and length. This may help some of you to adapt your putter for better performance. We are also looking into the face/toe balance of putters combined with offset in relation to the arc of the stroke and appropriate rotation of the putter face. This may be opening up a can of worms but I make no claim to be the oracle o
  11. Looks very impressive and well engineered. What are the fitting options available with this putter and what sets it apart from the other anser style models from Bettinardi, Scotty, Byron Morgan, Whitlam et al?
  12. Wow Kenny! that thing is amazing! would you consider selling it? to me...? my kids didn't need a college education anyway
  13. If your putter is not set up right then you cannot judge whether you are a good putter or not. It is like running a race with a sprained ankle and saying that you suck at running. You could be a good putter but don't know it! Check out aim point for a workshop in your area and find a good fitter/coach. If you make a 10% improvement on your putting then this is 3-4 shots per round.
  14. I would love to see pictures of the old putter! Get digging please!
  15. Pavin uses a golden goose by John Letters and is in my top 3 along with Mark McNulty (also a golden goose) and Loren Roberts. I love the fact that the best putters of all time use old putters. Another common factor is that they most have the toe hanging down (heel slightly raised off the ground). This promotes an inside arc on the backswing. How many amateur golfers have the toe in the air? Brass is the best material ever for making putters. It is not used because it costs more to manufacture. It is soft, responsive and due to its density can be used to displace more weight to the perimet
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