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  1. Im in Columbus as well, what part are you in?
  2. A lot of 5s from you and 7s for me. At least I had that one huge drive and I hit every possible tree I could
  3. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  4. Like 10-1030? It’ll take me a hour and 30 mins to get there from my house
  5. The 1st works for me. Ashland looks pretty nice too and apparently it’s their 100yr anniversary this year too
  6. So the 17th still good? And which course?
  7. Deer ridge on the 15 should work. Let me see if I have any test or anything that day once my classes start this week and we can book it for like a 11a tee time.
  8. Champions is the hardest city course by a country mile. Raymond is another city course that I enjoyed a lot. I haven't played royal American in a couple of years but when it’s in good shape it’s a good links style course. Golf club of Dublin is another links course where I’m pretty sure all the wind in Ohio comes to hangout in. I have a love/hate with Delaware. Always in good shape but it’s so damn hard lol Haven’t played Glenross in many years but it was the first “real” course I played on when I started playing 10 years ago Cumberland trail is awesome. It’s the course I would join if I had the time to play. I enjoy safari but you wanna try and play it when it’s not too crowded because the holes are close together so a lot of shots can end up on another hole. Gotta keep the ears peeled for fore right and lefts lol Havent played or heard of blacklick woods but it’s around the corner from my house so I’ll have to check it out this fall on one of my Fridays off
  9. I’m out the boot getting insoles made and starting physical therapy. So how’s the 17th 23rd or 24th. I could even do an early Friday round the 15th
  10. That sounds good to me. I go to the the dr Friday and hopefully will be outta this thing. I’ll let y’all know and we can nail down a date
  11. Matt and Blake have played Delaware with me it’s a unique challenge for sure. Champions is by far the hardest Columbus city course I’ve played
  12. Me and soft spikes don’t agree with healthy legs I’m afraid what would happened with the injured ones lol
  13. I wish. I just have Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. They’re hoping this helps me avoid surgery but after the first week in this thing I think I’d rather have the surgery
  14. Well I’m out now. Got this new accessory for at least the next month
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