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  1. Dang it I have no time to get it done this month because of surgery
  2. No need to apologize! It was still a fun round with y’all. They had plenty of cool holes visually but the conditions were just bad. I did have that sweet chip in on 9 though
  3. Played with @MattF @MaxEntropy and their friend mike today at an absolute goat track. Was fun still but man that place was in ruff shape. Hit Matt’s driver on one hole which makes me want a new driver even more now lol
  4. I’ve been taking lessons from my coach for 6 years now. Joe and everyone at the GOLFTEC here in Columbus are great people and coaches
  5. I can go either way but I will say I prefer to if it’s a course I’ve never seen before. I’d rather be loose when teeing off blind so to speak. That way I kinda know what to expect from my game
  6. I’m good with the first because it’s a holiday weekend so most should be off the following Monday so we could take our time. Maybe even grab dinner like last time afterwards
  7. Same, I just ask no super early tee time if I have to drive lol
  8. Mr_Theoo


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