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  1. I really want a new one but cant think of a good concept or idea for one
  2. Congrats on the weight loss and being able to keep it off for so long. I’ve done IF before and actually enjoyed it but couldn’t keep at it because of my job. I don’t have much control over how my day goes so it was too hard to plan the eating windows for me. I might try it again come holiday season so I can have some of the holiday treats though. I do expect to hit some plateaus though. I’m guessing around the 280-270 mark because that’s my most recent lowest.
  3. Starting to look at a new driver. And I’m my last lesson I hit the p760 and now I want those
  4. I’m down bout 12 since the start of the year. Feels good to back on track. I figured if I average 8lbs a month I’ll reach my goal by the end of the year. First month down, 11 to go
  5. No idea if its closed or not. I signed up thru golftec where I do my lessons and I rarely if ever play in the winter time
  6. Mine went from 23 to 24. Somehow I got worse
  7. I like the look of it. I currently don’t have a driver as I’ve gotten rid of the epic. If this played like a more forgiving SLDR I’d be in. Not a fan of the made for Ventus. I hit that shaft in a fitting and would def like it in a new FW. Hopefully they’ll offer the real one at a low up charge but I’m not holding my breathe. For the drivers I’ve seen this year this is the one i wanna try the most
  8. Now that everything in my life has died down I plan to get my on the wagon and lose the weight I put on stressing about surgery and from being injuried. I hope to be back where i was this summer by may and then surpass that by the time summer is in full swing
  9. My 2019 for golf was an uneventful one. Being hurt all year really put a damper on wanting to play or practice much. Did get to play with @MattF and @MaxEntropy which i always enjoy though. Now that I feel that I’m fully healed I’m ready to make my Tiger like come back. Planning on being in the gym to get stronger, practice much more this offseason and might even change the bag up a bit.
  10. Y’all play firestone and don’t call me again we got problems! Lol
  12. Sean 32 i round mgs shortly after i took up the game. I asked questions to learn more. After a while I made a few friends I’d converse with each day. Got to the point we exchanged numbers and even met up. Flew out to cali with some of them and even attended a wedding of one of them. Mgs has given me some life long friends that’s for sure
  13. 2-3 times a hole unless it’s a par 3. I like to shoot hazards and trees that might be in my way to better plan my shot
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