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  1. Mr_Theoo

    Dave's Impossible Project: Same Gear For A Year

    You can do it Dave!
  2. Mr_Theoo

    Thoughts on Hogan PTx?

    To me they just didn’t feel great or very consistent. Sometimes they’ll feel great and perform well. And others they were harsh. Just not the shaft for me and my swing
  3. Mr_Theoo

    Thoughts on Hogan PTx?

    I have a set of them. I like the heads a lot. Hate the kbs tour V shafts.
  4. Mr_Theoo

    TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers

    You gotta follow all the shoe sites and get the sneakers app. I never miss when a release is even if I don’t order them. I’ve been way more selective with what shoes I buy cause of how high the prices have gone
  5. Mr_Theoo

    TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers

    THIS 100x Ive never been a fan of the “They released a new driver in X amount of time” hate. Do these same people get mad when new cars come out every year or when Nike releases a new pair of shoes right after they bought some?
  6. Mr_Theoo

    TaylorMade M5 and M6 Drivers

    Looks good. I’m interested in seeing the story on the face. Definitely gonna have to look into a driver fitting this spring time.
  7. Mr_Theoo

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Nice, i looked at them at golf galaxy but didn't try them. Look much better in person
  8. Mr_Theoo

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Those are on my try list. I loved the 750s but couldn’t pull that expensive trigger. The 760s are a little better priced
  9. If the Bridgestones don’t make the cut you know my address
  10. Mr_Theoo

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Take the defense and offense off the field minus a catcher and kicker. Let the kicker kick from a tee. If he makes the field goal it’s 3pts. If he misses it’s a 1v1. The catcher scores it’s 3pts and they get the ball on their 15
  11. Mr_Theoo

    Any TM GAPR Fans? Or is it a repeat of Adams DHY?

    I’ve hit it a few times but I’m not in love with them as much as I am with other DIs. I do think it’s a DHY retread, which isn’t a bad thing because I do see a benefit for a lot of players out there
  12. Mr_Theoo

    College Football

    I don’t trust what any coach says. We’ve seen time and time again they don’t always give the whole truth. Some even flat out lie
  13. Mr_Theoo

    College Football

    Maybe, but the cyst on his brain seems a lot more critical than the chest pains he gave as his reason for leaving Florida
  14. Mr_Theoo

    Wedges and matching to your iron set

    In my wedges I have X flex c-tapers but instead of the wedge shaft I used the 8i shaft. Basically it makes it a spinner shaft.
  15. Mr_Theoo

    The Memorial

    Will do! Are you in Columbus as well?