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  1. Get well soon Stu. And stay off those ladders!
  2. Probably not going to go out if my way to do so. If it is then it’s a plus
  3. The masters is a great choice but the one downside is having to leave your phone and stuff in your car.
  4. Mr_Theoo

    Nike RZN Black

    I still have a box of platinums I’m saving for a special course. I miss Nike golf so much
  5. So sorry for your loss Rob. Prayers to you and your family
  6. We might be walking it this year if we play lol
  7. I’m still at work since it’s a pharmacy, wish people would not crowd the Costco I’m at but I understand the reason behind them doing it. Just doesn’t seem to be the best idea and exposes others
  8. Oh you’re still alive.... I gotta fire that hit man
  9. Got a G400 max to get me a driver to start the season.
  10. I really want a 18° in this but they’re always sold out
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