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  1. Mr_Theoo

    Happy birthday MattF

    Happy birthday! So when’s our first get together this year?
  2. Mr_Theoo

    Happy Birthday GolfSpy_MBP

    Happy birthday pipe cleaner arms
  3. Mr_Theoo

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    Damn been there many times. I kinda like raffle system even though I take Ls most times because you aren’t fighting bots and internet problems
  4. Mr_Theoo

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    You can get almost any color in the football cleats right now though. So clearly Jordan CAN make enough they choose not to
  5. Mr_Theoo

    Kuchar is embarrassingly cheap

    I agree, kucher might have been better off not commenting on it
  6. Mr_Theoo

    Jordan Low XI "Concord"

    I’m actually gonna pass on these, mainly because I don’t like the cleat set up on them and cause I just got those off whites. But hopefully these prompt Jordan brand to do a full run like they do for football so we can all enjoy them.
  7. Mr_Theoo

    Happy birthday @GolfSpy Dave

    Happy birthday Dave! What’s it like to play from the Sr tees?
  8. Not golf related at all but these bad boys just arrived today
  9. Mr_Theoo

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Hit the epic flash sub zero today during practice and confirmed what I thought. I need a new driver. I was at least 5mph faster and 16 more carry yards on best strikes compared to my epic.
  10. Mr_Theoo

    Weight Loss Thread

    I use my net diary pro. It’s like my fitness pal but I felt the UI was less cluttered and easier for me to set up.
  11. Mr_Theoo

    Weight Loss Thread

    I’m still going at it. Down to 291 this week. My hips and low back have been giving me a lot of trouble. So much that today during my training session we spent most of it stretching my lower half out. Hopefully this week goes smoothly and I’ll be back in the 280s by friday
  12. Mr_Theoo

    WM Phoenix Open

    Nope. He was at the green planning his shot and it just started rolling
  13. Mr_Theoo

    WM Phoenix Open

    Rickie pitches into the water. He drops and then has to place it. He does, then goes up to check the green. Ball rolls in and he has to take another Penalty stroke to get the ball out of the water