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  1. Put me down as a maybe. It’ll be dependent on someone watching my child that Saturday. If you make it Sunday then I’m 100% in
  2. My arms aren’t that freakish, are they? Lol
  3. Had lots of fun today. Sadly not many good shots but that’s expected with a bad back and no practice. Thanks for not leaving me on the 4th hole guys
  4. Blake texted me. Sorry I didn’t check in earlier. I’m excited to get out there with you guys
  5. Where is that at, when i google it I get a close course so i don’t think it’s it
  6. 28th works for me, but I’ll have to check with my wife just to make sure
  7. Of course! Well let’s start planning something for this month? Everyone free on Sundays?
  8. @MattF @MaxEntropy when we playing?
  9. Get well soon Stu. And stay off those ladders!
  10. Probably not going to go out if my way to do so. If it is then it’s a plus
  11. The masters is a great choice but the one downside is having to leave your phone and stuff in your car.
  12. Mr_Theoo

    Nike RZN Black

    I still have a box of platinums I’m saving for a special course. I miss Nike golf so much
  13. So sorry for your loss Rob. Prayers to you and your family
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