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  1. You could wait and see what comes out but if your going to be getting fitted irons then waiting on the what if might not really be worth it.
  2. I thought that putt was in!
  3. Got my first outdoor range session with these irons this past week and to say I’m excited to play with these would be an understatement. Even though it was off mats I was able to hit all my shots. I’m glad I gave these the adjustment time over the winter because now i feel much more confident over the ball even looking at a 4i
  4. @Mr_Theoo on everything theoo21 on psn and Xbox
  5. Even I am not brave or dumb enough to put that 3i in my bag
  6. I know it’s a month away but anyone wanna teyband olay Sunday the 5th of May?
  7. It’s holding up pretty well on my set. I’ve been using them all off season during my lessons and I don’t notice any unusual wear. Although I haven’t washed them yet so maybe it’s hiding behind dirt lol
  8. For sure! I’m over in Dublin every other Sunday for golf lessons. Maybe we can get in a 9 somewhere around there one day
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