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  1. Thank you for having us. That course was a lot of fun!
  2. I’ll be at work lol
  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Hey @MattF come down in 2 weeks and let’s test those clubs at Delaware lol
  4. It was a lot of fun. I was just happy to not be in traction after playing lol. But now the bag gets a a serious look over. Changes will be made
  5. I dont know if I have 270 carry in me right now. But if I’m feeling good after the range I’ll give it a go for sure
  6. I dont know what you mean
  7. 2016 me would’ve taken this challenge on for sure
  8. I’ve gone with the set PW but I’ve wanted to try out a specialty wedge. I’ve started using my PW and 9i around the greens so I think it would benefit my game.
  9. Put me down as a maybe. It’ll be dependent on someone watching my child that Saturday. If you make it Sunday then I’m 100% in
  10. My arms aren’t that freakish, are they? Lol
  11. Had lots of fun today. Sadly not many good shots but that’s expected with a bad back and no practice. Thanks for not leaving me on the 4th hole guys
  12. Blake texted me. Sorry I didn’t check in earlier. I’m excited to get out there with you guys
  13. Where is that at, when i google it I get a close course so i don’t think it’s it
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