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  1. I’m hoping to get a full bag fitting before I pull the trigger on anything. But I’ve hit the tmag ones and for looks at address I do like them a bit more but the Wilson’s are def 2nd in the clubhouse
  2. Stopped by the pga superstore and saw these bad boys. I’m torn between these and the 7mc from tmag for my next set of irons
  3. I’m looking at a replacement for the F6 baffler. I love the shorter shaft on it but the head is a bit smaller than im comfortable with when it comes to hitting it off the deck. I plan a whole bag redo though so everything is on the chopping block
  4. I like it but I think I’m gonna replace it with a bigger headed 4w. Same shaft length though. Just want a little more forgiveness in the head
  5. I have a 41.75 inch 4wood that I use for tee shots on shorter holes. One season I pretty much used it exclusively because I hated the epic so much. I also have a 3i from 2 sets ago I can’t part with.
  6. Still alive here! Kidding but kinda not. Spent the beginning of the week in the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis. What fun, needless to say I needed to find this thread to remind myself what I have accomplished in the past. I did get a peloton bike so that will be my main form of exercise until it’s safe to return to the gym then I hope to be back at my 4-5 times a week working out and eating right. I wanna be off these meds come next Christmas
  7. I’ve seen those. I most likely will do a sole swap one day
  8. I have the Jordan 5s right now. I also have the Air Force 1 and air max 90s spikeless that came out a few years ago I use for indoor practice. I wish Nike had more classic shoe options with cleats though. I hope to get a Jordan 4 for golf one day
  9. Thank you for having us. That course was a lot of fun!
  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! Hey @MattF come down in 2 weeks and let’s test those clubs at Delaware lol
  11. It was a lot of fun. I was just happy to not be in traction after playing lol. But now the bag gets a a serious look over. Changes will be made
  12. I dont know if I have 270 carry in me right now. But if I’m feeling good after the range I’ll give it a go for sure
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