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  1. Do you still have the MGS putting bag tag I put on your bag to take that picture of all the Bridgestone testers when we played in Columbus
  2. Just gen chem. Have organic next semester though
  3. Thank you! It’ll be a fun day of me working and then a chemistry test yay!
  4. I think that’s the same eagle from last year. Must really like that tree
  5. You’re alive? Thought that manbearpig finally got you…
  6. Got it in today. Went out and played. Had 3 pars in a row and almost drained a 33fter for birdie
  7. Same, I did get a gapr lo and it is so fun to hit. Need to find a slightly better fitting shaft and get the swing weight fixed but still awesome
  8. Been playing in the Jordan 4s this season and I'm loving them.
  9. Cleaned out the basement and traded some stuff in. Now to narrow down which evnroll model I want. It’s a 3 way tie between the ER 2, 5 and 8. The 11 is a also a dark horse choice but I dont know if I want a mallet that big
  10. Agreed, as someone who’s tested and reviewed a few things I feel like once the reviews go up they don’t get much traction. At least for myself I’ve never gotten many follow up questions after I post my final review.
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