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  1. No. Not casting at all. Just basically standing up during the downswing and losing spine angle.
  2. I recently retired from soccer (25 year career) and I needed a competitive outlet so I was talked into joining a competitive Kickball league. So far I've had an immense amount of fun and enjoyment in it. It's not super physically demanding but people really get into it.
  3. So I've been dealing with early extension in the downswing quite a bit in my golfing career. I'm fairly certain it started when I was foolish and stupid to think that hitting a draw meant I was a good player and rebuilt my swing away from my natural 5 yard fade. I've tried quite a few things to try and get rid of it but recently I was tinkering with a small power squat to start the downswing. It seems to be working well in the little amount of time I've been able to practice it. The real beauty of it is that the squat ensures I keep the crease in my hips long enough to get through the ball and to the left without losing spine angle. Has anyone successfully implemented the squat? Any tips/drills you can suggest? Thanks folks!
  4. -- He once made a par......just to see how it feels. -- His glutes ALWAYS fire. -- Ben Hogan once hit a draw just because he said to.
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    Thanks folks!
  6. Thanks dude. I decided not to pull the trigger as I have a horrible addiction to putters and I should just stick with one the whole season. I still lust after this though. Which typically means I will break down at some point and buy it. Somebody help me......
  7. Pondering picking one up for a great price. I am hesitant because I'm finally finding a groove with my Scotty Newport 2.5 but secretly want to go back to a mallet. Oh the first world problems are real! Anyone have input on the feel/performance of the iNovai?
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    To be honest, I just moved here a couple months ago so I don't really know where that is.
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  10. I love lamp

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      Brick do you really love lamp or are you just naming things in the room?

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    Hey folks. I've been a long-time browser of MGS and love the work you all do in the blogging community. I decided to create an account and jump into the mix. I have been in the golf community for a few years now writing for various other sites and am a bit of an equipment and swing junkie. Also, I just moved to central PA so looking forward to getting to know some other MGS PA folk. --Bam
  12. Hello! My handicap is a 9. What "Hogan" means to me: It's hard to say something that hasn't been said before. Words like "perfection", "secret", and "iconic" are used in such a way that only really embodies the public perception of Ben Hogan being god-like. What I take from Hogan's legacy is the work ethic behind it. I don't strive to swing exactly like Hogan, but I do strive to work as hard as he did. To me, the "secret" is something different for everyone. It is up to myself to find what makes me a better player by grinding it out in the trenches and to never stop learning about my swing, and more importantly, my game. Thanks for the great opportunity MGS!
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