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  1. 5-0 this week if I don't leave Wallace on the bench. Wtf was I thinking? He finished 3rd at the PGA at BP which was basically the US Open east this year. Damn I'm dumb sometimes
  2. Don't you love you when you leave someone who's T6 on the bench! By damn I've regressed this year in player selection.
  3. Asking for a friend.... What bonus points do we get for players throwing a driver into the ocean?
  4. Careful. Father time shot 67 today. I'm rocking him in tons of tiered style pools.
  5. GB taking the 2000 Tiger at Pebble approach. If you are a up by 10 shots..... Keep that foot on the gas
  6. Is it weird that I'm wanting to bench possibly the hottest player in the world for the US Open b/c I don't like him for that set up? lol Rory how I love watching you, but almost don't want you in my lineup this week.
  7. Love the play. I don't know what else you're working with but I like that move.
  8. Which is why I could understand if GMAC scored more if they tied. But it's rare for the player with the better tournament to have less points unless there was a hole in one or something. It's not a big deal, I just like to know what's going on with the scoring. I just added it up. I forgot we changed the scoring from last years set up, which rewarded eagles more since it's rarer. Was a little worse for the wear when posting last night as the Shotgun Start boys would say. haha Edit: spelling
  9. Can anybody figure out why McDowell scored more points than Im who beat him by a shot when Im had more eagles? I'm stumped and also super grateful to win both despite 2 guys missing the cut. US Open week boys!
  10. Seriously! He was what kept me from a perfect entry at the PGA if memory serves.
  11. Says the guy starting the current Tourney leader, 3 guys in the top 9 and all 4 guys currently making the cut I gotta get myself a B team
  12. Yet another week picking the wrong lineup. I'm on a cold streak setting lineups correctly.
  13. Dunno if they'll let me do a combo set but maybe the V6s in the 3-6i and Staff Blades in the 7i-pw. It was between that or getting my brother fit for a set and then letting him choose.
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