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  1. I see it as this all working out. Year after year it all works out. This opens the door for the Big12 winner to make the playoff. The only way we have any controversy is if one of the top 3 teams lose today. If they don't, then the correct 4 will go. Just like the correct 4 have gone every year. The 2 years that controversial teams made the playoffs, those teams won it all. Which proved their being selected the correct choice.
  2. Give him that Gus Bus extension!
  3. Via @CFBNerds on twitter: "You wanna know how bad Alabama's injury luck has been? Mocks have some combination of Tua, Diggs, Ruggs, Jeudy, Lewis, Smith, Wills, and Moses in the first round. In 3 years, they never all played in the same game." That's insane. I hope all of them have better luck in the NFL.
  4. (Please don't include the Auburn game with the LSU game. Auburn scored 3 offensive touchdowns.) You're incorrect about the offensive line. There is plenty of push there. Pro Football Focus and almost all of the OL experts grade it out as the 2nd best OL in the SEC and top 10 in the country. People didn't talk about it as much this year due to all of the skill position talent, especially at WR, and of course Tua. Both tackles, Wills and Leatherwood are likely first rounders. The line definitely wasn't a problem. As for QB, next year if Tua leaves they have the number 1 QB commit in the country named Bryce Young coming. He's a dual threat pass first guy similar to Tua. I doubt he starts right away, but who knows. Mac Jones is very capable at QB next season while Bryce learns the offense. Saban likes Mac. And who knows if Tua decides to come back. I don't think his mind is made up. You're right about this being the year to bet against Alabama. I did so in this very thread in the preseason. The defense was already thin after a couple of players left early for the draft despite not being ready. Both Mack Wilson and Deionte Thompson needed another season before going to the NFL. Despite them leaving, the defense would've still looked much better had they not lost the best linebacker in the country in the preseason. Dylan Moses alone would've made a huge difference. They also lost 2 other starters to injury. I don't care how good your recruiting is, when you start 6 freshman and lose your best defensive player to injury in the preseason your defense will suffer. That goes for every single team in the country. The defense will look much better next year if I had to guess. Especially if the draft eligible juniors return. Edit: Defensive line hasn't really been the issue either. They aren't as dominant as last years group (how could they be), but they have been serviceable. The linebackers were basically non existent this season though and a couple of the secondary have blown assignments. Linebacker is easily the biggest issue this season.
  5. If they got Moses and the other 2 starters back on defense, it would look much different. Starting 6 freshman was just too much this year without Moses in the middle to hold it together. I think Mac is good but I don't think I can back this argument atm. Maybe if Tua was still healthy. I just pray that a few of the juniors that are draft eligible come back next year. I'm not sure what to expect the team to look like next year. Could be stacked. Could be similar to this year's team with a better defense and downgraded offense.
  6. Well, similar to the Alabama kicking game, that was a let down. I thought you had something there for a second.
  7. No, no keep going! I'm interested in how the story ends
  8. Never seen or heard this joke before! What's the premise? I'm lost
  9. Yep... And LSU fans... and other Alabama fans... Can't tell you how many of these I've seen this decade. I'd bet none of them attended school there or went to games either.
  10. Please nobody google that, as I have a sneaking suspicion which fan base will be the most prevalent in such stories...
  11. Trust me when I say that Auburn blows, but they probably played the toughest or one of the toughest schedules in the country this year and came out 9-3 with all 3 losses being to top 10 teams and still managing to have 2 wins against top 13 teams. That's not awful.... For Auburn anyway
  12. Fyi: 5 and 6 numbers are still pretty close so there is some wiggle room for error there. But projected: Ohio State - No. 1 LSU - No. 2 Clemson - No. 3 Georgia - No. 4 Oklahoma - No. 5 Utah - No. 6
  13. The much more responsible and healthy approach for sure. hmmm, decisions decisions
  14. Sounds terrible. I'm gonna have to introduce booze or gambling, or.... and hear me out here.... Maybe I could booze AND gamble on it, so it'll be interesting.
  15. So what do fans of teams that don't make the playoffs do for the rest of the year? Should I take up a new hobby? Gamble recklessly on games I don't really care about?? Quit watching all together and take up holiday drinking and the NFL??? A BAMA FAN NEEDS TO KNOW WHAT TO DO THE REST OF THE YEAR!
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