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  1. I have nothing against Titleist and play their wedges and ball. I'm fairly brand agnostic though as I currently have 6 different manufacturer's clubs in my bag. I've never owned or wanted a PXG club either btw.
  2. No worries and I'd expect nothing less from someone repping Titleist. C16 was conveniently released just 3 years after PXG made an appearance and had some success in the "premium" club market though if memory serves.
  3. I'm fairly certain that I was aware this driver was from 2016, since the post you quoted was in fact from August of.... 2016
  4. As for most things fantasy or pick-em, I'm in. Ready for more mediocrity!
  5. Not nearly as deep as the pockets of the Saudis, so I'm not really sure your point?
  6. Phil's tweet actually mentioned all of the tour's major holdings. The cash making up the smallest portion of that, which is mostly the tour's emergency reserve. They used nearly half of it during the pandemic if I remember correctly. Would you suggest an organization of their size not have money saved away to continue operations during times like covid? Players went to liv for fat guaranteed paychecks. This has been discussed extensively over the last hundred pages of the thread. I don't love Jay, but he's hardly comparable to third leg Greg.
  7. What Phil said is true, but where does he think his fat pension will be coming from? They don't just pull that money out of thin air. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/hundreds-of-pro-golfers-have-over-1-million-in-their-pga-tour-retirement-accounts-2019-04-24 This article from over 3 years ago states that "Over 600 pro golfers currently have more than $1 million in their retirement plans, and some have significantly more." The large majority of the tour's money is tied up in pensions and properties owned by the TPC network. Tiger may have phrased his loan comments poorly, but the tour did essentially borrow money from their reserves to keep things running. I wouldn't call that a joke when compared to some of the other BS being spouted the last year. Surely you jest haha
  8. Interesting. Break down how tv contracts work, and where liv's money comes from next, please.
  9. 1. What do bots have to do with the tour's purses, and why can't we blame liv for using them? That doesn't make sense. 2. Can you cite your sources on "PGA tour told players there wasn't enough money for increased purses"? Because this article from 1 year ago says the opposite. https://golf.com/news/pga-tour-massive-purse-increases-2022/ Not to mention Monahan announced at the 2020 Players Championship that purses would be going up over the next few years due to their TV deal being finalized.
  10. You realize that liv has been using bots for months for the exact same thing right? Not just twitter btw, but also on FB, Youtube, and IG. I'm not saying that the use of bots is right for either side, but its a bit hypocritical if liv, or their fans have an issue with it after doing it for months.
  11. FIGJAM is struggling to finish in the top half of liv events, yet you think he'd make 50% of his cuts on the PGA tour? He's only finished inside the top 34 on liv twice in 7 events, and his only made cut on the PGA tour this year was at the Sentry TOC. It was a no cut event, and he beat a total of 6 players out of 38. Someone who has struggled to beat more than 14 guys a week in liv events, and less than that in PGAT events isn't likely to have any sustained success on the PGAT. Especially as he continues to age. Phil is a hall of famer and an all time great, but he's not a good competitive golfer anymore. A similar thing can be said about a number of guys on liv.
  12. Oh, I in no way see this partnership getting them points immediately, but I understand why they did it. I'm also not sure what grounds they'd have for a suit, since there is still no way to qualify for liv and there are no 2022 events scheduled on the MENA tour. Even if they did get OWGR points, liv would complain about the max 12 points that developmental tours receive in wins.
  13. Surprised nobody has mentioned the new "strategic alliance" between liv and the MENA Tour. Personally, I don't understand why they did this with a basically semi defunct tour instead of the Asian tour, but I can appreciate the effort. https://twitter.com/jcorrigangolf/status/1577642342164488192?s=20&t=Glh8zvDHfMRlcRUe1dtUNw
  14. He indeed did tell them as much. I'm sure they'd been told Greg's legal sources were top notch. In reality, Greg's legal sources: Trust me bro
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