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  1. Yes, it's a shame that none of these guys are comparable to the greatest or at least most dominant player to ever play the game. You could say the same thing in the 80 and 90s too. Jack spoiled folks. Having perspective is key. Both of these guys are 30 or younger and Phil didn't even win a major at that point in his career.. There is a lot of golf left to play. We'll see how it plays out. Tiger created this parity btw. He brought so many kids/athletes to golf. He also brought enough money to it to create all these great pros. It's part of the reason there is less dominance imo.
  2. Count the Luck retirement in that since it was post draft. Been a rough for QBs
  3. I love Brooks. He actually has the balls to speak his mind, unlike most of these pansies. Him and Rory are actually very similar in that fashion. They'll tell you what they really think. Something that's very refreshing in sports these days. FYI Nobody was handed a 5 shot lead at the Players Championship. You are probably thinking of the Tour Championship and if that's the case Brooks didn't have the lead to start, JT did. BK started 3 back of him and Rory 5 back.
  4. That's the reason I still did it. Points are a tie breaker and you never know if it will come in handy at the end of the year or not.
  5. FYI it doesn't update the score in live scoring but does update it in standings
  6. Looks like we both got him this week. From 10-0 to 10-2 can happy very quickly!
  7. It's not really sustainable, although it is extremely impressive so far. It also doesn't hurt that their schedule/ division is
  8. @00sportsman I didn't watch the game, but was feeling pretty good about Edelman's game until I saw 39 points out of your defense. No wonder you're 10-0...
  9. Done! DM me next time if it's time sensitive, so I'll get an email. Edit: it's pure luck i saw this when I did bc i was responding to someone else's dm haha
  10. Collusion is literally the only reason to veto a trade. Everyone is allowed to make whatever decisions they want with their own team. However good or bad they may be. If you want to veto a trade for selfish purposes, then you completely misunderstand the point of being able to do it. I'm done talking about this. Message the commissioners if you have an actual grievance. As opposed to calling people duffus when your own team is 4-6 and has spent 94% of your faab budget for the season in week 6.
  11. You should've posted a pic of his brother since you're crying about collusion so much.
  12. You realize that the trades are approved by the commissioners right? As in, it had to go through 3 of them? Protest all you like. You're prolly the guy that vetos trades because he thinks it's helping a team he's playing that week too much. SMH
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