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  1. I think my average is 7,XXX ish. If only I'd bought more then and sold less during the climb.
  2. I've fielded some funny ones for Rahm lately so best of luck here lol
  3. We appreciate you biting the bullet and being the lone top 30 scoring team left out. I really didn't want to have to do it lol
  4. I'm only rolling with 3 this week unless someone wants to deal. Everyone is available for the right cost!
  5. Get in line behind the highest scoring team in the league
  6. A few years back I was the highest scoring team in the league and was in dead last place through the first quarter of the season. I won it that year. Things will even out eventually. Edit: and the commissioners wanted to keep the all vs all match ups but we couldn't get schedules to populate on fantrax bc we had too many teams in the league. So it was either kick people out or change the league schedule.
  7. I loved Scott, but I was only sad to see him go until I saw who they hired. He was a great motivator, but his training/ injury prevention methods had zero science behind them. 100% old school S&C meathead. Ballou brings a totally different approach which I appreciate. Edit: Not saying that he was the reason why so many players were injured under his watch. There was a lot of bad luck involved with that. I just don't think he did much to prevent injuries with his training methods.
  8. I honestly don't love it. I think Bill is a good coordinator historically iirc and will do much better in that role than he did at Houston, but I think there's scar tissue there. He's not the offensive schemer than sark is either. Who knows though, the Saban school of coaching rehab fixes many. On a side note, it was fairly BS of Sark to take assistants with him on his way out. I hate that just as I think that its BS that schools can higher away coaches or their staffs during the season, for next season. That's something that needs to change in CFB but won
  9. Not your fault! It was my fault for doing it and going away from my strategy. That's on me Haha
  10. For sure! And if this were a paid league I'd be campaigning harder for start/sit myself. I much prefer it. But the vote went the other way so we gotta work with what we've got. I still like my chances at the title
  11. They are losing 11 guys to the draft including 4-7 first rounders. I wouldn't be too surprised if they were a little down next year. haha Who knows though!
  12. Welp, I finish 2 eagles short of the challenge last year. I think it had gotten in my head by around June because I probably made 10+ eagles on the back 9 par 5s but didn't make any on the front 9 par 5s. I also eagle our risk reward drivable par 4 10th a few times. I'm back in this year. Keeping 1 sheet for birds/eagles for myself here at MGS and one birdies only sheet for a bet with a buddy of mine. Side note: I birdied the 1st hole of the year on 01/01/21 so we all might be doomed this year!
  13. Sorry I haven't been around much this season guys. Opening my own business in the fall kind of put a hamper on my posting and the little posting I did do was all for our MGS fantasy football league, bc I help run it. Anyway, Roll Tide and I hope everyone had a good college football season! Here is to 2021 being better than 2020 and to hopefully yet another title for the tide in '21. RTR
  14. I also prefer start sit, but ya gotta roll with the punches in free leagues. Having a lot of newbies/ casual fans is the nature of free leagues. With that said, I get that there is less strategy but there is still strategy in best ball. I purposely played differently last year than I would've in a start/ sit league and I will continue to do so this year. If you go back a look at the playoffs each of the last 3 seasons, I'd venture to guess that you see a lot of the same names recurring. The best players will generally continue to be the best players and make the playoffs regardless of the fo
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