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  1. Buddy you're preaching to the choir... I was gonna go 10-0 and will maybe finish 5-5 now
  2. Ohhhh, just give it time lol
  3. Hopefully this years good luck is a makeup call from lady karma after 3 year ago's leading in points through the first 1/3 of the season and being in dead last or whatever it was. Now that was FRUSTRATING lol
  4. You said lucky and fluke, but maybe the context was misunderstood. Regardless, more matchups brings in less luck. I understand wanting to root against your opponents rosters, but that shouldn't effect building the optimal lineup. Basing lineups off of other people's rosters is like starting your backup QB in ffb because your starter is playing your starting defense. Rooting interests aren't good for setting lineups imo... Says the Rory fan who keeps going back to the well.
  5. You say you don't like "flukes," but having only one matchup per week brings in the most flukey results possible. It's like someone making the fantasy football playoffs when their team is close to the bottom in points scored. They got lucky all season in their matchups. The more matchups we have, the less flukey the results. We couldn't play everyone each week this season due to league size, so we set up the most matchups you could in a round robin fashion. It's not perfect, but it's much better than only having one matchup each week.
  6. As I have said previously, I prefer to pick players. Though I'm fairly certain the standings would look similar regardless of picking vs best ball though. The better fantasy players tend to rise to the top eventually. Point in case, the current leaders in the standings have won 2 of the 3 titles and the winner last year is currently in 8th. It all evens out for the most part. I really would like to get back to matchups with everyone each week though.
  7. Really kicking myself for dropping Phil two weeks ago. Happy to be up top of the standings though with @blackngold_blood!
  8. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! And a happy belated birthday to our fearless leader @Golfspy_CG2! It's a honor to share a day of birth with you good sir. I actually got to sneak in 9 holes in our weekly Wednesday scramble at the club. Luckily enough the rain held off and we got it in.
  9. Bent grass greens and zoysia fairways are a recipe for low scores for these guys. They are going super low unless the course is playing firm and fast and its windy.
  10. As someone who on occasion sends the ridiculous counter offer, I can say this is definitely true. Not everyone thinks certain jokes are funny, unfortunately lol
  11. Can we post date figure out the scoring for the Zurich and add it? I had guys on both sides of the playoffs so I had to have had a good week lol
  12. Thanks everyone! Rahm actually helped me out in 3 different pools/ fantasy leagues. Maybe I should send him a gift card to baby gap so he can get himself and his kid some more gear lol Thanks to @Golfspy_CG2 and MyGolfSpy for putting this on and thanks Evnroll for the cool prize!
  13. It's currently showing for me, so you should be good to go.
  14. I don't believe the field has been finalized as of yet so they probably won't appear until later in the day or tomorrow. In the mean time, you can manually check the field here https://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/valero-texas-open/field.html
  15. So, last year the only eagles I was missing were on the front 9 par 5s, which are 3 and 9. It got to be mental because I generally eagle both those holes a decent amount.. Well, yesterday I eagled both of them in the same 9 holes in route to a spiffy-6, 30 on holes 2 through 10. Irony at it's finest haha
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