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  1. All Korn Ferry grads are low in the priority rankings if my memory serves. https://www.pgatour.com/news/2021/priority-ranking-2021-22-season.html The season long champ or finals winner may get an extra bump, but I don't feel like looking through all the categories atm.
  2. Congrats UGA. I knew that game was theirs the second Williams went down early in the second quarter. I've poked my fun at Kirby over the years, but they were a deserving team to take home the title.
  3. College baseball comes to mind. It's also happened multiple times in college basketball, but its been while. College golf, softball etc...
  4. I doubt I can afford him but send me an offer @blackngold_blood. @GolfSpy_APH message me on slack or send me something. I'm willing to deal
  5. Anybody carrying two TEs and willing to part with one of them? I don't feel like looking through everyone's teams and trying to send in offers haha
  6. This may not be the case any more but DBU used to be able to rake. They played in a small ballpark and always had 4 or 5 guys that could go yard at any time. We never played them, but I was very aware of them and their reputation.
  7. Agreed, they are probably the best baseball conference as well. Basketball is easily where they are the most lacking in men's sports, but their basketball programs have been somewhat improving as a group recently. Despite Kentucky's massive fall of last season.. Concerning realignment, I guess I get your point but that wouldn't exactly work money wise. You'd be giving up money to leave the SEC if you're someone like Vandy. They are always going to struggle to compete in football, but they have strong basketball and baseball programs. You'd lose the football money share in the conference, just to win a couple more games against G5 schools. Which inevitably would cause your other programs to decline. Edit: Dallas Baptist used to be an NAIA school and moved to DII because of their baseball program(which is now DI as you mentioned). They've been a powerhouse in baseball for quite a long time.
  8. I don't see how you can say the Pac12 has lots of good teams and the SEC is overhyped... The Pac12 is basically the SEC, MINUS their top 3 recruiters. Lets take a little dive into this. People say the SEC is overhyped pretty much every year without really looking at the depth there. Line each conference up from best to worst and compare them and I'll take the SEC's top, middle, and maybe even bottom tier over pretty much every other conferences comparatively. Hell, the worst team in the SEC West still has a good chance to make a bowl game. The only other division that's close to claiming that is BIG east. Ole Miss might be the 10th best team in the SEC this year. Lets look at them vs other conferences possible number 10. Who would you take between OM or Colorado/Cal? What about OM or Illinois/NW/Rutgers? I'm pretty sure you can give me OM every time and I am definitely not a fan of the rebs. @Shankster I do think Cincy has the best shot to get in the playoff of any G5 school we've seen so far. They actually have a decent schedule, if they can just win out.
  9. Not gonna lie, this gave me a pretty good chuckle.
  10. While I get your point, teams would make their schedules as easy as possible if that were the case. We wouldn't get any UGA vs Clemson or Oregon vs OSU games like we've already seen this year. That would also make it exceedingly more difficult for G5 teams to improve their recruiting imo. The good G5 teams would never get the exposure of possibly knocking off a P5 team, because P5 teams would be less likely to schedule them.
  11. Agree to disagree there. FBS may be FBS, but there is miles of difference between the recruiting of elite P5 teams and elite G5 teams. Certainly there are scenarios where a G5 team could get into the playoffs, but acting like a G5 team should be given the same benefit of the doubt as a P5 team isn't realistic. For example the most talented G5 team in the country (UCF) has 5 fewer 4 star recruits than the most talented P5 team (Bama) has 5 star recruits. 10 fewer than UGA.
  12. Imo, I wouldn't take this as Berg calling you or anyone else an idiot. But it is frustrating to see a team that is a perennially in the hunt, being bailed out of what could've been a potentially season killing draft. Not only being bailed out, but bailed out before both the first week AND waivers running. That's nothing if not a compliment to @blackngold_blood and his ability to get a deal done. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Trading is 100% a skill. A skill that BnG possesses in a big way. The last few days have been a masterclass in trading. My way of looking at it, is that y'all just let one of the biggest wolves in the forest back in the hunt. So hope whatever deal you made with said wolf is worth it. Personally, I wouldn't have dug him out of his hole just yet, but that's my strategery and its obviously different from y'alls! (Yes for the record I've traded with him in the past and will do so again in the future. Again, he's good at making deals)
  13. Welp, not everyone went through the draft smoothly, so if nothing else.... Let the trading begin!
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