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  1. It was a tight one for sure. I don't think I win without Rory winning.
  2. I'll take him off your hands if you're worried about him (although we aren't in the same division and can't trade)
  3. You've got nothing to worry about from me. Rory and my Euro tour Ryder cup rejects are off. Other than Willett anyway and I doubt I'm playing him.
  4. Rory is on the trade block in the Digest league if anyone wants to put in a bid for him
  5. There will be closer match ups I'm sure but enjoyed the tight match up @mudfish. It was a nail biter to the end sir. I luckily clipped him by 8.
  6. Thank God he did. He was the only person I got via autdraft that was worth a crap!
  7. Also, damn the PGA tour for makes it play so soft this week. That's the main reason for the bunched up leader board and low scores.
  8. At Sawgrass the par 3s giveth and the par 3s taketh away. Sungjae Im makes a hole one on 13 to get inside the cut line and then a double on 17 to fall back outside it. Dammit!
  9. I'm very aware of what is required of a commissioner. I've run the MGS fantasy football league for the last 4 or 5 years and generally run between 5-10 fantasy sports leagues each year. Some paid, some free. I'm in no way trying to take anything away from them, because if anyone knows what is they deal with its me. We have already showed a propensity to improve the league as the season has gone on. Not just once but multiple times. I am merely trying to improve on something that I believe is unfair. If nobody else wants to, then that's fine and it doesn't matter. But it appears I am not the only one that has felt this way.
  10. @Bardle its not just that it is unfair for first to play last place. Shankster has a good roster so he will be formidable for you. But it sucks for him, because he has to play you. Wouldn't he prefer to matchup with 2nd to last and 3rd to last place teams since they are the most similar to him record wise? Or matchup with second to last team and last place in the other division. The current setting is designed to bunch everyone up in the middle but give an advantage to first place and a disadvantage to last place. There really shouldn't be an advantage or disadvantage for any team.
  11. The same thing is happening with Peter Uihlein and Dylan Fritteli. Is there a conspiracy against former Euro tour guys and South Africans? lol Edit: It also seems the waiver wire order has not changed despite claims being made. It's still showing in reverse order of standings.
  12. Incorrect. I put in a claim for Louis and he is still on waivers. I had a claim in for him since last week. Edit: Which is why I asked about waivers not processing.
  13. I would be more inclined to be ok with it if #1 didn't play number two and then the last place. That means that everyone gets bunched together except for those in dead last and those in first. Who get further separated. I apologize for not being a able to speak out in the pre-season about it. But it's not as though we haven't made adjustments on the fly all along. Side note: Weren't waivers supposed to run this morning? Because they weren't processed and now some players are on wiavers and some are FA.
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