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  1. Who wants Phil? He's playing well rn but he drives me up a wall to watch and the "bombs and calves" BS has grown tiresome for me.
  2. I'm currently in 52nd place. That's exactly 10 spots worse than you and I'm not worried in the slightest. Everybody freaks out bc of a bad start and there's no reason to. Just work to be ranked in the top 30 by seasons end and have a good playoff roster.
  3. As Stud said, you can actually be quite competitive in this league. Sure you may not have the super stars some teams do but that also means you're tied to less players. You don't have to hold on to guys who aren't playing that week. Instead you can move things around to ensure your lineup is full. Starting 6+ guys every week is a massive advantage on a weekly basis. Hell this is the first week I've had 5 and also the first week I haven't been looking for number 3/4.
  4. I've been scrambling just to get 4 guys in the field each week. I wouldn't know what a good week looked like at this point!
  5. Nothing is insurmountable with this many match-ups each week. Even if you go 0-59, that basically only equates to an 0-1 week if you have 1 match-up per week. 1 good week will rocket people up and down the scoreboard. Slow starts don't equate to a lot in fantasy golf anyway. 2 seasons ago, the winner was in last place after the first quarter of the season. Last season there were multiple playoff teams with losing records a third of the way through the year. Plus, this season, you only have to be in the top 30 to make the playoffs. Lot of season left! Edit: Didn't see that Cnosil had already responded with something similar while I was typing this.
  6. I've not as of yet. I'm still looking though. This may be something that Fantrax will have to adjust. I'm fairly certain that we are the only league of our kind.
  7. I've seen it and liked it, but would have to agree on Caddyshack. The Squeeze is also a good B list golf movie.
  8. I had frozen all 3 of the players he had dropped, but one kept giving me an error message. It did change the player's status however though.
  9. Yes, most definitely. Rosters still have a max of 8 players but you can trade 8 for 1 if you can work the deal and don't mind dropping the rest of your team. Just make sure that duplicate players don't end up on a team.
  10. I think the fact that you have to ask kind of tells the whole story haha
  11. It does bring a new sort of strategy into it though. What you lose in talent selecting players, you gain in having to foresee what will happen in the future. My strategy for the season has changed a good bit from years past. For the record, I didn't vote for best ball btw.
  12. Agreed, really dumb. Unfortunately, it's as much the PGA tour's fault as it is Fantrax's. Fantrax can't import the stats from the PGA tour, bc the tour deletes them when a player WDs. Btw I might not be right about it being the Tour's fault. I know it's half whatever site Fantrax uses for stat's fault.
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