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  1. Alright guys, so my professor said I could pick any topic I want for my research paper, so naturally I pick a golf related topic. The problem I think I want to focus on is the decline of golf in America and is the USGA helping or hurting the game. Honestly I don't know what side I stand on right now which is why I'm choosing this topic. So I want to hear your guys' opinions on the topic, and really any opinion is welcome. I need all the help I can get. A few questions that might help shape my paper are... Would it help the game of golf to allow major OEM's to make non-conforming clubs? Is there pressure from the USGA on OEM's to not produce non-conforming clubs? Are there enough youth programs for kids that are interested in the golf? Is there a stigma that golf is only for "rich" people? Is there a way to change that if there is?
  2. I might fall over dead....Nifty is considering a hybrid!!!
  3. At the time I was on staff with them and that is just what the rep told me. Then I found a putter that probably won't be leaving my bag anytime soon and told him not to worry about it.
  4. So I have some updated pictures to post...however I am having issues getting them to upload. Am I doing something wrong? Is there some secret to it that I don't know about?
  5. What is great about this forum is we all have different opinions and we can share them freely. I hope people don't feel like because we don't agree with them we think they are wrong. We just differ in opinion and thats okay. There isn't one correct blanket statement that covers everything in the game, golf is too difficult for that unfortunately. If more people understood (or something like that) their game like you and Nifty, people would at least set themselves up for better scores. Nifty knows what works for him and won't buy into the marketing crap OEM's are throwing out there. Just because I think people can benefit from newer clubs and technology doesn't make me right and Nifty wrong or Nifty right and myself wrong. As long as what you're playing works for you, life's good.
  6. So what part of "loft jacking" do you have a problem with? If you can get clubs today that fit your specs, why does it matter what anyone else has in their bag?
  7. I hope you guys enjoy this ball as much as I have! I was not a big believer when I received some two balls packs but they flat out perform on the course. Best of luck in testing!
  8. I have played them and they are a great ball. Great soft feel and they flat out perform around the green. If you like them you would probably also like the Wilson Staff Duo Urethane. That's going to be the ball I play for the foreseeable future.
  9. I'm just a little jealous...hit it long and straight!
  10. Alrighty. Thanks for the info. What kind of place would do the PVD?
  11. So I have a question on refinishing...a buddy of mine wants to refinish his irons. He has the Tour Preferred MB's with the satin nickle chrome finish. When stripping that finish off will it affect the club head? Weight? Any damage that could happen? Then he wants the smoke black finish like the rac tp MB's had. Is this all possible to do?
  12. I think the next time I hit it I'll line up the FlyZ+, King LTD and F6+ and see if there is a difference. To me they all feel pretty good. The F6+ sounded a little bit like the WS FG Tour M3 just not as loud. Another question...I was on cobra's website and they have an F6+ and an F6+ pro head...what's the difference?
  13. So has anyone hit any of the Cobra F6 driver heads? Wondering what you guys think of it....I hit it for the first time today and enjoyed the feel of it. I didn't really compare numbers today, just more of the feel today.
  14. I've always played project x's but this year I tried out KBS tour v's. Seemed like I hit the long irons much higher with the KBS compared to the Project X. Mid and short irons I didn't really notice much difference. It was nice going into long par 3's but I think I like the feel of the Project X's overall. So next year I'll go back to them.
  15. I think the cpm was 279. Either that or 276...Can't remember. If it was butt cut I might extend it out a little bit but I'll probably never put that shaft in the bag. I mostly just wanted the head that came on it.
  16. Not going to lie this is a pretty awesome set up! If you ask me it's always nice to know somebody at Wilson.
  17. Thanks for the info guys. I thought it was a long drive shaft but I was thrown cuz of the length. It's just a shade under 45. I will say whoever did the club work on it needed a little more practice, it's a humble piece of work. But hopefully I can clean it up...I'm mostly after the head that was on it anyway. Maybe I'll extend it back out and throw it in another head. Who knows. I did flex it in and it is stout! Too much club for me but it will be fun to mess around with.
  18. So found a 910 D3 with a ProForce V2 LD-3 shaft in it. I did a quick Google search on it to try and find some specs on the shaft and info on it. Didn't find a whole lot but didn't look very hard either. What are your guys thoughts on this shaft?
  19. This is a fun thread to comment on....I feel like I'm much younger than most people on here so it's really hard for me to give a good ranking because I didn't get to see most the guys play in their prime...so mine is, Jack Nicklaus Ben Hogan Tiger Woods Arnold Palmer Dickey Pride I really want to put Tiger at the top, but that's only because I grew up watching him and he's pretty much why I started playing golf, and he was pretty freaking good.
  20. Thank you for that...it's funny cause I even commented on that post but some how missed that post. Good info though...
  21. So maybe I should know more about this but what does the torque have to do with the shaft? I've never really considered this "spec" when choosing a shaft. I know nothing but would love to hear what you guys think.
  22. Well seeing as though the F5's are already going in my bag (at least for a little bit), I would really like to try out Cobra's new irons. I love the look of them and hope they feel as good as they look. The Titleist line up looks good but I don't know if I'll ever play Titleist.
  23. I have a Titleist 910 Fd head on an Oban Kiyoshi Black 75 gram 05 flex (x-stiff) shaft. I'm willing to sell the complete club or just the shaft or just the head. Just whatever you want. Head: $30 Shaft: $125 Both: $150
  24. Just a question...What do you mean by "just a bit boring"? Do you mean tech wise? Looks? I will agree with you that the c200's look just plain awful...I didn't get to hit them a whole lot but if the tech is there and it does improve ball speed and decrease shot dispersion I think it could be good for them. I will be interested to see how testing goes with those. IMO if a major OEM released something like the c200's and threw a whole bunch of marketing money behind it, and catch phrases about how innovative it is, people would be all about it. But because they are a "smaller" brand, people think it's gimmicky. I'm not trying to say that's what you are saying, I just feel like that is more of a general statement.
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