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  1. 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Nothing at this point in time, I do read the new product releases as well as leaked information but I tend to visit lots of sites to get reviews and then from there I would have 3 or so clubs for that category (irons) and try them out and see what my numbers are. 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? that we don't always get to see the tour stuff at the consumer level 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) N/A 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? N/A
  2. TJ Moore, Ontario, 7 Handicap Putter - Cleveland TFI 2135 Elevado, WINNPRO X Grip, -1 Flat, Standard Loft, WINNPROX 1.32 Black Wedges RTX-3 Tour RAW 46.8 V-MG (MID), RTX-3 Tour RAW 50.10 V-MG (MID) RTX-3 Tour RAW 56.14 V-FG (FULL) RTX-3 Tour RAW 64.8 V-MG (MID) Steel, Dynamic Gold AMT Tour Issue, X100, -1/4" Length, -1 Flat, Loft Standard, Grip GP Tour Valvet .60 +2 wrap, D3 Swing weight Irons Z 965 (9-8), Z 765 (7-5) Steel, KBS C Taper, X-Stiff, -1/4" Length, Standard Lie, Standard Loft, Grip GP Tour Velvet .60, +2 wraps, D3 Swing weight Z U65 23 deg. Graphite, Aerotech Steelfiber , i110 X-Stiff, -1/2" Length, Grip GP Tour Vevlet .60, +2 wraps, D2 swing weight Hybrid Z H65 16 Deg. Graphite, Fujikura Speeder 8.8 (Tour Spec), X-Stiff Tipped 1/2", -1" Length, Grip GP Tour Velvet .60, +2 Wraps, D2 Swing weight Fairway Z F65 3+ (13.5deg) Graphite, Miyazaki Kusala Black 83, X-Stiff, Standard length, Tipped 1/2", Grip GP Tour Velvet .60, +2 Wraps, D2 Swing weight Driver Z 765 9.5 Graphite, Kuro Kage Silver TiNi 70, X-Stiff, -1/2" Length, Tipped 1/2", Grip GP Tour Velvet .60, +2 Wraps, D5 Swing weight Of course this is how I would fit myself but I would leave it in the capable hands of the Srixon/Cleveland Club Fitter(s) This is an exciting opportunity and I am thankful to have a chance to be a part of it all. Srixon/Cleveland do not get the well deserved recognition that they have worked hard for. Being a self proclaimed golf NERD this would be an awesome experience. Thanks again for the opportunity.
  3. TJ Moore Ontario 5.6 Handicap heaviest shaft available if possible as it would be a replacement for long irons if I am lucky enough to get chosen. thanks again for the opportunity.
  4. TJ / Ontario / 8 Handicap I would love the opportunity to test these beautiful peaces of Functional Art. I have access to launch monitor and now that we are getting into Summer, ample time to get on the range and course for real world feedback. Thank you once again for the great opportunity MyGolfSpy and Hogan Golf
  5. TJ Moore / Ontario Canada Handicap: 9 I have a tendency to release early due to not having as much time as I used to to practice. I feel with this product it can reduce the amount of time needed to ingrain lag in my swing.
  6. Name and Home Province: TJ Moore, Ontario Handicap: 8 Current Driver/ShaftCobra Fly-Z +, Weight forward, @8.5 deg / Grafalloy Blue X Tipped 0.5" playing at 44.75" Driver Swing Speed: 112mph
  7. Thank you MyGolfSpy for the opportunity, First Name: TJ State or Provence: Ontario Driver Swing Speed: 113MPH Driver/Shaft/Flex: Cobra Fly Z+ Set to 8.5 and flipzone weight forward/Grafalloy Blue @ 44.75"/ X-Stiff tipped 1" I have lots of opportunity to test with foresite launch monitor as well as range and course experience.
  8. Name/Province/Country - TJ/ Ontario/ Canada Current Irons - Srixon Z745 PW-5, 4&2 Srixon U45 (PW-4 KBS C-Taper S+ and Steelfiber i110 X Soft stepped once) Handicap - 8 Thank you for the great opportunity
  9. TJ, Ontario/Canada Cobra FlyZ+ Grafalloy Blue X 65g @ 44.75" tipped 0.5" to account for hosel Swing Speed = 112mph with a 278 average carry Unlimited access to Flight Scope for accurate testing data as well as plenty on course personal feel and performance. It would be cool to see the difference between the performance with the Cobra Flip Zone and Nike Flight Pod. Regards Teaj
  10. TJ, Ontario Odyssey Havok MLA Tour Mallet Miss Left Thank you again MyGolfSpy for the opportunity, it would be great to see how this helps with alignment.
  11. First Name: TJ Home Province?: Ontario Current Handicap: 9 Current Long Iron/Hybrid: Srixon U45 18deg Aerotech Steelfiber i110 X Soft stepped once it would be interesting to test the Crossover against a club that I think would be in the same category, I say Utility Iron" Ping says "Crossover" potato, patato. I have access to unlimited use of foresight launch monitor and can record data for testing purposes.
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