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  1. Whoops....Graeme is in another tier. K. Aphibarnrat -9
  2. Mike New York Cobra Fly-Z+: stock x stiff matrix vlct st (cut shaft to 43.5 inches and added heavier head weight) Fit: no
  3. Rickie Fowler Phil Mickelson Thomas pieters Danny willet Eddie pepperell Tie breaker: -9
  4. 1. Mike, NY ​2. 3 hdcp, 110+ 3. Cobra fly z+ 4. Ping G400 LST, Ping Tour 65, xstiff, 44 inches, right hand
  5. Tier 1: Mickelson Tier 2: Pieters Tier 3: Woodland Tier 4: DeChambeau Tier 5: Kevin Na Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +5
  6. 1.) Mike, NY 2.) 1.8 handicap 3.) Wilson/Staff FG Tour v4 (Mizuno MP 68 as my backup) 4.) Mizuno JPX 900 Tour I live across the street from the golf course (with driving range) where I am a member so testing will not be a problem! I'd love to test these against my current "players" sets! I am brand agnostic with 5 different brands currently occupying my golf bag so you can expect an honest review. Thank you MGS!!!
  7. Yes please! I play a cobra fly-z+ in xflex right now so this would be an amazing opportunity! 3 handicap NY (I live across the street from my club and the snow it completely melted so I'll have no problem testing) 112mph / 280 carry F7+ Thank you!
  8. Mike Sherrill, NY Handicap: 3 These clubs look awesome! I'd love to put them through their paces!
  9. Very interested in this club. I don't like long irons out of the rough but I can definitely hit a mean hook fromtime to time with a hybrid. Let's find out if this is the solution! Mike NY 1.8 handicap Wilson Fg tour v4 4 iron (dg pro x100, standard) Adams dhy pro 24 degree (aldila blue x flex, standard) Adams xtd ti 20 degree (matrix red x flex, standard) Ps: I'm a member at a course that's 1 minute from my house and I play at least 4 times a week. I'll have no problem putting this club through the ringer! Thanks MGS!
  10. Name and home state: Mike Goyer, Upstate NY Handicap: 1.8 (110+ swing speed) Rounds per year: 100+ (at least 4 times a week and cold and wet weather doesn't scare me) How you typically purchase golf balls (online, pro shops, big box golf retailers, department stores, etc): I usually buy my golf balls online and I generally play the proV1x but I have never actually bought a box of them. Just too damn expensive. I either get them as a gift, with proshop credit, or by finding them. Otherwise I will play any tour caliber ball and price is probably the most important factor to me assuming the ball spins from around the green. The last balls I actually bought were prov1x practice balls and last gen Srixon's which each went for about $30. I am very interested in seeing how the Snell ball performs considering the price point and the resume of the creator!
  11. Love this! The fitting process was a piece of cake and I love the idea of being able to tweak each club by an exact degree. It only makes sense. I also love having the set flow seemlessly into the wedges. I also think the clubs are great to look at. I would love to be able to demo these (or win a set of course). I'm currently a self taught .6 handicap (although I think I might take some lessons this year to get to +). I'm 30 years old and play at least 4 times a week. I can't get enough of the game. I currently play a forged cavity back but I think these blades could be right up my ally. As far as Hogan goes, he was the man. My grandfather was a scratch golfer (and still plays pretty good for being 78) and his favorite golfer was Hogan. He gave me "Five Lessons" for my 15 birthday and a set of his old apex's and my love of the game began. Without Hogan I may have never picked up the game. I hope these irons do his name proud. I have a feeling they will!
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