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  1. That was a great review. me personally, I'm not very interested in the one-length “fad”? (Who knows it could be a movement). I'm more of a feel player with my irons, so I'm not sure if I would benefit from one length. I am interested though in the Cobra hybrids. I've been doing research on F7s and F8s looking to maybe replace a trusty Adams I have (maybe, cause the thing is money for me). I would love to here some more detailed thoughts about the hybrids you have and which lofts you have and why you have them.
  2. Considering I'm gaming Cobra F6 irons and a 3 wood, this would be an amazing upgrade, and a hell of a fun 2018 season. 1. Darren, New Jersey 2. Driver - TaylorMade SLDR 9.5* 3 Wood - Cobra F6 13.5* 3 Hybrid - Adams IDEA A7 19* Irons - Cobra King F6 4-GW Wedges - Callaway MD3 54* 12 Bounce/58* 9 Bounce Putter - Odyssey V-line Mallet 3. 15 Handicap 4. Just recently made my goals for the 2018 season after getting to my goal of lowering my handicap to 15 in 2017. My goals for 2018 are to continue to lower my handicap, and to break 80.
  3. If you are into the lighter beers I would recommend session IPAs. Founder's All Day and 21st Amendment Down to Earth are good starter sessions and are readily available most places. They are light in ABV but have great flavor.
  4. Handicap - 17 State - New Jersey Swing Speed - 98-103 Avg. Carry - 240 Preference - F7
  5. Darren Cape May, New Jersey Strength: Sand Play (On Most Days), Wedge shots between 75-115 yds. Weaknesses: Shots between 30-50 yds., blading wedge shots around the green 50* SS, 54* SS, 58* SS RH - Green Dot True Temper XP95 Stiff Shaft 5L Grip
  6. Darren R., Cape May, NJ USA Cobra Gravity Backs, R Flex (oldies but goodies) 18 HDCP
  7. Would love to get in on some testing for these clubs. My handicap is at 19 and have been looking to improve my game over the years. The Ben Hogan "name" to me signifies everything that is right with golf. You hear announcers constantly referring to his pure swing, his character, and the way he played the game. You hear professionals constantly citing him as an influence in their game. Why not put his name on a set of clubs? It's a no brainer!
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