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  1. Jim from Kentucky Heading for Florida for a winter of golfing, can give the ball a try. now using the new Titliest "feel" swing speed around 90
  2. Jim, Kentucky 16 5-PW Taylormade M5's 52, 56, 60 Cleveland CBX wedges 7 iron carry normally around 134 yards
  3. where you do you find out if anyone has been selected to be a tester? Are they notified by email? Just wondering.
  4. Jim/ KY 14.9 HCP Index Current wedges: 52 degree; 56 degree; 60 degree Cleveland CBX's in the bag Favorite wedge, 40-60 yards out and see ball hit and hop a couple of times and stop. t
  5. 1. Jim, Kentucky 2. HCP 18, 85MPH 3. Cobra FLY Z 4. Would like to review the Epic Flash Sub Zero
  6. 1. Jim - Lexington KY 2. 18 hcp, 85 MPH 3. Cobra Fly Z with Matrix VLCT-SP Lite flex shaft 4. G410 Plus Would like to try this club out, getting ready to start shopping for a new driver this summer.
  7. Jim Kentucky Matrix VLCT Lite shaft 55g Current swing speed- never tested but I estimate around 90 maximum ( I hit the driver about 185 to 190 yds.)
  8. Jim Kentucky 17 handicap Taylormade M4's with regular flex fiberglass shafts Your PING choice - i210 (I think this would work better for a mature age guy like me) Just got my Taylor-made irons this summer but would like to give the Pings a play. Normally play about three rounds a week summer/fall and 2-3 rounds a week snowbirding in Florida.
  9. Jim from Kentucky Adams hybrid set with graphite shafts Your current handicap = 17 Your review preference - C300 Forged Glad to see Wilson back in the golf business competing with the big dogs again. Would love to try these clubs out.
  10. 1. Your first name and home town, state/province Jim Lexington, KY 2. Your current handicap 17 hcp 3. Your dream bag of Cleveland gear (check out the new stuff at Cleveland's website) RH HB Launcher Driver ( senior shaft and 11.5 degree loft) HB Launcher Fwy Wood (senior shaft and 16 degree loft) HB Launcher Hybrid (senior shaft and 19 degree loft) Launcher HB irons 5 through 9 ( senior shaft graphite) CBX Wedges in 52, 56, and 60 degrees. I've been thinking about new irons and just ordered the three wedges listed in my "dream bag". thanks for considering me.
  11. Cobra Fly z driver Cobra Fly Z 3 and 4/5 fairways Adams A10 irons and hybrids Odyssey Fang putter Had a Bushnell Gps watch, just played out on me!!!
  12. Jim from Kentucky Cobra Fly Z with Matrix VLCT Lite Flex Swing Speed 90-93 MPH, average distance 225 yds No Twitter, FB is Jim Paris Android Phone OS
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