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  1. Steve, North Port, Florida. HC 12. Currently using a Callaway XR 16 w/ 19 degree loft. Would want the same loft. Like the Callaway 3 hybrid I have,, but I've tried the Exotics 3 hybrid and really liked it.
  2. Tier 1. Brooks Koepka, 2. Kevin Kisner, 3. Ian Poulter, 4. Alex Noren, TIER 5 -- Troy Merritt. -11 tie breaker
  3. Steve, Florida. 11 handicap swing speed about 90 Currently using an Epic with a Speeder 55 shaft. (Left handed).
  4. Steve, from Florida. Handicap = 12.0 Currently using Callaway XR16-OS irons Would love to try the PING i210 irons. Thanks!
  5. Steve, from North Port, Fla. Currently using a Callaway Golfit watch and/or a Bushnell hybrid scope. I use 18-Birdies or Golf Now for performance tracking. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Steve, North Port Fla Callaway XR16 sw and MD3 58-12. Strength- 150-100 yards. Weakness-green side bunkers Handicap 10.2 Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Steve, Florida Callaway XR16 irons, project X (regular) shafts. (3,4, 5 are hybrids - 6-SW graphite) Handicap is 12 C300 Forged would be great.
  8. Steve, Florida. XR16-speeder shaft (regular). 100 swingspeed. 12 handicap. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Steve, from Florida. Currently using an XR16 driver with a "regular" Project X shaft. Swing speed is about 100. Carry is about 225. Handicap is 12. Thanks for the chance! I'm a lefty, and it's hard to find test clubs at the pro shops, so this would be great.
  10. Have a great Easter weekend. Tier 1: Bubba Watson Tier 2: Henrick Stenson Tier 3: Daniel Berger Tier 4: Wesley Brian Tier 5: Danny Willett 1st place/winning player: -16 2nd-scoee of low amateur +1
  11. Steve from North Port, Florida (34286. Handicap is about 11. I'm in my 60s, and left handed, so demo clubs are rare at the pro shops! I'd love to try the new Lancher HB driver (10.5), fairway woods (16degree) and hybrids (3,4,5)-- and I've heard great things about the CBX irons and wedges, so count me in on that combo. Toss in a TFi 2135 putter and I'm good. Thanks.
  12. Steve Finly, North Port Fla. Aged 66... biggest bugaboo is slicing my drive every other time. I'd also like to learn how to position myself to put less strain on my lower back... Thx! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Steve, Florida. Using a five year old Odyssey two ball versa. Would love to try the new O.. red two ball. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Steve, from Florida. Using a Callaway XR16 driver with Speeder 55 shaft (reg flex - LEFT HANDED) Swing speed is about 95-98, average carry is 230. Monatcat11 (twitter) iphone 6S thx ---
  15. Steve from Florida Odyssey two-ball ‭with Super Stroke (large) grip and double bend off-set shaft. Basically stock (but with an added 1-degree bend on the shaft). Would love the B-9 (left handed)! .... Just remember LEFTIES are the step-children of golf and that it's usually impossible for us to find testers of this quality! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Steve, Florida. hc: 16 Currently using Callaway XR16 OS irons (5-SW, my 3, 4 and 5 are hybrids) I'm thinking the JPX 900 forged would be the best. (Hopefully you have a set for a lefty -- !!)
  17. Steve from Florida Callaway two ball (lefty) Would to try the Huntington Beach 10 Thx! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Steve, from North Port, Florida. 16 handicap My first set of clubs I bought were Wilson's (from the 1990s). Current set of irons are Callaway XR
  19. I'm 66 years old playing twice a week. I . 95-100 driver speed producing and approx ball speed of 130-140 with Callaway Chrome Soft. Would love to give these Vice balls I good workout. I just recently tried the Costco Silgnature balls (compare to l chrome Soft, and --- for Cleaning lemon stuff, floss, hand lotion, lemon stuff, floss, hand lotion,l Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Steve from North Port, Florida. Currently using a five or six-year-old Odyssey two-ball. Biggest putting yip I have it from about 8-12 feet out. (note, I'm a lefty... i.e., "the step-children of golf")
  21. Steve, Florida.1 15 handicap Currently using a Callaway XR (9.5 - set to 11-N - left handed, with a 55 speeder shaft). Swing Speed is about 95 with a 225 carry. Favorite Callaway Staffer is Amanda Balionis Favorite pro on PGA is Phil Mickelson... on LPGA is MichaelleWie It's hard to find LEFTY demos at the pro shops, so this would be great.
  22. Steve.. From North Port, Florida Handicap 18.5 Currently using Callaway XR16 OS irons and hybrids.
  23. Steve, from Florida. Handicap is 18 (play twice a week) I've used a Bushnell Neo (I own a Bushnell Hybrid gps device)... and have used Golf Shot's club/shot tracking (which was ok). Would love to give it a shot. I'm really trying to zero in on how long I hit each club --- and this would help. Thanks
  24. Steve from Florida. 20 handicap, playing 6-7 times a month. Currently using Callaway XR iron (5-SW with 3 and 4 hybrids), along with XR16 (9.5) driver and 16 degree 3 wood. I'm a lefty by the way (using mid-size grips on standard length clubs).. Strength is my shorter irons (8-PW), need some help with longer ones. My biggest problem is distance and a higher launch with the irons. Aim is okay, but could be better. Thanks for the shot!
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