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  1. 50-60 rounds per year HCP 9.4 Scotty Futura X5
  2. Scott from California HCP 9 The 765 Driver and Irons look great The new RTX 3 wedges would work I'm ok on the putter dept but if the fitting indicates that one of their models have me holing more putts...
  3. Scott California 9.5 Callaway MD2 52 Taylormade 60 XE1 65
  4. Scott from California Walk when I can. Ride only if I'm required. I bought the Datrek based on the reviews.
  5. Scott from California 10 HCP My big miss is hitting behind the ball. I think the DST can help train me to get my hands more forward at impact and avoid the fats.
  6. Scott from California HCP 10 5 Iron I hate my hybrid but I can't hit a long iron to save my life.
  7. Scott from California 10 HCP BB Alpha 815 DBD Diamana White Band 95 mph My buddy got one of these XR 16's and loves it.
  8. Scott from California HCP: 10 Pro V1 4 rounds a month Have heard good things about this ball. Would sure love to try them out.
  9. Scott from California Hcp 9 About 50 rounds per year I purchase balls from our local golf superstore.
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