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    I still have a Ping 2 colored ball, Ping found out early they didn't belong in the ball market,smart move! I've been in the business for over 30 years, I ran a Golf Day store in East Syracuse in the late 90's. Titleist was number one then,as they are now and will never be dethroned, unless something crazy happens to the company!
  2. Currently have a Scotty Cameron Would love to try Tommy Armour Impact 2
  3. Randy Kitts- Fulton,NY Sky Caddie-SG4, Garmin G10 Garmin G10
  4. Randy, NY 11 Handicap Wilson C200 145 7 iron
  5. Randy Kitts 11 Handicap 10.5 Reg Flex Titleist 917 92mph Epic Flash reg flex
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