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  1. Can you imagine the mad dash for all those players in the PR Open?
  2. I was fitted for the Cobra Radspeed back in January. Glad to see what my fitting showed is matching up with the test results. After a few range sessions and one round, I'm feeling much more confident at address with the Radspeed. Hopefully going to get in a few rounds this week with good weather on the horizon for Georgia, but I'll say the distance gains and consistent launch i'm getting right now have been substantial compared to my old Taylormade M6.
  3. At least half my team can't miss the cut by 1 this week...
  4. Could we re-evaluate Eagles scoring going forward? Birdies being worth 2 and Eagles being worth 3 seems disproportionate as Eagles are significantly more rare than birdies.
  5. Under Transactions then go to the trade block. It works better on your desktop than your mobile.
  6. Same thing happened to me with Austin Cook. I tried to move him before the tee times started today but the rosters were locked. @mods any chance we can change the roster locking timing where as long as you make a change before the first player tees off you can pick up a player? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Putting this as a placeholder. I will write full review later. This afternoon I'm going to do the Driver Fitting Van Experience at PGA Tour Superstore. If you have any questions or things you'd like me to investigate while testing ask below.
  8. Thanks y'all! Unfortunately a rainy day here in Georgia so no birthday birdies, but I'm currently avoiding my work by dialing in 6 footers on my perfect practice mat! Got 2 rounds this weekend. Fingers crossed the golf god's treat me kindly!
  9. As an EST early bird, I dislike this ruling.
  10. This might have been answered already, but as soon as the waivers clear it's free agency ahead of Thursday correct? So no more bidding?
  11. Draft DAY!! Will anyone else be drafting under the dinner table while trying to not act suspicious?
  12. I'm all in on this! Give me something to distract me from my 9 to 5!
  13. Weather is looking good this week in Atlanta finally and I'm going to try to get one more range session before writing my final review. Played on Sunday but never was in a position or distance to use the hybrid.
  14. I made it to the range yesterday and was able to work on some shot shaping with the hybrid. The more I'm using the club, the more I dislike it. I think it's mainly the shaft that's just too light and whippy for me. This is my last week of work till 2021, so i plan on being able to get some rounds and practice in over the next 2 weeks to do more of a deep dive on the club.
  15. Benjamin/Atlanta iPhone 11 Pro Max Primarily Outside No Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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