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  1. Left for an Atlanta United soccer game, and of course 10 minutes after I leave, my #7 is delivered by UPS. Now that I’m home I’m gawking at the look and working some distance control on my perfect practice putting mat. I’m leaving tomorrow for Scottsdale for a bachelor party. We play 1 round Friday and should be a pretty raucous time, so I’m going trial by fire and leaving the gamer in Atlanta and taking this with me for the weekend.
  2. Looks like all of us Testers should be getting our putters within the next day or two! Can't wait to get the putter in hand.
  3. Went with the camo? Bold look. I thought I was going out of the book when I bought the flat gray for my last grip change.
  4. Thanks to MGS and Callaway for this opportunity! Excited to be able to test the #7 out! I consider putting my strongest part of my game (average ~30 putts per round with ~1 3 putt a round), so it will take a lot for the white hot to make it into my bag. I believe it's up to the challenge though. Feel free to start throwing out tests you'd like to see or questions you want answered during the testing process!
  5. Currently Fielding offers for the 9th overall pick. Will trade back to mid-late first round for a second and additional late round picks
  6. All paid up and ready to dominate this league this year. Might even change my username to "Charlie" cause i'm coming for that golden ticket
  7. Gentleman, it's been a fun run. Looking forward to playing next year and making the jump to the top 10. @Mtbryant01 rooting for an epic comeback by you
  8. Has Cobra put any thought into expanding into the golf ball market?
  9. Sigh. I can't believe I traded away Ancer for Reed right before Ancer wins and now Reed has WD from Northern Trust.
  10. Finally posted mine and my wife's final reviews of the hybrid. Check it out
  11. You don’t lose a ball for 10 rounds?
  12. Just got back from my local Edwin Watts. They recently installed a new GC Quad launch monitor so was able to get really solid numbers for my 8 iron test. Summary of results below: Titleist 3 (Green Results): Launch higher on average Ball Speed slightly lower Carry Average: 156 yards Titleist 4 (White Results): Tighter Dispersion Higher Spin Carry Average: 159
  13. Weather here has been absolutely horrible. Got another inch of rain overnight. All I've been able to test with so far is putting indoors with the balls but hoping to get out Thursday/Friday for a little test 9.
  14. Zalatoris forced to withdraw after injuring his knee in the rough yesterday
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