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  1. I am no longer using the watch because of it's size. It has 2 more years of free membership, and I'd be happy to ship it to someone who wants to use it. I can also transfer the membership to someone else. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Is anyone else’s Fantrax not showing the US Open stats?
  3. It would be the most watched tournament since the Goat won the Masters in '19
  4. I'm honestly glad they're not paired on a Thursday and Friday. I think manufacturing the pairing takes the animosity and steam out of the matchup. I want the next time they're paired together to be a Saturday or Sunday near the top of the leaderboard.
  5. Just sent you an offer
  6. If you're looking for some additional fantasy like games to play this weekend, join our chirp league to live bet the PGA.
  7. I placed 5th for the US Open competition, but haven't gotten close again.
  8. That's strange. Let me know if you continue to have issues.
  9. I've been using this app ever since they launched prior to the 2020 US Open. If you sign up, you're automatically playing for some awesome prizes (this week's first place wins a Full set of clubs and free fitting from TrueSpec). It's free to enter and you're given $10,000 virtual cash to wager on bets ahead of the PGA Championship then $5,000 a day. The best feature is the live betting feature during the coverage, where you can make bets on shots as they happen. You've been invited to join your friend's league, MGS Forum Chirp on Chirp. League Code: 468881. Click to join! https://chir
  10. Give me the PGA professionals who qualified and sprinkle in a little Phil Mickelson. Guaranteed W.
  11. Glad I'm not playing either of you this weekend
  12. Still TBD if I'm just ignorant, overly confident, or just have an awesome team, but currently have 7 within the top 75 golfers and 3 in the top 20 in the Fedex Cup. DONT LET MY TEAM GET HOT *Disclaimer: I will probably lose this week as I only have 3 in the field, but PGA Championship I'm coming for you.
  13. Got a few rounds in Florida next week! Planning on using one for this competition.
  14. Really was hoping that the folks at The Grint had figured out how to quantify the most mediocre round of golf. I would've been a shoe in to win! Congrats to all the winners on their not so average rounds!
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