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  1. Unfortunately, it looks unlikely we will be getting the watch before I leave for my pebble beach trip on Wednesday. However, I will still provide plenty of jealousy inducing photos. I just won’t be able to show off the LX5 as well Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Finally Birdied the 2nd Handicap on my course yesterday (albeit in a very unconventional way). The 9th hole is a 435 yard Par 4 which plays flat from Tee to fairway then about 15 yards uphill to the green. I hit a pop fly drive 215 yards.... left myself with 205 yards (pin was front left). Took out my 4 Hybrid to be able to get that higher ball flight to get to the raised green. Hit the hybrid to 5 feet and drained the birdie putt. I've only got the 3rd and 1st Handicap left to Birdie on the course
  3. To all the other testers, how are you planning to evaluate how you perform using the watch vs other shot tracking methods? My plan is to play a couple rounds comparing the different devices on accuracy and get used to the watch interface. For my final test, I'll play 18 holes divided up into 3, 6 hole rounds. First 6 holes, I will use only the rangefinder. Second 6, I will use only Arccos Caddie. Last 6 holes, I will use only the LX5.
  4. I’m looking forward to the contextual yardage. Giving me extra data to make a better club decision and aiming point instead of just continuing to take yardage to the flag and mentally adding or subtracting distance to avoid the trouble. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. I currently play my 40mm size Apple Watch and it doesn’t bug me. I’m interested to compare the LX5 in size to the Apple Watch and if it is much bigger, it could present a challenge. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Let me start by saying a big thank you to MGS and SkyCaddie for the opportunity! Now time to get this party started. Introduction: I'm based out Atlanta, GA where I was born and raised, but went to TCU for my Undergrad (hence my username) and lived in Fort Worth, TX for 7 years total so that's my second home and will always be one of my favorite cities in America. I don't remember any of my life without playing golf, but based on what my family says I started playing golf about 4 years old so this is year 21 of golf for me. I play a majority of my rounds in and around Atlanta primarily at Heritage Golf Links or Cherokee Country Club, but I also go on 3-5 golf trips a year to different and new courses. I travel for work (when COVID-19 isn't a thing) which gives me the opportunity to tag on golf trips to the end of work trips. While I typically average ~35 rounds a year with work travel being shutdown for a majority of this year, I've currently played 62 rounds so far in 2020. I've successfully dropped my handicap from a 10.9 at the start of the year to a 5.0 currently. Being chosen at this time to test a product works out well for me and for making you extra jealous because on August 5th I'm boarding a flight to San Francisco for the North American Bucket List Trip. My brother, Dad, and I will be playing Pasatiempo, Spanish Bay, Spyglass, and the mecca of American Golf, Pebble Beach. I'm looking forward to providing you with jaw dropping photos of me wearing my LX5 overlooking the cliffs of Monterey. Current Distance Methods: I have a Bushnell V4 Rangefinder which I've been using for the last 2 years and rely on it heavily as I have been able to lock in some consistent distances especially with my mid and short irons. When I'm playing a new course, I find the rangefinder harder to trust though because I don't know the layout or where the miss is so I'm excited to see if the LX5 is accurate at providing me a better picture of the course and maybe cutting down on some mistakes by going for wider parts of the green or more center of the green. Arccos often seems to be off by 5-10 yards even after adjusting for the pin location, so I'll also be testing to see if the LX5 is more accurate backing up SkyCaddie's claim. If there are any other items you would like to see me test or provide in the review, let me know and I'll be happy to provide my feedback.
  7. I currently use my rangefinder for a majority of shots and then for blind shots I use my Arccos distances as well as to help with aim. While testing, I intend to use all 3 to compare numbers and accuracy. I'm extremely interested to see if there are any big differences between Arccos and the LX5 based on SkyCaddie's claim that they are more accurate because they walk the courses to map them instead of using aerial imagery. I won't be using this as an everyday watch since i wear my Apple Watch everyday and it has such good integration to my phone and laptop for work.
  8. I walked 18 on Sunday in Atlanta. Teed off at 11:45 with a real feel of 104 degrees. Going to get back out there tomorrow afternoon and it'll only feel like 97. Can't wait for a 'Chilly' Summer round in Atlanta.
  9. Josh, We should get a Georgia Spy Round on the books to review the watches!
  10. First off, "I PLAY FROM THE TIPS" guy should be just a guy, not a friend. Ditch him and find better playing partners. I take my advice from Jack Nicklaus and play one up. As a 6 handicap, I could probably grind through a round from the tips and shoot in the low 80's but personally I like playing from the Blues and being able to enjoy the round I paid for. Most men though young and old should be playing from the Whites for nothing more but pace of play. From the whites, you're more likely to have short irons and wedges in which means more greens hit. More greens hit = Faster Pace of Play.
  11. Thanks @GolfSpy MPR! Looking forward to giving this puppy a review from a rangefinder stan! Also, I have a Pebble Beach Trip coming in August, so pray that COVID doesn't cancel that trip so i can provide some good photos to go along with my review.
  12. Ok Boomer I don't think you will have to worry about them being political while playing football this year cause odds are they won't be playing.
  13. I bought my wife some Chaos golf balls (She likes the colorful golf balls...). I'm going to have to steal a few balls from her bag. Will kneel to the golf gods before teeing off, asking them to protect my forearms and reduce the shanks.
  14. The most important piece of a putting stroke in my opinion is consistency in the physical stroke and where on the face you're making contact with the ball. To practice this I stole a drill from the GOAT (Tiger), I put 2 tees just slightly wider than the width of my putter about 5 ft from a hole or tee in the ground. If you make contact with either of the tees, you're not returning your club face to the same spot that you're starting it at. I will do this from 5 ft until i make 10 in a row then I will move back to 7-8 feet and go until i make 5 in a row. Move back to 10 feet and go until i make 5 in a row. Since I've started doing this 2-3 times a week. My 3 putt % in Arccos has gone 19.5% to 13.3% (In the last 3 rounds combined, I've only had one 3 putt).
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