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  1. Ha Ha! Consul, He never said that. What he really did was show me how to do it in about two minutes but it was the only thing I could never get used to that he showed me. That was two years ago. Ulnar deviation is what the Impact Snap people call it. So I figured that was the way to go. Sounds more definitive than saying down cocking I think. But I guesss not. Anyway, its the opposite of cocking your wrist up thumb up. Not to be confused with bending your right wrist back. I think anyway. But maybe not. See now I'm confused. LOL
  2. Yes I too would use the bounce on this type of shot or a short shot over a bunker or one over water. However, for the last year I've been trying to use the bounce with a wedge for all chips and shots up to 30 yards with limited success. I can't seem to get my distances right. Success maybe 20% of the time and I'm talking within 4ft. So the other day I watched a video done in 2013 with Jordan Speith and Mike Breed where Speith shows his basic chip shots from good lies. Feet close, little wrist cock and turn through with no release taking a small divot. Uses different clubs depending on what shot he is trying to do. Hop and stop, run out etc. If its good enough for him than its good enough for me. Of course he can hit it different trajectory's at will. But his recommendation for amateurs its to use anything from 8 iron to sand wedge and practice using same technique. Old school. Sounds good to me. YMMV.
  3. I'm a little surprised no one mentioned the impact snap. Have one ordered. The last lesson I had with my pro he told me the last part of the puzzle I had to learn was the ulnar deviation in my swing. I figured I'd give the impact snap a try.
  4. Frank/ upstate New York retired 65 XR16/ Fujikura 565 speeder 9.0 degree 14.3 play 3 times week and practice and or work out 3 times Swing speed 95-100 Mizuno ST-180 9.5 Reg
  5. About twenty years ago I had a green Hoofer Bag and my bro had a black one that we loved. They had a canvas like material. Oh well. Now I have a Ping Traverse cart bag that's a great bag but I will never buy a bag without legs again. I like to stand my bag next to my car, on the driving range and the putting green and everywhere else for that matter without it falling over and no I don't like to lay it down. I use a push cart on course. But not when I practice. LOL New Hoofer does look pretty nice though. Father's Day is coming up.
  6. Two years ago I went from near a 16 to 8.4 handicap in four months. Best round 74. Here is how. I found a good teacher. First lesson he had me hit about 8 balls than took me inside and showed me on his cell phone my swing and my swing and early release. Never showed me a video again even though I knew he took them. He than asked me if I liked to learn by feel or mechanics. I said feel. I did exactly what he told me at every lesson and had it down by the next lesson. He paid me the best compliment when he pointed me out to another student who is a friend of mine and said “ see that guy his lessons only take ten minutes. He asks a question I show him what to do and he does it and goes on to the next thing the next lesson unlike you who are still trying to fight the first thing I showed you.” LOL . You have to trust your instructor and not question him. Oh, and don't try swing tips you see on golf channel and magazines. YMMV hehe
  7. Hi! I'm 65 and have been playing golf since I was 42. In the spring of 2016 I decided to get a really good teacher and I did. Lowered my handicap by 7 shots to an 8. I did it by doing exactly what he told me and practicing. Unfortunately over the winter for 16-17 I became very sick. Did three weeks in hospital lost 30 lbs and could hardly walk up stairs when I got out. 2017 was a lost season as I tried and succeeded in getting my strength back. Back working on my game and back to a 14 handicap. Well thats my story.
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