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  1. Your Name & Age (Ricardo Garcia) Where You Live (Elmhurst, IL) Your biggest golf bugaboo (The thing that causes you to lose strokes on the golf course) (Bunkers & Putting)
  2. Ricardo (IL/USA) - Your first name and home state/province Odyssey White Hot 2 ball Putter (35 in) - Your current putter & putter specs Odyssey 2 Ball in Red - Your preferred Odyssey O-Works model/color
  3. Your first name and home state/province: Ricardo IL/USA Current handicap/avg score: 22/96 Have you ever gamed Wilson irons? No What is your current iron set? Taylormade R7 TP
  4. 1. Elmhurst, IL 2. Ping karsten anser tr 3. Lag putting 1. Where you live (don't worry, this one is open to any resident of planet earth). 2. Your current putter model 3. What aspect of your putting game needs the most improvement
  5. 1. Ricardo, IL, USA 2. 21 3. TaylorMade R15 Diamana S+ 60 4. 103-5MPH 230-240 5. Patrick Reed
  6. First Name - Ricardo Home State/Province - IL/USA Current Handicap - 19 Current Iron Set - Taylormade R7 TP One length or Variable - One Length
  7. I don't think the new Kirkland Ball will perform as well as last years model, can't wait for the test results.
  8. Your Handicap - 21 Handicap Your State/Province - IL, USA Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance - 103 MPH, 230-250 Carry Your Preference (F7 or F7+) - F7+
  9. Ricky Garcia Elmhurst, IL, USA Strength: Bump and Run Weakness: Sand Shot Ping Specs 50/SS 54/SS 58/TS Model: G Color Code: Black Shaft: AWT 2.0 Flex: Regular Length: Standard Grip 5L Grip Color Code White
  10. Ricardo Garcia Elmhurst, Illinois, USA Current Irons: Taylormade R7 TP stiff flex Current Handicap: 24
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