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  1. Bill, Chaffee Mo Zelso 7, Reg Flex Swing Speed: 88 mph Current Shafts; Ping Alta CB Red, Reg Flex, 72g
  2. Bill/ Chaffee MO Handicap 12 Current Wedges: Ping 2.0 Spin is GOOD spin is your Friend
  3. Bill, Chaffee MO I don't, just ask my playing partner I have never owned a Putting Mat but have been looking and reading reviews on several different brands. The Birdie Ball mats are very enticing! Medium Speed
  4. Bill, Chaffee MO / USA Cameron 5s 34.5" only club in my bag that's not a Ping! Love to try the "Ketsch"
  5. Bill from Chaffee Mo In the past have used Garmin GPS watch Yes, currently using Callaway GPSync Watch
  6. Bill/Chaffee MO Current Driver: Ping G410 Plus 10.5 Swing Speed: 87
  7. Bill-Missouri Currently use a Range Finder Tech is great There are times when your in a position that you are unable to shoot a flag for yardage because of obstructions, a good GPS would work great for that!
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