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  1. Used 2-Ball Center Shafted for years and after back injury I thought I had to update my equipment. Big mistake wish I had the old 2-Ball Back! Would love to test the new Odyssey OG 2-Ball
  2. Great looking shoes, stylish enough they could be worn anywhere on the course or off. I'm older now and spikeless shoes are the thing for me, as you get older there is a lot less feet movement. I have been looking for some new shoes this summer, but nothing has really caught my eye. Would love to try these out, Good Luck to all. Size 11, would be nice!
  3. The ER11v looks awesome, I would love to try it in the Face Balanced model!
  4. Currently a Ping G410 Plus driver is in my bag. I haven tried a Callaway Driver in years have been wondering if this is the time to make the switch to the Epic Max LS? I would love to take the Max LS for a test drive on the course!
  5. Bill, Chaffee Mo Zelso 7, Reg Flex Swing Speed: 88 mph Current Shafts; Ping Alta CB Red, Reg Flex, 72g
  6. Bill/ Chaffee MO Handicap 12 Current Wedges: Ping 2.0 Spin is GOOD spin is your Friend
  7. Bill, Chaffee MO I don't, just ask my playing partner I have never owned a Putting Mat but have been looking and reading reviews on several different brands. The Birdie Ball mats are very enticing! Medium Speed
  8. Bill, Chaffee MO / USA Cameron 5s 34.5" only club in my bag that's not a Ping! Love to try the "Ketsch"
  9. Bill from Chaffee Mo In the past have used Garmin GPS watch Yes, currently using Callaway GPSync Watch
  10. Bill/Chaffee MO Current Driver: Ping G410 Plus 10.5 Swing Speed: 87
  11. Bill-Missouri Currently use a Range Finder Tech is great There are times when your in a position that you are unable to shoot a flag for yardage because of obstructions, a good GPS would work great for that!
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