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  1. Ha. No wonder it didnt work. LOL Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. I've changed the weights on my Scotty from the stock 15g to 25g. I much prefer the 25g. The heavier weights seem to stabilize the putter more for me. I even tinkered with putting the 25g only in the toe to help close the face cause I was missing too many putts to the right. So I thought. Good for the heavy arc in my stroke. Anyway I definitely prefer the 25g in the Scotty. I haven't changed back since Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. true .... I'll agree with that reasoning.
  4. I'm sure initially he didn't know it was your last hole. If I'm a single, walking, & there is a cart behind me, I'm definitely going to ask you to play through. You're going to move faster as a player in the cart vs me walking. With that being said, he should have just stayed at the tee box & let you go through. Especially if you had just come up behind the tee box as he was walking off. But what you could have done to avoid that sense of being pushed from behind, was to maybe putt a few more balls on the hole you had just finished. Especially if there wasn't anyone behind you. Thus allowing him to walk all the way down the fairway & out of your site before you teed off. Problem solved. So it could be both players not thinking of "etiquette" per se.
  5. Up for sale are the Mitsubishi AM2 AV Series Red shafts in Stiff flex, 4 -PW. These came out of my brand new Titleist T200 irons. $250/OBO - it's a steal! One time pulls Only 2 rounds on them Clean tips ... .355 taper tip Brand new Golf Pride Z-grips Will throw in a Gap Wedge & driving iron shaft if there is interest. I will take more pics or measurements if needed.
  6. This is an awesome test! Love blind testing. Not knowing which ball is what & playing them all side by side in different situations to see how they act. Priceless! This will be a fun test & I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Congrats guys!
  7. Dude this is awesome!! I would love to see these in the wild. Was this on a golf course?
  8. 95 - 100 mph swing speed ... 102 on occasion when I really go after it. But that's not often because it never really works out. HA! I'm more of a sweeper of the ball. Even with my irons. I don't compress the ball as much as I should. That's why my aOa is so negative ... I seem to increase the loft at impact a bit. I imagine if I actually took some lessons I could fix it but I'm too lazy & cheap to get them. It works for me & I can get around any course with it & the ball still gets out there. So .... I just felt like I was leaving something out there with these balls in the cold air. Maybe it was me & my perception of it but constantly coming up short with iron shots to the green got frustrating. Especially when I would drop another ball (my current gamer) from the same place & put it on the green with no problem. So I don't think it was me. I will try & play them again soon just to confirm. Just hope to get out again before the snow hits & closes the courses for a while.
  9. In my not-so-illustrious career as a golfer of over 40+ years, I have 6 hole-in-ones. Yes, 6. My last one was in 2008 on a course that is now closed. I have been close more times than I can count but nothing since then. My lowest round was a 66. Grant it, it was on a par 70 golf course back in high school during a regional tournament. But still. 2 birdies on both sides & consistency all around that day. Why is it that I can remember a round that was almost 12 years ago but I can't remember what I had for dinner last night? My how the mind works .... But to answer the OP's question, I would much rather have a round in the 60's. A hole in one could be a lot of luck, lucky bounces, ricochets, etc. While a round in the 60's really shows that you were on your game that day. Everything seemed to be clicking. Now get consecutive rounds in the 60's .... THAT's an accomplishment! When they say "these guys are good" on TV..... they are. 4 rounds in the 60's like it's nothing?? The 2nd round of the two day tournament that I shot a 66 .... well let's just say it wasn't as easy the next day. The competition & nerves got to me because I was leading & I ended up blowing up that day to a 78 ... 144 for a 2-day total & lost by 2 shots. I was much better back in the days of high school & college. Where does the game go??
  10. So I got out the other day in what will probably be one of the last rounds of the year. It was only around 40* at the 1st tee. Wasn't really bad as I prefer the cold temperatures. This ball does not like the cold. Either one. They were both really short off the tee & the irons. Not sure if it really was the cold air but they seemed to be like rocks off the clubface. Especially short pitches around the green ... a more noticeable "click" sound to them. I couldn't get them to stop at all & the greens were still holding, as I could stop other balls. But these I just couldn't control the distances at all. I was able to hit multiple shots on the holes as there were only about 3 other groups out on the course. With no one in front or behind me, it was a great time for practice. Both balls were considerably behind the other two balls I was gaming at the time, ProV1 & Srixon Z-Star XV. I had to take one club more into the greens & they were about 5 - 8 yards behind off the tee. Not much mind you, but still. They did perform pretty well into the wind though. Didn't balloon or drop out of the sky. That was about the only "Good" thing they did that day. Maybe it wasn't a good test to be out in the cold air? These balls all start out at room temperature, as I keep all my golf stuff in the corner of the Nut Cave in the house. I would rotate the balls on each hole ... warm them up as best I could in my pockets. Hopefully there is still more golf for me before Old Man Winter finally sets in. Sure wish I was retired so I could play more. Oh well. Till next time ......
  11. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Spies and their families! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. I might take you up on that. I'll let you know if we decide to head down to the beach house this weekend or not. I pass by the Shoe all the time on Rt 64, so it's right on the way home
  13. This was cool to follow along with this morning. A lot of good stuff given away to fellow Spies
  14. Favorite company still. [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. Tell me any good inside info from my favorite company, Titleist! Tell them a guy back home would give good money to come out and be fit at TPI. Or free. Either way LOL :) Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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