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  1. And the 8, and the 7, and the 6 .... yep, there goes the entire set of T300's that were not supposed to come out of the bag. Told you! HAHAHA!
  2. I'm going to ask this of you when you get the next set of irons in your bag.
  3. Does anyone care when he returns? I know I haven't missed him. Let he & Sergio go over to Saudi & never come back
  4. Apparently we all said the same thing. I got the same message
  5. That's only because I set up the last one. It was his turn
  6. Well, yes, of course ... but ya know, I didn't want to assume. It's your show!
  7. Welcome to MGS! Look at this unofficial event we have brewing here very soon at Queenstown Harbor.
  8. You ever get that feeling of quitting the game?? For whatever reason. Well I've hit that brick wall right now. I have lost the desire to play. My game has gone the way of the Dodo Bird & it's been a complete sh*tshow the last 3 rounds. Literally to the point where I gave up & didn't play any more, skipped a few holes trying to get my bearings & figure out my swing. Of course, it didn't help. I felt embarrassed for the guys that had to watch my game those few days. I show no signs of my previous ability ... I literally look like I just picked up the game & decided to come out & give it a try on the course. Anyone else go thru this?
  9. I've got multiple injuries now plaguing my game. I had my right hip replaced a few years back. This is after walking on it crooked for over 45+ years & not to mention, "playing" crooked as well. It was my right hip, which was lower than my left. So you can see how that would affect the golf swing, especially at address, by lowering the right side much more than the left. I've had to revamp my swing on my own since having it replaced, and it's not quite gone as I would have liked, to say the least. I have played the worst golf of my life ever since. To the point of almost quitting after having played for 45+ years. Now, on top of that, I have a tear in my left shoulder that needs to be repaired with surgery. I don't have the time to be off of work. I would be in a sling for over 6 weeks & wouldn't have any use of my left arm while it heals. It's just not in the cards for me to do at this time. I can't lift anything heavy without pain & risking damaging it further. I can't even lift my arm over shoulder height. But my dumbass still plays golf! The motion of the swing has no affect on it. It's weird. I guess because the swing is more "around" instead of up? Hell if I know. Done with my rant of why I can't play this dumb game anymore. Gotta put the blame on something, right.
  10. C'mon "golf only" DMV'ers! I would expect a larger interest & turnout. Rob & I have been talking about doing something for months now. Let's go!
  11. I'm in. Even though I'm never good at these things LOL!
  12. I've had a few issues with the double sided tape from Golfworks before. It seems like some of the batches are different than others. Some come off real easy, while others seem to stick & don't tear off completely. It's just a matter of peeling it slowly once it's on the shaft. I just did two clubs just yesterday with no issues
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