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  1. This is exactly how I test balls anyway. But I was just trying to, you know, cut thru the red tape. Get an idea of whether or not they are worth it. And as soon as my net/mat combo arrives, I will be able to use the Rapsodo to compare the balls. I may just pull the trigger ... at least for the winter
  2. Good to know. The "TEST" ball is going to be the new AVX. I tested it as well & liked it immensely. It's too bad the last one went to play with the squirrels the other day.
  3. Not to go thru the entire thread, I'd like to throw this question out ..... Are you still playing the ball? Why or why not? I'm thinking about getting the 3 for 2 deal they are offering for the holidays & was wondering if it was worth it?
  4. Awesome comments so far. I can't wait for this official release either because I'm sure this ball will go in the bag. Hmmm ... I'm pretty sure I haven't received the balls either. Still have my address?
  5. I'll be interested in hearing your thoughts. I saw this the other day and thought the same thing. Hype or marketing?
  6. Man I could have used this bad boy today. I just couldn't get the speed down on the greens. Had a great ball striking day too ... so many chances for birdies. Made 2 on the back nine finally but I only missed one green on that side, but just couldn't get it down. I would end up blowing it by 3 - 4 feet every time. "Man, if you could putt, you would be deadly." Yeah ... tell me about it, I've heard it before.
  7. I think I have an old Rossie laying around with the old insert, so that's what I was going to compare it to.
  8. I'm so looking forward to this test. Thanks immensely to MGS & Odyssey! I've been looking for something to cure my putting woes & the #1 could possibly be the ticket. I'm hoping the insert improves my feel on the greens like yesteryear (back when I could putt) & decrease my 3-putt tendency.
  9. INTROS By now, everyone should know @golfinnut, either by reputation or actually playing with him. I've been playing golf for over 45+ years, so I've been around the block & have seen golf transform year after year. I started playing with my father when I was 4, just beating balls at the range & walking with him on the course. For those of you new to MGS or don't know, I was hit in the head with a golf club when I was 4. I have a plate in my head to prove it, plus a nice scar that is a great conversation starter. So without getting into the entire story, I'll say that golf has really been a huge part of my life & I really mean it. I will continue to be until they spread my ashes over my favorite course. Huge thank you to MGS & Odyssey/Callaway for this opportunity! I love testing putters! You should see my collection in the 'Nut Cave (sorry, typing this at work but I'll have some pics of All my putters soon.) I have a number of putters to choose from to compare in this testing. What's sad is that I used to be a good putter when I was younger. But something happened to me on the golf course that has stuck with me to this day. I was playing really well with my father & his friends ... i.e. taking their money. Hitting fairways & greens, as if I was Hogan himself. But for whatever reason, I just couldn't make a putt. Missing short, long, edges, lip outs, etc. nothing was dropping. Then on the 18th green when we were shaking each other's hand and settling up with cash in my hand, one of the gentlemen said "Son, if you could putt, you would be deadly & I would expect to see you on Tour." I'm paraphrasing, of course, but you get the idea. Ever since then, it's been in my head, psychological reasoning, of why I can't putt. I always go back to what he said to me & I have yet to prove it otherwise. At least in my own eyes, anyway. This is probably why I have a zillion putters just sitting around, waiting to go back in the bag, after I get disgusted with the one I'm using. So ... once again, I'm looking for that magic wand that helps me start draining putts. I'm hoping that "A.I." is able to make my putting more consistent. The tech behind that has me really intrigued. Plus, it's been a while since I've putted with a soft insert. I'm hoping that helps improve my feel & ability to control the speed on the greens. I'll be testing the #1 against the Scotty Newport, plus three other older Odyssey models ... the Classic black insert Rossie & Seven S model & 2-ball Ten model. I have plenty of models to compare, that's for sure. Being that I live in VA & the weather goes up & down more than my blood pressure, I assume the majority of my testing will be indoors in the 'Nut Cave. But I am not a fair weather golfer, I still play in the winter on the course. So it will get tested outside as well. What I expect or want to see out of this putter is really to help curb my 3-putt tendency. So that involves working on speed control. I'm hoping the the urethane white hot insert & Ai aluminum backer aide in that quest. I intend on hitting thousands of putts in the center, heel & toe just to see if their claim of off-center hits still retain ball speed. I'm hoping that I start hitting that 3-foot circle from long range & most of all, make those putts that really matter, 3 feet & in. That is the only way to score. I'm hoping I can get the additional weights for the #1 ... just so I can really get down to the nuts & bolts of the testing.
  10. Genuine question .... if it spun less for you, wouldn't it have gone further? With everything else being equal?
  11. I'd be curious to know ... those of you who don't like the ball because it "advances" too much on the green, what % of your iron shots were short of the target or green?
  12. The cover definitely has to be addressed if it does come to production. I think all of us seem to have the same issues with cover durability. And not from cart paths either
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