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  1. Let's up the ante now ... give away a driver!
  2. 2 thoughts just to throw out there. 1. It would be easier if I had 2 swing speed readers in a perfect world. Because having to stop after swinging the drills on the right side, then have to set up the reader perfectly for the left side swing takes a bit of time & effort & gets me out of whatever rhythm I may have been in. Is there any downside to doing all the right side swings first and then doing the left's? Just so I only have to change the reader once. Just a thought. 2. If the sticks had "the perfect grip" training grip on them. (see below) My thought behind this is what if someone has a faulty grip that doesn't allow proper rotation in the forearms or wrists? Wouldn't that compromise the accuracy of the swing speed numbers? The training grip could accomplish two goals in the process. Helping you attain the proper "release" and maximize your swing speed at the same time.
  3. Does anyone notice that when you are swinging with the monitor right in front of you, the number pops up, you tend to try and swing harder to beat that number? And of course in doing so, the number is actually less. I tend to swing harder for some reason. But when I don't look at that the number and just swing, the numbers actually stay the same or even higher. I guess that's the training of the brain? Thoughts? Also, my first round over the weekend didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I was all over the place with all the clubs distance wise.
  4. golfinnut

    jlukes plays Pine Valley - Contest

    My Score - 78 # of bunker shots - 3 # of 3 putts - 2 Any idea when it's going to be rescheduled?
  5. Nah .... he has just the same amount of chance of winning as all of us. Matter of fact, if he sends me bank account info & SS#, I will throw in another entry to double his chances.
  6. Finally going to put my swing to the test this Saturday on a course that I play regularly. So if I'm in places I've never been before, I will be pleasantly surprised. Not going to try & swing out of my shoes, just going to swing normal with a "slight" thought about the Swing Speed sticks in my hand. LOL It should be interesting to say the least.
  7. golfinnut

    New Driver Needed, broke my M1

    I have a Callaway Epic SZ with HZRDUS yellow or Rogue Max but they are stiff flex Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. I was just going to say that I will be anxious to see when this translates over into increased yardage on the course. Nicely done! Intriguing indeed Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah I know. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. They are both 9.5*
  11. I love these bad boys! I was fit for them last week & saw great gains on ball speed & distance. These were my numbers with my current 917 D2 with GD Tour AD7 (which incidentally he said was the wrong shaft for me even though I could control it. If I wanted distance I needed something else) Then after a few swings with the TS2 & the HZRDUS Smoke shaft BAM! +18 yards more carry ... +6 mph ball speed .... +13 yards more distance .... All with the SAME club head speed of 97 mph So yeah ... these are legit! I placed my order for the driver & 2 fairway woods to replace my current lineup. Hope to have them in hand sometime next week. Will report back with stats after my first round with them. I can't wait!
  12. I may not be as old as you but I'm sure my body feels like it's 85. Having a bad back & bad hip (trying to get the hip replaced this winter), really takes its toll on my workout routines. But .... that's what drugs are for afterwards. So my pains are in the same spots they always are, nothing new there. The back-ass-wards swinging on the wrong side of the ball ... YIKES! That is a sight that no one should see. Mrs Nut watched me & said "you're going to break something swinging that way, WTH are you doing?" I did see my swing speed jump to 103 mph though. I was pleasantly surprised by that. Looking to do another session this evening when I get home from work, right before the hockey game!
  13. So I'm trying to fund my purchase of the new TS lineup of woods from Titleist. Mrs. Nut says I have to sell off some equipment before I can buy anything new. Up first: Titleist D3 with either Rogue Max, Diamana White ... asking $200. Very good condition, as is all my Titleist clubs. Few marks on the crown from bag chatter but clean otherwise. Next we have the Callaway GBB Epic Sub-Zero with either Rogue Max or PX Yellow 6.0. Very clean club, no marks anywhere. Asking $225 OBO Finally we have the Srixon 565. This was a test for me that didn't pan out. Asking $150 Any questions or need additional pics, let me know. Thanks for looking. Golfinnut
  14. Oh lord! Will someone win this thing already!? [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk