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  1. So they make those in taper tip .355? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Are they still the T300's? What shafts are you putting in them now?
  3. YOU don't have any irons?? I find that hard to believe.
  4. Not sure why this should have an influence on us general hackers. I've always said the Pro's should have a different set of rules than the general golfing public. All this is going to do is drive away more people from the game. OEM"s are not going to manufacture different clubs. "Yeah I'm looking for that club that hits it about 20 yards shorter?" Not sure what they are thinking here. Just make the fairways narrower, more rough, not so rock hard so they get 75 yards of roll, etc.
  5. No pain in the hip anymore which is good. But my back is still jacked up. Before I had pain in the back & the hip, so I couldn't really differentiate the two. Now I really feel it in the back now that I'm walking the way God intended me to. Still lacking strength in the right leg for sure. Plus I'm still conscious of it in my golf swing too. I swing as though my hip is the Old hip, so I don't get back on my right side. I tell ya .... getting old sucks!
  6. Sure wish I was able to continue with this but my hip surgery got in the way.
  7. Yeah man! You don't call a brutha, you don't ask to play golf,. I don't want to just invite myself to your course & you not be there. You know I thought we were friends LOL
  8. I see how it is .... you don't talk to a brother anymore?
  9. The Golf Academy would have access to a Launch Monitor, yes? That's why I'm a little surprised at those results. As long as those green fees stay up where they are for Pebble, I won't be playing there. It's just a golf course. I couldn't fathom going out & shooting 90 & having to pay $500 for it. It's not like you're walking away with a set of new clubs or anything. If I wanted to spend $100/hour, I would get lessons from Michael Breed or someone like that. Not hacking around a course .... "Well there goes another $5.50." (each time you swing the club)
  10. 1. Chris/VA 2. Project X HZRDUS black stiff 3. Anywhere between 95 - 100 mph, depend on the day & how my back feels! 4. Better dispersion for sure. And we all want more distance of course. 5. No but for this testing I would find a location that has one. Only because I would like to see the difference in numbers from my current shaft, if any. Thanks for the opportunity. This shaft intrigues me, especially the F3, being firmer around the handle & grip & how it would translate into more carry distance. Plus I've never gamed a Fuji shaft except an old Speeder.
  11. Well they should ..... cause they're missing out!
  12. I thought "Soft was Slow?" What gives? Are we testing this one out yet?
  13. I'm hoping to get out this weekend for an unexpected January round. I need to clarify my thoughts on the X again. I'm leaning towards that ball as the best between the two for my game. It's a great ball for the price point for sure. Not unlike the Kirkland, I expect to find a lot of these in the woods in the coming months. They seem to be selling quite a bit at my local DSG.
  14. This was a great read. Congrats guys!
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