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  1. As much as Mrs. Nut deSPIESes playing golf with me, I'm sure she would put up with it to test out a driver better than the one she's using now. That's where she gets frustrated anyway ... off the tee. "I'm embarrassed hitting off the tee, especially with people watching, cause I don't suck & don't hit it that far." Maybe this one would cure her of her woes & worries about the tee box. edit: She just said as I'm typing this ... "I'd love to play with a new driver. It's gotta be better than the POS I'm playing with now." Thanks for the opportunity MGS & Honma!
  2. This makes it even more fun to watch! Will have to print out my picks cause I'll never remember
  3. I hope to contribute to this thread in a few months. My order has been placed! Thanks to my good buddy @Golfspy_CG2 who was able to put in an order for me at his club. I'm going with the 4-6 T200's + 7-PW T100s, 1* up, KBS Tour 90 shafts. Most of you know I'm a huge Titleist fan & that's the only thing that touches my bag. So it was just a matter of time for me to get my hands on the new irons! HA!
  4. golfinnut

    LEFT DOT!!

    Just received my 2 dozen the other day! Haven't had the chance to put them in play yet. But ....
  5. Thanks for the replies guys! Appreciate it
  6. So in the sense of urgency, (well just because I didn't want to do a search) ..... I'm about to place an order for some irons. Yeah, most of you should know me by now what irons I'm talking about. LOL How many of you play KBS shafts in your irons? To be specific, the KBS 90 shaft? I want to get a general consensus on Yay or Nay. I've only hit them once & was comparing next to the PX LZ at the time. Numbers were fairly similar. With edge of lower flight going to the PX LZ, I can only assume because of the slight edge in stiffness profile. I dunno? That's why I come here. For the Spy's expert opinions. So .... fire away!
  7. I'm with you. If the numbers are off by that much, forget it. Hey @Golfspy_CG2need to get that negative angle of attack up on the driver.
  8. 0.001% Chance of winning? So ..... you're telling me there's a chance?
  9. I'm probably one of the only golfers that doesn't use any statistic tracking system. I mean I have the SkyCaddie but I only use it for distances, I don't track shots with it. it's too much of a pain in the ass! I'm hoping that Arrcos is easier to use.
  10. Damn ... I knew odds weren't in my favor. Congrats everyone! Looking forward to the reviews.
  11. Another great testing opportunity! This could fit nicely right outside my back sliding glass door up against the deck
  12. I like Gettysburg. Never played Penn National but have always wanted to. Now I have an excuse
  13. These are my thoughts on it If you have a more straight back, straight thru stroke .... you use a mallet putter so you're standing more over the ball at address = eyes directly over the ball. If you have a slight arc in your stroke, open the door & close the door type of stroke ... you use a blade putter = eyes are more inside & behind the ball. (this is me) It just depends on what works for you. Try it both ways, see which is more consistent. Your eyes may be fooling you, how you see the hole & the break.
  14. So you're sayin there's a chance? 0.0003% chance of being chosen.
  15. I don't have many choices in my area for fittings. Club Champion, 2nd Swing, & local clubs. From what I'm reading here, CC isn't really the way to go unless you want to spend a bundle. I guess it matters how much you want to get out of your game & how deep your pockets are in order to achieve that.
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