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  1. I have a number of Titleist tip shafts at home. I'll check tonight when I get home & let you know if you're interested
  2. I know I used to play a draw as a kid & thru my college years. It's slowly turned into a fade. Guess it's because of my growing beer gut but I've learned to live with it. It's either straight or a slight fade ... a draw is no longer in my repertoire LOL
  3. BEST THREAD .... EVER!! Because my buddy 'ol pal @Golfspy_CG2told me about it
  4. I have around the same swing speed & I still play the ProV1. It just performs better for me around & on the green. This is far more important to me than any other aspect of a ball. A few yards here & there I'm not too concerned about
  5. My favorite episode was the Rory episode (last) He just seems genuine & honest about his take on everything from LIV to where the game is going.
  6. Episode 3 ... Ian Poulter's wardrobe is bigger than my bedroom
  7. I figured as much. Thanks for the clarification
  8. For those of you with the Arccos app .... is there a "driving range" part to it? Meaning ... what if I wanted to just hit balls? Can I get just a random set of distances with each club? Or do I have to be actually playing a round for it to compute? I'd love to be able to just get out on the range, hit 20 balls with a 7 iron & get an average distance. Is this possible? Or do I have to bite the bullet & get a launch monitor?
  9. Here is one reason why the Titleist driver is in my bag year after year!
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