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  1. Salute to all who lost their lives that day, we honor you all! I was lucky enough to be able to visit the Arizona Memorial a few years back, it is definitely worth the trip.
  2. Check out at Global Golf, they have a couple of used M2 Drivers and they are 20% right now with free shipping.
  3. In my hybrid clubs yes, most definitely. Over the years I have bought and tried various makes and models of hybrids. But, for some reason I always end up with my old TM Mid-rescues back in the bag. Over the years and my aging, they have gone thru multiple shaft changes. From Stiff to Regular and to my now installed Senior flex shafts. I would love to try the New Cleveland Hybrids though!!
  4. This is one of my biggest problems, I always have to pay attention to my grip. Like you, if my right hand gets too tight every thing is shorter and right. I preach this to all my friends who struggle with the dreaded fade (SLICE). Keep that lower hand grip loose!!!
  5. Beautiful Dog, I have an 18 month old Labradoodle. She has lots of energy but, very smart. Potty training should be pretty quick, I think Zofi only took about 6 to 8 weeks to learn how to go outside via the Doggy Door. FYI, we have a post dedicated to our furry loved ones "Pet Pictures" is the thread.
  6. My 2nd hobby is cars. Mostly for looks but, the SRT Caliber was pushing about 350 HP out of the little 4 cyl turbo. I miss this car a lot!!! 58 years old and the wife still waiting for me to grow up and quit playing with toys...lol!
  7. My 2nd hobby is cars. Mostly for looks but, the SRT Caliber was pushing about 350 HP out of the little 4 cyl turbo. I miss this car a lot!!! 58 years old and the wife still waiting for me to grow up and quit playing with toys...lol!
  8. 1. 58 2. SS - 90-95 3. 18 4. 50-60 5. Cobra Fly-Z XL 10.5 Senior Flex 6. No 7. 220-225
  9. Got to go out Saturday and play a round with the new Pro Xdream, got a say, I thought I loved the Tour Classic but, I think I love the Xdream even more. I had a very good round especially on the first nine. Probably cut about 5 or 6 strokes using this putter. We'll see how it goes on the next rounds though. Overall, loving it!!!
  10. Can't wait til Saturday to test the putter, gonna head on over to the Fort Lee Putting Green here at lunch time today. 2 minutes from the office...
  11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.......mmmmmm!
  12. I have my MLA Tour Classic from the original test plus, I just got the MLA Pro Xdream in yesterdsy. It's a nice putter, can't wait to try it this weekend.
  13. Bought a new MLA Pro Xdream Putter, just delivered at the house anxious to get home and check it out. This is my 2nd MLA putter now. Also, picked up a used Cleveland CBX 51*/11* bounce wedge.
  14. Wife just called me, my new Xdream has arrived. Cant wait to try it this weekend.
  15. I ordered my Pro Xdream form the Archive link on Monday using the MGSPRO50 code and it worked. I just went in and pulled up the Pro Mallet and the Pro Xdream & put them in my cart but, when I punched in the code it didn't recognize it anymore. Either its done or it only allows you to use the code 1 time. If you haven't bought one yet just go in and try to order one & see if the code works. Last resort call them @ (786) 329-5436 and ask them.
  16. @ddryan The differences between the 2: Tour Xdream - Machined Billet, Adjustable Weights, all Black & cost $299 Pro Xdream - Cast, Soft Face Insert, not adjustable (unless lead tape is used!) More gray colored & cost $149 ($74.50 using the MGSPRO50 discount code) But, at 1/4 the cost of the Tour version, it is a deal!!! Shape is almost identical.
  17. Thanks man, looking forward to getting my new 50*/51* wedge!!
  18. Got notification last night my order was filled and tracking created thru the USPS. So it looks like they do still have the Xdream in stock. Can't wait to try it out.
  19. Yes, especially since Sat & Sun are the only 2 days I can watch it....lol I am rooting for a come back, I like to watch him play. Especially when he is playing good!
  20. Just ordered the Pro X-Dream Putter from the MLA site using the "MGSPRO50" code, order went thru OK. You just can't beat the $74.50 price including free shipping. Really anxious to get it now. I already have the MLA Tour Classic but, I wanted a Mallet Putter too. So I couldn't pass this deal up.
  21. Both dogs waiting for a bite of my snack.
  22. Played behind 2 young guys on Friday (Mid to late 20's maybe) at our local course. We had a 4 some, 2 old guys and a couple of younger ones, my son is a beginner so not so great. Anyway, these guys are playing the tips, and most of the time their drives weren't even 200 yards. Leaving themselves long shots that they couldn't even get to the greens. Held us up all day long. Definitely should have been teeing forward.
  23. I am a firm believer in Tee It forward, I have lost lots of yardage on my drives over the years. And even though I am still under 60, I am going to play the tee's that don't leave me long hybrid or fairway wood 2nd shots on the all of the par 4's, one or 2 longer ones OK but, not every one. Sorry, its just not fun.
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