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  1. 1. Billy, Pennsylvania ​2. 3.8 ‘cap—95mph SS 3. Ping G30 4. G400 (standard)
  2. Billy Lomnychuk: Reading,PA current: bettinardi studio stock #2, 34" stock lie RH O-works red #7S 34"
  3. Was pondering this putter for a lil while now... I play between 40-50 rounds each year Currently a 3.3 handicap Current putter: bettinardi studio stock #2
  4. I'm a guy that has struggled with putting always. My lags were ok (never have to be too precise with them as far as the line), but 3-10' range was terrible...yet somehow I still maintained a 4-5 handicap. These Cures are game changing. I have an Rx2 and swear I will never change. The high MOI does what it says and is very easy to roll the ball on line (even with a less than stellar stroke) The adjustability is what's incredible... My putting stroke WAS a normal grip (RH low). So lie angle was set at like 69-70°, but I noticed I'd still get too active w right hand and pull or push slightly
  5. Anyone ever try a Cure putter? I've never had as much success w anything, since the original TM Spider, as I have w these things. I think there's something to the high MOI
  6. Even though I never closed my one eye, I have tried that closed stance and it DID work. There was a guy on the PGA tour that used to putt that way. I think it was Briney Baird or something like that. My problem is my right hand getting too much in the stroke. So I've started practicing with that "pencil claw" type of grip
  7. If I could only putt....

  8. Billy L. from Reading, PA My handicap is currently a 4.5 Current irons are Cobra Amp-D in stock steel 85gr stiff shafts Not custom fit I played the jpx800s several years ago with great success, would love to try Mizunos again. I have a driving range in my backyard, so I can literally practice all the time
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