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  1. This ball test is outstanding, comprehensive, and I really like the way test variation was limited. Many thanks!!!
  2. Keith South Carolina, USA 14 Adams A3 Regular True Temper Dynamic Gold Irons, Grafoloy Red Reg Hybrids i500 Prior to the A3 I used blades for decades and miss them. Thanks for the chance to test these irons.
  3. Add info Name/State Keith / South Carolina Drivers Wilson M3 R RIP Gamma MacGregror NVG2 Tour R Speeder Swing Speed/Index 95 / 12 ST180 Info 9.5 Degrees Tensei Orange R
  4. MC-Keith here. I'm very interested in testing this driver. I currently use two drivers a Wilson M3 with a RIP R shaft and a MacGregor NVG2 Tour with a Speeder R shaft. I've read about the ST180 here and other media and it sounds like a great piece of design work. Please sign me up...knowing that there could be a lot of guys looking to test it for you . Thanks
  5. I'm excited about his putter line, although I need to be convinced that the claims are significantly better than the technology of other manufacturers. I play about 80 rounds a year. Handicap 13 Current putter MacGregor DCT Sanibel
  6. Hello from SC I've been playing golf since late 50's although I didn't play at all during the 80's and 90's. Life got in the way I guess. Now I'm more in tune with the game than I was when I was 25. I know you all know that the difficulty of the game is what makes it great. So, hello and I hope to get to know everyone here.
  7. We're well into the 2016 season in SC now. Been playing 2 to 4 times a week for a couple of months now. It's good to be in Dixie.
  8. Hi....I would really really really like to test these clubs ;- ). I've always thought Mizz's are one of the best. Name, Hometown: Keith, Hilton Head, SC Handicap: 14 depending on the course Current Irons, Shafts: Adams A3, TT Regular Custom Fit: No
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