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  1. Played this diabolical par 3 in central Texas (White Bluff Old Course) and after all these years, I thought for sure they’d cut down this oak in the middle of the tee box. Nothing like flighting down a 7 iron but then hoping it climbs high enough to the elevated green. Just a few choice words were muttered upon arrival of this hole. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. That Toulon palm had some significant toe hang. Think Odyssey #9. It's a beautiful putter but it might be best suited for a strong arc type stroke. If you're gaming a slight stroke type putter, the Atlanta will be your stick. I'm quietly dreaming of the Vegas in the H7 neck and still waiting for that to pop up on a BST site. Being a lefty, the Toulon line is rare on second hand markets. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. 1. Shane, The Woodlands, Texas 2. I have an 11' putting mat from Odyssey that my wife gave me for Christmas six years ago. I marked some alignment lines on it with a silver sharpie that help with setup and initial ball direction. 3. This is the only putting matt I've owned and judging by how quickly my wife wants to add to the family, it will be my last. 4. Medium speed.
  4. That's the beauty of TM adapters, they've been the same for years. Anything from the SIM to the R15 and SLDR line use the same adapter. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. NOW you tell me this?!? Hahaha if only I had seen this prior to my purchase. I just saw the one between the M5 and SIM. TXG makes some of the best comparison videos. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Very well could be and I still haven’t put the SIM in play outdoors. My club head speed with the M1 was 114.7mph and 114.0mph with the SIM. I do have that subconscious familiarity with the M1 so we'll see what happens with the SIM after a few rounds. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I recently purchased a TM SIM 10.5* from a local golf shop and decided to compare it to my 2017 TM M1 10.5* on a simulator. Now, granted this is just one simulator session on a shaft I was properly fitted for in May 2019. While I would imagine there's a shaft that might be a little better than what I'm currently swinging, I don't expect to see eye-popping changes in my numbers. Regardless, I tested 2017 technology vs 2020 technology. Simulator: GC Quad Shaft: Kiyoshi Black 65 05 tipped 1/2" - Playing length 44.5" Ball: 2020 Bridgestone Tour B X SIM setting: Std Loft, weight 1/3 out on toe. M1 setting: Std Loft, weight 1/3 out on toe and 1/2 out to front of the club. I took 12 swings with each club and then averaged out the 6 best shots. I alternated club heads after every 4 swings. I warmed up for about 15 minutes and then got after it. IMO, the sound and looks/crown of the 2020 SIM is better than the 2017 M1, however I do enjoy being able to adjust the forward/back track on the M1. Here are my summarized results for the best 6 shots, including standard deviation: 2017 M1 10.5* Ball Speed: 166.4mph (SD 2.1mph) Launch: 12.1* (SD: 1.4*) Backspin: 2210 rpm (SD: 459 rpm) Descent Angle: 37.3* (SD: 4.1*) Peak: 35yds (SD: 4 yds) Carry: 293mph (SD: 8 yds) 2020 SIM 10.5* Ball Speed: 164.5 mph (SD: 0.8 mph) Launch: 13* (SD: 0.7*) Backspin: 2182 rpm (SD: 140 rpm) Descent Angle: 39* (SD 2.6*) Peak: 38 yds (SD: 4 yds) Carry: 293 yds (SD: 2 yds) My summary: Yes, the SIM is a little more consistent across the board. BUT...I didn't see one single yard gained between 2017 technology and 2020 technology with every other variable constant. I'd still like to find ways to boost my ball speed with the SIM because I like the consistency. The M1 would carry anywhere from 285 to 301 while the SIM would carry anywhere from 291 to 295. I see other videos (like TXG) where they see 10+ yards difference in just 1 year technology (see TXG M5 vs SIM review video) and yet I get nothing extra. Different results for different folks. You would think I'd be crazy to hang on to the SIM since I see no yardage difference, and you're correct...I am in fact, crazy.
  8. Wow. Impressive indeed. And it shows that Titleist isn't messing around when it comes to quality control. They do back up their commercials. Good on them. And thanks to MGS for all this info. Next ball up is the Bridgestone Tour B-XS. If b-stone's are just as consistent as Titleist, then it will help me sleep better. Side note: Callaway still isn't on that level yet. Even after committing $$$ to QC, they're still a ways off from Titleist.
  9. Looks great! My buddy gamed a Low Tide for awhile and really liked it. Do they give you much option to play with toe hang or is it just a choice between plumbers neck and flow neck?
  10. I'm on my work computer and this site is blocked. Dang. However, my wife has never been happier to see a website blocked from my work computer than this site. This just saved my family hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
  11. It's one of those where you'll flip a dozen clubs and one will make you a good chunk of money, a couple will get you a few bucks and then you're lucky to break even on the rest. You really do have to find great deals, ensure there's still demand for that club, and then find the buyer who is willing to pay your price for it. That can get maddening at times. Tack on shipping and selling fees if you use big platforms to get more eyes on your products and it will eat into your profits. I have a feedback of 236 on eBay and most of that is from club flipping. The addition of children to the household has really slowed down the flipping business. It can be done, but you really need to find deals at flea markets, estate/garage sales, and online BST sites.
  12. So let's compare a 21* 5 wood, a 21* Hybrid, and a 21* Utility iron. First you have to figure out where are you most likely going to use this club...off the tee on a short par 4? trying to reach a par 5 in two? use on a long par 3? Are you going for raw distance, consistency, or stopping ability? For me, this is how I would rank them: Ease of use: 5w, Hy, Ut Carry Distance: 5w, Hy, Ut Total Distance: Ut, Hy, 5w Stopping ability: 5w, Hy, Ut Accuracy: Hy, Ut, 5w Consistent yardage: 5w, Hy, Ut Ball Height (lowest to highest): Ut, Hy, 5w If you watch the pros, even they swap out between a 5/7 wood or a utility iron depending on the course. I think DJ had a 7 wood in his bag this week in Boston. However, for Chicago, he might swap that out for something else. He's even been spotted with a hybrid at times this year. It all depends on course setup and player ability.
  13. I dated a girl named Laura back in college for a hot minute. Broke up with her because her dad sold their lake house and that's really all I was in it for... Fast forward 20 years later and she seeks her revenge in the form of a hurricane. This is my fault guys. My apologies. For those along the NE Texas Coast/Louisiana coast, please take adequate precautions. Looks like a fast moving storm which usually means more wind and storm surge. Remember, for those in the SE and along the east coast, your gasoline supplies come from the Colonial pipeline which starts in the Houston/Beaumont area. If Houston/Beaumont refineries are hit hard, your gas prices and supplies will jump temporarily. Not saying you need to rush out and fill up in a panic mode, but just giving you a heads up. But hey, it's COVID and we're not really traveling all that much anyways.
  14. correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like there's a tungsten weight, similar to the fixed position one in the G400 series, that is moveable but the tract is a lot smaller than the G410 series. But the real question is...will this bring down the price of the G410s? Hmmm...new tires for the wife's minivan or a new driver. One brings great misery and the other great joy...well...about 60% of the time. Decisions, decisions...
  15. Adams is still alive...at least the IP is...TM is just cycling back through Adams technology that, one could argue, was ahead of it's time. DHy? The OG was in 2012. The revamp is 2020. XTD Driver? The OG was in 2014. The revamp was 2018 (M3 "Hammerhead" technology). Now if we could revamp YES! and Adams...that would be cool to see.
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