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  1. Good on you for citing studies. Very few folks do that these days and with the infinite amount of 'nutrition experts' on social media, very few cite studies to push their methodology. In fact, I would encourage you to question everyone you get information from. Do they back up their claims with actual studies? Do the studies include a large number of participants and what is the adherence rate? What other factors are they taking into effect other than 'oh we just gave them a low carb diet and let's see what happens' because there are hundreds of variables a test subject can change to get good/bad results. So let's break down this response... The Fildes study, from what I'm reading, looks at the probability of an obese person obtaining a normal weight. While weight loss is getting overly complicated thanks to social media, one aspect that's not being assessed enough according to some nutrition experts I follow is the psychological side of weight loss. What are the triggers for someone to eat in excess? What environmental factors attribute to an excess in eating? What stress levels and other personal decisions are being made that lead to weight loss? Much like golf, it's more between the ears than anything else. Yes, it is discouraging to read, but at the same time, I'm considered overweight by BMI standards. BMI is too much of a broad stroke and doesn't account for body type. According to the BMI charts, Lebron James is overweight and JJ Watt is obese. Looking at hospital charts and tracking it solely on weight and height as the basis of the study leaves a lot of questions to be answered. The WHI study was based on post-menopausal women...ages 50-79. Do you know what happens to a woman's body/hormones pre and post menopause? It's a significant change to say the least. Weight loss in post-menopausal women is extremely difficult. To test post and apply it to pre menopause women is a true WTF moment. Geriatric dietitians actually will recommend a little more weight on the bones as you get older to help protect against falling injuries. Obviously they will promote a healthy weight but it's better to be a little heavier than skinny as you get into your senior years. I don't know why that's brought up in your response, but whoever is using this as a source to rebut CICO is leaving out critical components of the study. CICO is about energy balance. To lose fat, you need to be in a caloric deficit. If you gain fat, by definition, you are not in a caloric deficit. Maybe you gained fat because your metabolic rate is outside the average. Maybe you gained fat because you didn't track your calories accurately or underestimated your energy expenditure. Maybe you lost fat because you like ate foods that were less processed with more protein and fiber, all of which are factors that can increase energy expenditure. Different food choices affect the calories out portion of CICO. And as far as hormones go, I encourage you to go get tested. And then what happens if your hormones are fine? What's the excuse? I'm not trying to be a jerk about it, but if people clamor about hormones go get tested and see that everything is normal, then what? I get the push for hormones for weight management but once it's fixed, it's CICO. My wife has hypothyroidism and takes medication for it daily. Before her diagnosis, she ate in a caloric deficit (albeit a small deficit) but gained some weight. Got the thyroid tested and with the help of the medication, her weight is back to a normal level and we're back to CICO. It's not impossible to lose weight with low thyroid, just more difficult. As soon as you said it's hormones and CICO is garbage, I immediately thought of Jason Fung. Remember earlier when I said to question those you seek nutritional information from... The kidney doc who studies the kidneys AND PUSHES A DETOX/FASTING TEA. (The kidneys already detox the body on their own. This is simply a product that no study has shown to be effective) https://www.piquetea.com/pages/fasting-tea His ability to leave out evidence based science on his site is appalling. Here he is pushing IF to cure cancer, yet there's no study to back this up: https://www.rsng.com/categories/movement-fuel/articles/could-7-days-of-fasting-protect-against-cancer Fung's Cancer 'Fear Mongering' Article using 25 year old data: https://medium.com/@drjasonfung/cancer-inc-4cece0eb4e07 And the rebuttal with updated charts that Fung failed to include, but were available to him: https://nutritionalrevolution.org/2019/03/11/lies-from-fung/ And here's Fung's take on the Women's Health Initiative...not once stating the subjects in this test were post-menopausal: https://medium.com/@drjasonfung/diet-wars-992db10afa2e Here's Fung refusing evidence-based medicine: https://www.dietdoctor.com/corruption-evidence-based-medicine Can you imagine MGS refusing evidence based testing? See how ridiculous it sounds? Let's say you have an ailment and go see this 'doc'...do you want this man treating you with something he's come up with or something that has been proven to work? What would your reaction be if you had a headache and this man told you to drink his tea instead of just taking two advil? Advil has been proven to work. His tea? Not so much.
  2. Scientifically speaking, a calorie in the most basic sense is a unit of measure and a calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Where people get confused is that while all calories are the same, the expenditure you get out of the calorie is what matters most. Protein has the highest energy output from one calorie followed by fiber, carbs and then fat. Protein and fiber are your go-to calories for the day with some carbs and a little fat. All are important and all have a job to do, but you can gain weight with an excess in any of those four types of calories. Also, please post that study/article because it sounds like it defies the laws of physics in the human body. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. If you find yourself in front of a TV this weekend, Baylor-Kansas tips at 11am on Saturday. Gonna be a good one. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Just a few things to keep in mind on your weight loss journey... A healthy weight loss is 1-2lb/week. That's 4-8lbs a month. Don't get discouraged if the weight doesn't drop immediately. Sometimes it stair-steps down. Sometimes it plateaus. Remember, weight loss is more mental than physical. Eat your damn fruits and vegetables. I don't care how, fresh, frozen or canned, it's all good. The nutrition difference of fruits and vegetables is negligible between fresh, frozen, organic, canned, etc. Nothing wrong with eating canned green beans vs fresh. Nothing wrong eating a $.25 apple vs a $1.25 organic apple. Side note, frozen berries are usually cheaper than fresh. All have the same nutritional density. Though it might be tough at times, get moving. Go on a short walk, do some push-ups during a commercial break, climb some stairs...whatever you need to do, get moving. Get involved with a community of folks who share the same task. Either an online forum, a group of friends/family/co-worker/strangers, etc. regardless it's best to be in a community to share the struggles and successes with. The ingredient is never the poison, the dose is. Sugar doesn't kill you. Sugar is mass quantities can. Just like water in mass quantities can. Just like oxygen in mass quantities can. Food doesn't have morals. There are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods. There's just food. Some food is more nutritious and satiating than others but there's no good vs bad. Same with 'real' or 'clean' food. Think of food more on a processed scale. Eat more of the minimally processed foods than the heavily processed foods. Think of side dishes...like carbs...a bowl of brown rice is more satiating and more nutritionally dense than white flour pasta, but a sweet potato is more satiating and more nutritionally dense than the brown rice. Terms like 'super food' or 'organic' meat is all derived from the food marketing industry, not science. Spinach is just as healthy as a super food like kale and there's no such thing as an organic chicken...just...chicken. Chemicals will not kill you in proper doses. In fact, everything is a chemical. Organic is just more expensive, not nutritionally superior. GMOs are safe. All livestock are raised on grass...some just finished on grains versus grass. Grass fed beef has slightly more Omega 3's than regular beef, but it's nothing to throw your money at if you don't want to. If you need Omega 3s, eat more salmon. We live in a day in age where science has us living longer than ever. Why deny science now? If things become a struggle, switch it up. Keto not working for you? Try intermittent fasting. IF not working? Try intuitive eating. There's no magic bullet but changing the landscape could reveal better results for your particular body type. Here's some apps to help with the journey: MyFitnessPal, Noom, RP Diet Here's some informative accounts to follow on social media: BioLayne (PhD Nutrition Science), FoodScienceBabe (Chemical Engineer/Food Scientist), DrNadolsky (Obesity/Lipid Specialist Physician), Marie Spano (Sports Nutrition Expert) What if obsessing over healthy eating negates the health effects from healthy eating? - Dr. Nadolsky
  5. Today is the day! @GolfSpy Dave ...
  6. Oh this has peaked my interest... *checks golfworks for LH options* *sees neither DBM irons nor KE4 is available in lefty* F.
  7. @Kor.A.Door those are beautiful! I gamed those a few years ago and i echo the feel of those irons. I wish I had those as a backup set. Very little offset but not as punishing as some might think. When you flushed a short iron...that was one of the best feeling irons I have ever gamed.
  8. I'm just glad the male cheerleaders where there to step in for crowd control. Talk about the best day ever.
  9. BUMP! Only because of the fight between KU and KSU last night. I think that's the spark College Basketball needed to get folks to tune in after our college football hangover. I personally don't think the suspensions will be that harsh. Lots of talk from coaches saying their sorry but suspensions will be for a half of basketball at a date to be determined between now and 2022. It's Bill Self for crying out loud.
  10. The Tour B XS doesn't have the zip of a Pro v1 on full wedges/mid irons but it hits and stops on a dime. I haven't seen the ball pull back quite as much but the greens are dormant in Houston so there might not be much zip for any ball. I'm just super pumped I bought 5 dozen of the prior Tour B XS in the fall and it will take me probably a year to burn through the stash. Heaven forbid I just be patient until the new ball comes out. FWIW, I was never a fan of the Tour B X, especially on the colder days. Maybe I don't compress the ball as much as I used to but I get such a better/more consistent ball flight and carry with the XS than I do with the X.
  11. I would have to try these out before buying blindly. Those three large spikes look...interesting. But kudos to Nike for coming up with new color palates.
  12. I like the hire but I’ll love it if he can bring in a good staff and retain a few coaches like McGuire. Joey McGuire is one of Baylor’s best recruiters and despite having such strong Texas roots, he’s our best out of state closer for recruiting. I think Aranda is supposed to meet with with coaches and players tomorrow. Sounds like Aranda won’t win you over with an inspirational speech but he’ll impress the hell out of you with his football knowledge. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Baylor takes away LSU top assistants. Rhule takes Brady to Charlotte and then we name Aranda head coach. Talk of Aranda bringing over the safeties coach to be our DC and grabbing Utah‘s OC for the same position Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Some coaches, and their agents, will put stuff in the media to get their coach some attention for either a raise from the current school or a new school. Was their interest from the Baylor side in all of this? Yes. Was Fuente the top choice? I don't believe so. I don't know if Fuente knew he wasn't the top choice so he posted this to save face. The VT fan boards were excited to see Fuente potentially leave but his name didn't spark excitement with the Baylor fan base. I have no idea the real story because according to Baylor pay sites, folks who live in Waco, have plenty of sources on the inside, etc. still haven't heard much in regards to the top candidate(s). There have been some bigger names floated on the pay sites along with Fuente, Napier, Aranda (DC at LSU) and McGuire. I think Napier is stringing Baylor along. I really do think he's waiting for a SEC HC spot to open up. I think Aranda and McGuire are probably the most realistic choices at this point. Or some bigger fish that emerges. The Baylor AD has been exceptionally good at keeping this hiring process a secret. And just for some background, Matt Rhule wasn't even mentioned as a candidate until the day he was hired at Baylor. The AD has also made some exceptional hires in other sports so I know he will find the right guy for the job...and money won't be an issue (see Rhule's salary).
  15. Here’s what I scribbled yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m trying to post this drawing and my cube mate (f this open concept) asked if I was done with my doodles because he had a “work related” question. Dang it Carl, not now! I’ve got very important things going on. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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