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  1. 1. Where are you selling this club? Most of my success either comes from eBay or golfwrx. Sorry, but there's not enough lefty traffic or demand on this site. The problem with eBay is a lot of people will watch the club but won't pull the trigger on the purchase and that gets annoying and the problem with golfwrx is that people will low ball the crap out of you. 2. Most of the lefties are up in Canada and the Canadian dollar is really low vs the US dollar right now. It's really driven down demand from our friends up north. 3. Ping did a disservice to the second hand seller by offering the same model head at various price points. You can buy a cheaper, used Sigma 2 Anser with an adjustable shaft instead of a gently used Vault. Yes, the vault is milled and looks so much better than the Sigma, but if a guy can save $20 but keep the same head shape, he'll go with the Sigma. I think that's probably the issue you're having right now. 4. Just be patient with the club...a buyer will eventually find his/her way to your club. Sometimes my clubs sell quickly, others I have to wait a few weeks. Expand into other sites. Heck even Craigslist might be worth a shot.
  2. As a Cleveland Frontline tester...this putter (Elevado single bend) is very...how would you say... Nah, I'll save it for my review. @jlukes something to remember...Cleveland owned NC putters at the time of the gray matters release so while this sounds familiar, it is but it isn't...the weight on the Gray Matters putters were at the heel and toe, but towards the back of the putter. This has all the weight pushed out to heel and toe, but up all up front near the face. It's a very different feeling putter that's for sure.
  3. We're getting close to chaos in late October/early November where the polls start changing drastically. We almost had it yesterday. Illinois with the upset of the year again Wisconsin. Texas needed a last second field goal to beat Kansas... In Austin. Florida needed some blatantly missed holding calls to beat South Carolina. Oregon needed a 4q rally to beat Washington. Michigan's Ronnie Bell... Man that's tough for the kid. Boise lost in Provo. It will be tough to get a NY6 bowl invite but there's still hope because a lot of the top 15 have to play one another. I get so amped on Saturdays and nap on Sundays because the NFL doesn't do this for me. However my Astros took it out of me and I need to sleep all day today. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. I'm curious as the the wet spin rate for the older Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth since it doesn't have the same finish as the 3.0. Then again, my 'wet' conditions are usually just dew from the overnight humidity and dry out after the turn. I think the biggest eye opener for me was the Cobra King Black. I used to play the trusty rusty line in my wedges and loved the grind. Cobra is a solid wedge that doesn't get enough credit. Also, while the Vokey SM7 might be the most popular wedge due to tour representation, it didn't scream top performer in any of the metrics. Maybe that's because we get the retail version of the wedge and the guys on TV get them all custom by tour truck folks.
  5. KBS appeals to a vast majority of golfers who need a higher launching, higher spinning shaft to get the ball up and stay up after impact. It could be a slower swing speed, a shallower AoA or don't load the shaft as much (lots of arms in the swing similar to Adam Scott). Nippon and True Temper (Dynamic Gold) offer more of a lower launch, mid-high spin shaft for stronger golfers who load the shaft quite a bit with a steeper AoA...think Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Matt Wolff, Sergio and Cameron Champ. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule, but this is what I get from the majority of fitters I come across. KBS makes some fantastic shafts, but it doesn't mean they'll fit your swing. Let us know what you end up with.
  6. I think you have two distinct groups of golfers and a very small third group in regards to golf balls and equipment. Group 1 is budget conscious, always looking for a deal and will buy the lowest priced equipment they can find, regardless of performance. They probably play a multitude of 2-piece golf balls or maybe some recycled golf balls and have up to 6 different brands of clubs in their bag...not because they tested them out and are brand agnostic, it's because that particular equipment was the better deal. There's nothing wrong with being budget conscious...they'll probably never buy a new dozen of Pro V1s because they can find a cheaper ball that may or may not perform the way they want to. Group 2 pays top dollar because price = performance. Also, nothing wrong with this but they probably pass up some quality equipment simply because it wasn't priced as high as other equipment. Yes, this is prevalent in the golfing industry, especially with the ball market. I think it was srixon that came in $10 less than the Pro V1 when they initially launched their Z Star line and they had a hard time selling it simply because golfers equated the cheaper price to substandard performance. These folks won't buy a $25/dozen ball that performs similarly to a Pro V1 because of the price. Group 3 is in between. Golf ball manufacturers are marketing to either group 1 or group 2 which probably make up 85-90% of the golfers in this country.
  7. Florida now in the driver's seat in the East... For now. UGA will still be top 10 since they beat #9 ND. I think they should drop to #10-12 below ND because you don't lose to a 2-3 S Carolina at home and not take a big fall for it. That's just my opinion and I've been known to be wrong. The big 10 will be fun to watch since there's 3 teams still in the mix and Michigan a chance to play spoiler. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I think the jump is more of the polls correcting themselves from the preseason rankings and the fact that the Baylor defense has vastly improved...holding K State to just 12 points in Manhattan. Most folks expected 6-8 wins this year but we didn't think our defense was as fast/mean (when compared to other Big 12 defenses). Our schedule is back-loaded but we get Texas Tech, WV, Texas and Oklahoma at home and go on the road to Kansas, Oklahoma St and TCU. That road schedule isn't as tough as we once thought and if we can split between Texas and OU, then I feel like we can make some noise at the top of the conference. Remember, this is the same program that essentially lost the entire 2016 recruiting class, saw a host of transfers leave the program, finished 1-11 in 2017 (started the most true frosh, RS frosh and soph in D1 that year) and got rid of every coach and front office personnel from the Art Briles tenure. The Big 12, similar to the ACC, is very top heavy with 1 or 2 solid teams and another 2 decent teams followed by the majority of the conference which appear to be mediocre/inconsistent/bad teams. Anything can happen the last 2 months of the season.
  9. A&M is the biggest sham of the season. They could finish 7-5 and still be ranked #25. Are they really accounting for quality losses the first week of October?! Good grief. Ah the power of pre season rankings. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. This will be fun...evnroll with all the MOI and weight in the rear vs Cleveland and all the weight up front. Thanks for the selection! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. I'm more than happy to let sleeping dogs lie, but if you're going to leave a rebuttal with those documentaries, I'd like to offer my final rebuttal as well...a challenge, if you will. Anyone can offer nutritional advice because of social media. While the vast majority have no business offering up nutrition advice that either flies in the face of science or is complete hoakum, you can find those that practice and study nutrition on a daily basis if you know what to look for. Look for people who are registered dietitians (RD, RDN, MSRDN), have masters or PhDs in nutrition science, have a degree in chemical engineering with a focus on food science, etc....something that would equate years of study and are in the nutrition field every day of their life. Would you take legal advice from a sports broadcaster that dabbles in law? Would you take nutrition advice from an author or mommy blogger? Would you take golf club/ball advice from a doctor? Hopefully you'd be cautious in all of those scenarios and that's what leads me to these documentaries. Food Inc was written by Robert Kenner (film producer), Elise Pearlstein (film producer) and Kim Roberts (film writer). Food Inc touts the leading men, Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, as their 'experts'. Well, the first challenge is to look at their backgrounds and see if these men have any sort of nutritional background. Both are authors. Eric has written books on the Syrian conflict. Michael Pollan has written many self-help books. Do either spend their days in the world of nutrition or do they focus on one subject for a few months and then hop over to the next? Who would you take advice from? Someone who practices nutrition every day or someone who took an interest for a year or so and is now onto something else? I'll let you make that call. Food Matters was produced by, well, Food Matters, a natural health and wellness company in Australia. Food Matters is owned and operated by vegans. They push natural health and their 'expert' PhD has written books that are aptly titled: Fire Your Doctor! and Doctor Yourself, a Natural Healing that Works. Do you know what we call alternative/natural medicine that works? Medicine. If going vegan helps you get to that healthy weight, then go for it, but the vegan lifestyle is one that is notorious for being malnourished. The diet lacks key nutrients like iron, vitamin B12, omega-3s, zinc and Vitamin D. Also, if you're comfortable taking advice from folks who don't think you need to go to your doctor, then have at it. I, personally, trust my doctor and my health is dependent on someone who believes in western medicine. There are other folks out there that have disguised themselves as nutrition experts, yet have no background or expertise other than trying to make a buck off the uninformed public. Please, please, please do your homework next time you see someone touting nutrition information. Also, look up research studies on topics you have questions about. Most of it is published online for free. Question about sugar? Look up studies and read the entire study, not just the summary. Questions about the safety of certain ingredients? Chances are someone has done a study on it. My wife is a registered dietitian and we receive the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics on a monthly basis. Just this past month they had a long-term study published about food exposure in childhood and how it relates to neophobia in college. It's fascinating stuff and it's all free. Science is not the enemy. In fact, the irony is that science has gotten us to a point where we are living longer and healthier than ever before, yet some want to deny that very science and go against it because it fits their personal narrative.
  12. I rolled a couple lefty versions at a local PGA SS and they felt pretty good...of course most do indoors using ERC soft golf balls. The patina reminds me of my Yes! Callie i4 tech copper finish, which I love the look. They make the soto slant in lefty and that might be one of the first mass produced slant neck blades for lefties in a long, long time. Great looking stick.
  13. Speaking of roll tide, where is @Undershooter?? I haven't seen him post in this thread in awhile.
  14. Chisag, I think you post some fantastic reviews for golf equipment, courses, etc. However, I had to cringe a few times reading your post on healthy eating. This is not a social media attack, just a difference of opinions...a good old fashioned disagreement... Fear mongering is rampant in the weight loss industry. Don't eat this, don't eat that, demonize carbs, demonize sugar, etc. While a very small percentage of folks thrive on fear mongering, mentally, it's an unhealthy approach to your relationship with food. Fear mongering tells people that certain foods are evil, deadly, etc so they stay away as best they can, then when they give into temptation, they binge and bust their 'healthy' habits. How do you know if the person prescribing a diet may not have a full grasp on nutrition? They eliminate large food groups/ingredients/macros in order to achieve the same goal: caloric deficiency. You can be healthy eating the occasional pizza, just eat a salad beforehand. You can be healthy eating oreos, just stick to two, not a dozen. You can be healthy eating Arby's but limit it to once every other week, not every three days. Sugar, salt, fat, gluten, dairy, red meat, GMOs, and non-organic produce/food are all healthy...in the right dose. Let's start with sugar. Sugar is not addictive like cocaine. The study performed with rats back a few years ago was flawed and many have spoken out about it. The rodents were only fed sugar every 2 hours. What human only eats sugar throughout the day? I would be hungry too if I was only given a dose of sugar every two hours instead of something satiating like a turkey sandwich or a hamburger. Sugar, in the right dose, is not harmful. Should you eat sugary foods/drinks every meal? No. Should you shun sugar? No, because your body NEEDS sugar. That's right. Your body NEEDS sugar, whether its glucose, fructose or sucrose. Does it need a lot? Well of course not. Cutting out sugar from your diet means cutting out fruits, vegetables, bread, dairy, every condiment, as well as every alcoholic beverage. A true sugar free diet is certain animal proteins, some vegetables and some nuts. Your body will not like that diet. Salt. There are studies that show salt are not as detrimental to those with good blood pressure. Basic overview is that if you have high blood pressure, watch your salt. If you have good blood pressure, it's not nearly as severe. The mineral content in fancy salt is so minimal, you would need to eat a crazy amount of salt for your body to benefit. Iodized/table salt is not unhealthy. However if you consume 1/4C of salt a day, then you should be more concerned with your intake than if you use Himalaya, pink sea salt, iodized salt, etc. Let's talk food advertising. Did you know there are only 10 GMO crops approved by the USDA? Those 10 are corn, potatoes, soybeans, canola, sugarbeets, apples, papayas, cotton, squash and alfalfa. You know what's not listed? Wheat. If you're buying Non-GMO pasta because of fear, guess what, you've been fooled. And the USDA has funded 82 studies concerning GMOs found in various ingredients/produce and 6 studies showed the GMO were healthier/safer than conventional foods, 62 showed no difference, 7 were inconclusive and 6 were shown to be less healthy/safe than conventional foods. Organic foods might be the biggest sham by the food industry. Let's take the 'dirty dozen' produce list. Oh man, according to fear mongers, if you eat a regular strawberry, then you'll get cancer from all the pesticides. Guess how many regular strawberries one would need to eat in order to consume an unhealthy amount of pesticides? 186. Did you know that when you spend the extra $2/lb for organic/antibiotic free chicken, you're buying the exact same chicken as the regular, less fancy chicken? USDA hasn't given a true definition of antibiotic free so if you see it on your food label, you're paying extra for nothing in return. While some food additives have unfamiliar names and are demonized left and right, the truth is that food and color additives are more strictly studied, regulated and monitored than at any other time in history. Those that spread the fear of additives, GMOs, non-organic foods, etc. cite rodent studies where the rate or mice were fed hundreds to thousands of times more of a given substance than are allowed in any food. In reality, those additives are at such low levels in foods, the risk is minimal. You have a better chance of getting e-coli from broccoli than an illness from additives. The ingredient/food is never the poison, it's the dose. Why live in fear when it comes to food?
  15. I'd hit the MP20 MMC before deciding. The forged offer incredible feel and forgiveness. I haven't hit the MP20s but I can't say enough good things about the forged. I don't have the option to play the 919 Tours or MP20 MMCs simply because I'm a lefty, but the forged, even in the short irons, are fantastic.
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