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  1. *googles Game Changing Golf Wedge* Oh hell yeah brother, It's about time they come out with the next version of the C3i wedge...the C4i wedge. Sign me up for 3 easy payments of $29.95 + $11.95 S&H.
  2. My Ping G425 LST 3Wood hit the front porch today so we took a maiden voyage out to a launch monitor for some quick data before my round tomorrow. Setup: 14.5* set to 13.5. 90% of the time I'll use this off the tee versus an approach shot of some sort. Ping Tour 75 X Flex, standard length Current gamer: Cobra F7+ with weight up front, HZRDUS Black 75 6.5 flex. Catch one high toe and it will kill the spin and fly a mile. Keep in mind I never hit this club before I bought it. I had a gift card that was expiring and the course it was tied to didn't have any demos available.
  3. Search this site and other BST sites (g*olfwrx, THP, etc) for guys unloading their stash. Ebay is great but buyer beware. Counterfeit galore. Drivers to look for: TaylorMade M2 Callaway Great Big Bertha Ping G and G30 Srixon Z765 Tour Edge Exotics XCG There's other great budget drivers, but those come to mind. It will take some research to find one in your price range. Good luck.
  4. I've had two issues with Apple Watch and Arccos that had an easy remedy: If you have a watch cover, take it off during the round. Mine blocked the watch from reading the sensor on shots and missed a bunch of shots on the front nine. I took off the cover and it picked up every shot on the back nine. Always take your putter to the green, even if you hole out to record a putt. If you chip in, go to your app and change it there. If the app and sensors don't pick up a putt, then it will keep you on that hole as it thinks you never finished out. Now, I will say I had this issue withou
  5. If I'm buying a custom putter I look for: Neck (plumbers, slant/flow, double/single bend) Alignment (lines, dots) Weight (interchangeable weights if production cost allows for it) Shaft (Chrome or matte black) Grip (SuperStroke, Best Grips, Lamkin, etc) Putter color (chrome or dark finish) Of course, this all depends on what you, the putter maker, can handle. I would offer different alignment, shaft and grip options to start with and then expand into other options once business grows.
  6. I'll offer a follow-up to the BirdieBall PuttUp after a few months of ownership. Ease of Use: I store the PuttUp in the garage in the original box unless I'm using it. My use is about 3 or 4 nights/week for about 30-45 minutes. I don't want to waste time setting up flags, bumpers, etc so I grab two scrap 1x4x4 pieces of Home Depot's finest pine to weigh down both ends of the mat. The majority of the mat lays flat but the ends curl due to how it's stored. The wood strips don't really interfere with practice as the mat eventually lays completely flat after about 15 minutes. I roll it out,
  7. Great, i was going to eat lunch but this caught my attention and now I'm trying to figure this out as well. Mean vs Median maybe? Someone help us figure this out!
  8. Mizuno hype = dud distance? That's depressing. Ping G410LST still holding its own. Ebay and other BST forums about to find renewed demand for that club.
  9. I play the original SIM and took a trip to the local PGA SS to try the SIM 2, G425, Mizuno ST-Z, and RadSpeed (XB and regular) with my Titleist Left Dash Pro V1. SIM 2 - I wish I had my Sim on hand to compare the two but that ball flight...piercing, low spin, great carry...just can get a tad wild (blame it on the shaft - Hzrdus RDX Black 60 6.5). I'd really like to try a Ventus Blue or Black with that head and see what I could create. Only think I don't like about the Sim 2 is that there is no moveable weight. Longest of the bunch and felt like Thor's hammer at impact. Mizuno ST-Z
  10. For me, it would put my mind at ease if there was better/easier order tracking for Ping. If I want to know the status of my order, I have to contact the retailer, who then contacts Ping, who then has to reach back out to me with a rough estimate for shipping times. I don't know why I can't just track my order online like on most other websites. People are ok with delays as long as there is an end date for the delay, but could you at least make it easy for the customer to know that date?
  11. I've never 'needed a new putter at the moment' but that hasn't stopped my club hoe lifestyle. Putters are like golf majors...you need four a year, with a good debate about a possible fifth. The 5.5 in lefty...that's tempting.
  12. Texas isn't thawing out until Monday. What a cluster. I ordered clubs with Srixon, Ping and TaylorMade. Srixon lived up to their quote of 3-4 weeks. TaylorMade has another 1.5 weeks for their 4 week window. Ping? Who knows. If the wedges don't come in the next two weeks, I'll take my business elsewhere.
  13. This doesn't bode well for my anticipation of the Glide 3.0 wedges I ordered 1/5...just curious how long my G425LST 3 wood will take to arrive.
  14. The fear of a greatly reduced golf budget is real in my household with baby approaching... So I did what any dad would do with one of their few last good remaining paychecks... Called up Discount Dan's and ordered a more forgiving set of irons. TaylorMade P770 w/ DG Tour Issue X100. The Mizuno JPX 921 SELs are a great feeling iron but they are a bitter old hag when mishit. I played Tuesday and didn't fly a single approach shot long. It was a humiliating day. Couldn't hit the distance I wanted and yes, air was a bit heavy but everything was short...so I took advantage of this op
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