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  1. I couldn't stay up to watch the 2nd half of the Baylor/Cuse game...good thing my bladder woke me up at 1am and then I had a bunch of texts from fellow Baylor fans so I knew we had won. Unreal number of 3s in that game between two zone teams. I know this wasn't Boehiem's best team, but it always looks good to beat a blue blood basketball team. If there's a #1 seed to play, it's Gonzaga. I just hope we stay hot from beyond the arc.
  2. It looks like the black copper is 346g and the silver stainless steel is 345g. The black copper also has 1* more of toe hang. Honestly I think it's just the color option. One is silver, the other is black copper. I have a Yes! i-4 tech Callie in the antique bronze and if you like a darker finish on an anser style putter that is very similar to the Juno. You could probably find a gently used Callie for cheap on the bay.
  3. My putting stroke is straight back/straight through with little putter head rotation according to my latest SAM fitting. The fitter recommended only double-bend mallets with true face-balance for my very robotic stroke. That being said, I demoed a Ping ZB2 over the weekend and it performed wonderfully despite being a strong arc putter. Ironically the straight arc mallets did poorly during the demo. I was thoroughly impressed with the ZB2, especially with distance control.
  4. If you're new to this board, anytime @chisag has something to say, folks should listen up. Awesome review for the F9. Truly fantastic stuff once again. I'd love to demo a lefty 9.5 and 10.5 just to see what would fit the swing best. If you're noticing that kind of distance gain on the F9, it tells me Cobra is on to something. If you need a warmer place to play, we'll gladly get some guys together to play here in the Houston area. It's spring this week, followed by a winter weekend followed by another week of spring. I imagine it will be close to summer in a few weeks and we will all be able to emerge from the hibernation of cold (upper 50s for us wusses in Texas) weather golf.
  5. A few putters to test out with modest toe hang for a slight arc: TaylorMade Spiders with a slant neck. Odyssey 7 or 2-Ball Fang with slant neck. Evnroll (ER2) usually has about 22-28* toe hang. Ping Arna Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11
  6. Wow...congrats! That wedge looks fantastic. Good to see you playing it as well. I know the Glides are fantastic wedges so it's good to hear the forged are buttery smooth.
  7. Think of closing angle as in the severity of the arc your putter is taking just prior to impact. The closer to 0*, the more straight back/straight through you are with your stroke. I bought a cheap iPhone case and a rubber vise grip for a shaft and stuck then together with some 3M tape to make my own cradle. Case was $7 on Amazon and the shaft clamp was $3. The ping app is better than nothing but if you have the $$ and have a SAM fitting/other high tech putter fitting option nearby, do yourself a favor and go get fit. I did both within a few days of one another and found the ping app was consistent with closing angle, tempo and lie angle, but it was off on shaft lean and impact angle compared to the SAM. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. I'm a former VIP turned GolfPass member and I won't be renewing. It's not worth the cost, especially since you need to upgrade to the $200 to get your booking fees waived. That's about 30-40 rounds of golf to justify the waived fees. And the free round of golf is pretty much useless as you have to use a Hot Deal (up to $21) and play Mon-Thurs after noon or 1pm and most courses catch on quickly and don't offer any Hot Deals after noon. While it was easy to justify the $100/year fee and get your booking fees waived and easily cancel tee times up, I don't see it being that financially feasible going forward. Oh and I've watched exactly 0 of the training videos. FYI, I live in the Houston area and while a lot of courses use GolfNow, I find more and more are not offering steep discounts as the weather improves.
  9. Yes that Bi-Matrix shaft will do the trick on eliminating the right side of the fairway at the cost of a few yards. That shaft is a freaking beast. I played it in my Ping I-20 and I never missed it right...just short baby fades all day. Super stable setup but yes, you might want to bump the loft because that shaft is super low spin with the steel tip. Always good to see someone build a fairway finder on a budget. Keep us posted on how it works for you going forward.
  10. I might've been searching for a putting training aid when Google auto-completed to this lovely device: https://www.kohls.com/product/prd-3430507/bigmouth-inc-butt-putt.jsp Yes, my safe search was on, yes I was on a company computer, and yes, I fully anticipate my IT group to pull my internet history to see what I've purchased on company time. I was sold on the fact that it makes noises when you make a putt. What golfer doesn't love auditory feedback? My wife will be proud of my financial decision. It is scheduled to arrive Wednesday.
  11. I'm not going to renew mine this year. I can't make the $$$ work to my benefit with it being $199. If I could play 5 rounds/month then I could see the benefit but like the OP said, very few, if any, hot deals that actually qualify for discount. I play a lot of weekday golf but rarely get to use my discount. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. I've stopped the putter ho train at the Evnroll stop for some time now. I don't see myself changing out anytime soon. I averaged about 8-10 putters a year for 7 years but after the purchase of the ER5, verification by my recent SAM fitting, and results on the course, it's going to be tough to swap this out. If the price scares you, there's plenty on second hand sites. The gravity grip is phenomenal as well. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Looks legit. Is that stainless steel? and what's the weight of the putter head? Your buddy might've opened pandora's box...or you did by posting this.
  14. As a fellow lefty, I say good luck with that endeavor. The second hand market is pretty good (eBay, BST on various golf websites) for LH Evnroll and with limited lefty options, I say go find a decent ER7 and give it a try. If it doesn't work out, then you can recover most of your cost selling it to someone else. Just a thought.
  15. Shane - Texas 0.4 HCP - Driver SS 116mph 2017 TM M1 w/ Oban Black 65 05 Epic Flash Sub Zero My goodness the flood gates have opened. Good luck to those selected.
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