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  1. I like the hire but I’ll love it if he can bring in a good staff and retain a few coaches like McGuire. Joey McGuire is one of Baylor’s best recruiters and despite having such strong Texas roots, he’s our best out of state closer for recruiting. I think Aranda is supposed to meet with with coaches and players tomorrow. Sounds like Aranda won’t win you over with an inspirational speech but he’ll impress the hell out of you with his football knowledge. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Baylor takes away LSU top assistants. Rhule takes Brady to Charlotte and then we name Aranda head coach. Talk of Aranda bringing over the safeties coach to be our DC and grabbing Utah‘s OC for the same position Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Some coaches, and their agents, will put stuff in the media to get their coach some attention for either a raise from the current school or a new school. Was their interest from the Baylor side in all of this? Yes. Was Fuente the top choice? I don't believe so. I don't know if Fuente knew he wasn't the top choice so he posted this to save face. The VT fan boards were excited to see Fuente potentially leave but his name didn't spark excitement with the Baylor fan base. I have no idea the real story because according to Baylor pay sites, folks who live in Waco, have plenty of sources on the inside, etc. still haven't heard much in regards to the top candidate(s). There have been some bigger names floated on the pay sites along with Fuente, Napier, Aranda (DC at LSU) and McGuire. I think Napier is stringing Baylor along. I really do think he's waiting for a SEC HC spot to open up. I think Aranda and McGuire are probably the most realistic choices at this point. Or some bigger fish that emerges. The Baylor AD has been exceptionally good at keeping this hiring process a secret. And just for some background, Matt Rhule wasn't even mentioned as a candidate until the day he was hired at Baylor. The AD has also made some exceptional hires in other sports so I know he will find the right guy for the job...and money won't be an issue (see Rhule's salary).
  4. Here’s what I scribbled yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m trying to post this drawing and my cube mate (f this open concept) asked if I was done with my doodles because he had a “work related” question. Dang it Carl, not now! I’ve got very important things going on. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Anyone else spend two hours designing their Betti for the custom contest on the MGS Blog site? I had numerous supervisors stopped by my desk when I was deciding between putter necks and milling options. Productivity was at a low not seen since the 2019 Masters. MGS's putter ho Dave Wolfe has a fantastic write-up about the customization for the Bettinardi line. My goodness you could spend days coming up with crazy designs. If you haven't registered to win, do it now! Being a lefty, I went with the QB6 in carbon steel in the texas tea finish. If you need ideas, here's an archive of the Bettinardi Hive: https://bettinardi.com/collections/hive-archive Good Luck!
  6. In the 2019-2020 bowl season, yes the SEC dominated. I'm not trying to start up the SEC debate again; however, at least recently, this is a rarity for the SEC as far as bowl game record is concerned. 2016-2017 6-7 2017-2018 5-6 2018-2019 6-6 2019-2020 9-2 It's good to see Herbie type something out because a lot of times he has a particular team's/conference's junk in his mouth.
  7. I think the decline in attendance is attributed to a lot of things and it's hard to really pinpoint one, or even two, that are the root cause. TV - there's easier access to watch your team from your own couch drinking grocery store priced beer and eating snacks out of your pantry. Also, bigger and better TVs give you a better view than most seats in the stadium. Also, TV dictates when your team will play. I'm sorry but I don't want to attend a game before sundown in Waco in September or October. I'll stay in the AC instead of feeling the sweat run down my ass crack all game long. Stadiums - Only a few stadiums/alumni bases can fill their massive 100k seat stadium on a regular basis. Stadiums were built for the largest of crowds, not necessarily the other 4-5 home games against 'meh' opponents. When stadiums cost that much to operate, the price of the ticket goes up. Culture - we live in a society dominated by busy schedules. Much like golf is on the decline due to the length of time it takes to play a round of golf, college football is a 6 hour ordeal with parking, walking to the stadium, watching the game only to be dragged out even more due to TV commercial allotments, walking back to the car, sitting in post-game traffic, etc. A lot of folks would rather watch the game at home and once it's over, resume their busy lives without the hassle of the game day experience. Ticket Prices - every school has their low ticket price game that not that many want to attend, but then tickets fetch $200+ for the rival game against a top 15 opponent. And that's just single game ticket prices. If you want season tickets, you have to throw the university an additional donation that is no longer a tax write-off. Team Performance - Coming from a school that struggled mightily for a solid decade, it's tough to sell tickets for folks to watch a garbage team...and I'm talking about the home team! Recruiting/Arms Race - I don't know who exactly started this current arms race but every school needs to have the biggest video board, the biggest weight room, the best locker rooms, the best performance science labs, etc to attract the best high school recruits. And guess who has to pay for that? You. The guy buying the expensive ticket.
  8. I'd switch to RH to hit that setup. Goodness that's fantastic. I hit EPON once in a fitting...hit three shots and then gave it back to the fitter. It felt amazing with some OBAN CT shafts and I knew if I kept swinging, I'd leave the fitter $3,000 poorer and divorced. Those BB&F ferrules look fantastic. I've been wanting to add some to my sticks but with dozens of options, it's hard to find the ones I like the best.
  9. This was one of the best videos of the early Rhule years. I think that was a video production guy and yes, he resembles Rhule very much. I forgot about that. That clip ended up on ESPN, fox sports, barstool... just about everywhere. Good find! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. UT did in fact handle Georgia last year. It was impressive. I will give you props to that. UGA lined up and popped us in the mouth this year...about the same way we rolled your lines for 60 minutes in Waco this year. So let me get this straight, UT throws it's best sales pitch to Art Briles in Dec 2013, he turns them down in Jan 2014 and then spring 2015, the Austin media starts releasing stories of widespread rape, sexual assault and drug use in the Baylor program...all while ignoring the fact that it is a national issue, not just a Baylor issue. UT threw itself at Briles, he said no, UT turned into the scorned woman. KU finished 7th in the BCS/AP polls in their 2007 magical run. Top 5 indeed. And UT lost to Kansas in 2016...when KU went 2-10. No one thought Matt Rhule was a great hire?!? Are you kidding me? Tom Herman was the sexy hire but Matt Rhule was the solid choice. He turned around Temple in a short time. He just turned around a program on it's death bed in 3 years. And if you were aware at the time, our AD had two names for the job...Mike Gundy at OSU and Matt Rhule. Rhule interviewed first and got the job. And yes, Gundy's name is still being floated around by the folks in the know for the current opening. I'd personally like an internal hire and keep the trajectory of the team going. Plus there are rumors that McGuire has pull with Graham Harrell at USC...the same OC that turned down UT a few weeks ago. If he got hired, he'd be accused of something out of Austin in a matter of months. And one more thing...the SEC elite teams are leaps and bounds better than the Big 12 elite. I think the Big 12 and SEC compare with the middle of the road teams, but the UGA, Bama, LSU depth and physicality would whip any Big 12 team current or in the past 5-7 years. Those OL and DL athletes on those teams physically manhandle our conference champ over and over. SEC elites deserve the credit.
  11. Dykes? Lulz. No. Look for an announcement the day or two after the national championship game. We'll see if our AD can strike gold twice. Our offense sputters every first half of conference games. Kicks it up in the 2nd half. Offense was anemic first half against the deepest, most physical defense we've played in a long, long time. Defense was getting whipped but made adjustments in second half. Sorry not sorry you lost money. Hopefully you didn't bet against your Horns when we played y'all earlier in the season. And to add to the riveting conversation that our fun loving UT alum has stirred the pot a bit... A&M averaged 7 wins/season in the Big 12. 3 non-conference games plus 8 conference games. They went 2-9 in bowl games while a member of the Big 12. They won the 1998 Big 12 Championship. In the SEC, A&M has averaged 8.5 wins in the SEC. 4 non-conference games plus 8 conference games. They've gone 5-3 in bowl games as a member of the SEC. If the SEC West was the Olympics, they made it to the podium twice thanks to a Heisman QB in 2012 and a solid defense in 2018. A&M's SEC success can easily be attributed to the additional non-conference game. And yes, their recruiting got a bump with the jump to the SEC but they threw a hissy fit and left the Big 12 because their ego got in the way. They now play in the toughest division in football and any sort of hope of a conference championship will need every star in the f&*%ing universe to align. It's comical to watch. UT on the other hand... Has every resource in the land. Has the deepest pockets in college football. Has access to the best talent in the country... And yet, they haven't done jack crap since YE Yang won the PGA. You moved on from a coach that took you to 2 NCs and haven't found a replacement in 6 years. You have a clown for a coach and haven't won a conference championship in a decade. And it's not just in football that you haven't had success. You other major sports, men's and women's basketball and baseball, haven't done squat this past decade either. All that money. All that talent. All that empty space in the rafters. What has to piss them off the most is the fact that lowly Baylor had to go through a massive scandal to finally beat Baylor on the football field, only to watch them return quicker than anyone ever expected. And to give folks a little background, every damning story that broke prior to Baylor firing Briles came from one city in America...Austin, TX. There was no coincidence that the stories erupted shortly after Baylor had beaten UT three years in a row. Briles owned Charlie Strong...as did most teams in the Big 12. It's tough to deny the burnt orange nation didn't have a hand in making sure the stories were in the laps at ESPN before the local media even got a whiff of a story. And you're welcome for the recruits that UT picked up from the scandal. No team benefited more than UT from our lost class of 2016. But it's all good. You have the longhorn network. It's amazing to watch Colt McCoy highlights from 2009 or Vince Young pre-cheesecake factory highlights from 2005. Those were respectable teams. Now, not so much. Keep living in the early 2000s. Oh...and UT lost to Kansas in football...
  12. The Pirate going to Mississippi? That would be incredible. He's a fantastic coach and Texas Tech hasn't been the same since he got canned due to egos and snowflakes. Plus, Leach could sail his pirate ship either up the mighty Mississippi or out in the gulf. If you're on Twitter and don't follow Mike Leach, stop what you're doing and go hit follow. It's quality content.
  13. We were paying Rhule somewhere between $6-7 million at Baylor. He's getting a good bump in pay for sure. Apparently Rhule called the Giants to see if they would counter and the Giants said no thanks...and hired the Pats WR coach. Maybe a good thing Rhule is off to Charlotte. If we could've held on to Rhule for another 2 years, we would be sitting great with a coach in waiting...Joey McGuire, an experienced TXHS coach that finally left his school to come join Rhule at Baylor but only has 3 years at the collegiate level. He's our assistant HC. Texas coaches love him, players love him, etc. Seems like a no-brainer to keep the program on the same trajectory. Current players are recruits are all singing his praise on Twitter for McGuire, I just don't know if our AD is sold on him. Outside hires seem to point to former Bama asst Napier at UL or Sonny Dykes (I'll turn in my Baylor gear if that happens). We've got the money, facilities and talent ready to go for someone who wants to be here 5+ years.
  14. We, as a fan base, are grateful for coming in and resurrecting (pun intended for the Baptist U) the program back to a respectable level in a very short amount of time. Not too many people could've done what he did. Where we bought in was his talk about enjoying his life in Waco, having unfinished business, family, loyalty, etc when in reality, he was a hired gun and was itching to try his skill at the highest level. He flirted with the Colts after going 1-11, he flirted with the Jets the next season after going 7-6 and his marketability peaked this year after going 11-3. If he didn't leave this year, he was going to stick around for awhile. Instead, he's off to Belk land. He's got great core players on the team but they need to bail from Cam, imo. Players are handling it well and I hope they make the right hire to keep the program on the north side of mediocrity, especially with TV contracts and impending alignment coming in the next few years.
  15. Baylor's Matt Rhule heading to Carolina Panthers. It wouldn't hurt as bad if it wasn't for his hot garbage spewing from his mouth in regards to loyalty, etc. It would make me feel better if he left for a better team...like the Giants. Oh well, gotta strike while the iron's hot. Ain't no one loyal in this game...from the 'cruits to the coaches. Maybe it was the Belk/Quail Hollow connection...maybe he read this thread and that was the deciding factor. The Belk in Waco is on the smaller side.
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