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  1. Tony/Phoenix iPhone XS MAX Primarily outdoors on the driving range Yes I will use a net also
  2. Tony /Sun Lakes, Arizona I have never used a hitting net before, I have access to a driving range 1 block from my house I have used a launch monitor before when I first started Golfing 6 years ago but I have not used one in several years This would be awesome to be able to do this in my backyard!!
  3. Tony G Huffman, Sun Lakes/AZ/USA Ping Scottsdale Interested in Tomcat 14
  4. Sun Lakes, AZ, 14 HC Sharpie and a template Snell MTB-X and BS
  5. First Name / State or Country of residence Tony / Arizona (Maricopa County) Handicap 18 Current irons in Play Ping: G400 Driver G Iron’s and Woods Renegar wedges (P, G, S & L) The carry distance of your 7 iron 160
  6. Tony Huffman in South Phoenix, Arizona I use my range finder at our driving range I am 57 (tomorrow I will be 57) and just started golfing for the first time in my life 6 years ago. The technology today is totally awesome like the Arccos system that I use. Utilizing the capability new technology provides gives the golfer instant feedback while you are golfing to identify what went wrong or what went right. I had the older launch monitor and am interested to see what improvements have been made. I am totally on board with technology helping the golfer learn quicker
  7. Tony Huffman, Phoenix Arizona Yes I have a template I use to draw my line(s) Snell Align XL Personalized “Black/no size option provided/Tony”
  8. Tony / USA 18 Handicap Current irons in Play = Ping G The carry distance of the your 7 iron = 163 yards
  9. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year = Tony, Chandler AZ and ~120 rounds per year Social Media Accounts = Facebook and Instagram Handicap and Swing Speed = 17 hncp and 113 mph swing Current Set = Ping G's Desired Cobra Set = F9 Irons conventional length
  10. 1. Tony - Arizona 2. 18.1 hdcp, 116 mph 3. Ping G400 Max 4. G410 Plus
  11. Tony - Arizona, golf year round Handicap - 18.1 Current ball = Snell More ball speed is what I am looking for
  12. First name and home state/province Tony, Arizona Age and handicap 55, 16 Your current iron set/makeup Ping, G/Stiff shafts, Renegar Forged Wedges
  13. First name. Tony Home State/Province/Country Arizona ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Apple Wwatch
  14. First Name = Tony Home State/Province/Country = Arizona Current Handicap = 21.8 USGA Current Iron Set = Ping G Series
  15. Tony Arizona 19 Ping G series, Renegar wedges 60 56 54 52 I hit long balls both driver and irons, weakness is ~122 and in
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