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  1. Tony/Phoenix iPhone XS MAX Primarily outdoors on the driving range Yes I will use a net also
  2. Tony /Sun Lakes, Arizona I have never used a hitting net before, I have access to a driving range 1 block from my house I have used a launch monitor before when I first started Golfing 6 years ago but I have not used one in several years This would be awesome to be able to do this in my backyard!!
  3. Tony G Huffman, Sun Lakes/AZ/USA Ping Scottsdale Interested in Tomcat 14
  4. Sun Lakes, AZ, 14 HC Sharpie and a template Snell MTB-X and BS
  5. First Name / State or Country of residence Tony / Arizona (Maricopa County) Handicap 18 Current irons in Play Ping: G400 Driver G Iron’s and Woods Renegar wedges (P, G, S & L) The carry distance of your 7 iron 160
  6. Tony Huffman in South Phoenix, Arizona I use my range finder at our driving range I am 57 (tomorrow I will be 57) and just started golfing for the first time in my life 6 years ago. The technology today is totally awesome like the Arccos system that I use. Utilizing the capability new technology provides gives the golfer instant feedback while you are golfing to identify what went wrong or what went right. I had the older launch monitor and am interested to see what improvements have been made. I am totally on board with technology helping the golfer learn quicker
  7. Tony Huffman, Phoenix Arizona Yes I have a template I use to draw my line(s) Snell Align XL Personalized “Black/no size option provided/Tony”
  8. Tony / USA 18 Handicap Current irons in Play = Ping G The carry distance of the your 7 iron = 163 yards
  9. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year = Tony, Chandler AZ and ~120 rounds per year Social Media Accounts = Facebook and Instagram Handicap and Swing Speed = 17 hncp and 113 mph swing Current Set = Ping G's Desired Cobra Set = F9 Irons conventional length
  10. 1. Tony - Arizona 2. 18.1 hdcp, 116 mph 3. Ping G400 Max 4. G410 Plus
  11. Tony - Arizona, golf year round Handicap - 18.1 Current ball = Snell More ball speed is what I am looking for
  12. First name and home state/province Tony, Arizona Age and handicap 55, 16 Your current iron set/makeup Ping, G/Stiff shafts, Renegar Forged Wedges
  13. First name. Tony Home State/Province/Country Arizona ​Do you use performance tracking? Yes Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Apple Wwatch
  14. First Name = Tony Home State/Province/Country = Arizona Current Handicap = 21.8 USGA Current Iron Set = Ping G Series
  15. Tony Arizona 19 Ping G series, Renegar wedges 60 56 54 52 I hit long balls both driver and irons, weakness is ~122 and in
  16. Your first name: Tony Hometown/State/province: Sun Lakes, Arizona Strength & weakness of your short game: Chipping/Pitching inconsistency The PING Glide 2.0 specs for a 3-wedge set that best fit your game (visit PING's website here): The TS grind would be best for me, a 52TS, 56TS, 60TS, KBS Tour Stiff, PING DYLA-WEDGE grip in Gold I currently use Renegar 48, 52, 56 and 60 wedges
  17. 1. Your name and state Tony Huffman. Arizona 2. Your current handicap 21.4 3. Your current ball titleist prov1x 4. How many rounds per month do you play? 12
  18. First name - Tony Home state - Arizona Current handicap - 23 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - Ping G20 4, steel, stiff
  19. First name and home town - Tony Sun Lakes AZ Handicap - 20 Current irons/shafts - Ping G20 stiff Custom Fit – no
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