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  1. Leo/ Ponte Vedra Beach, FL I would prefer to test the 440 My swing speed is a senior-level 85 MPH.
  2. Leo from Florida GHIN index 19.1 I use three hybrids- all Callaway Big Bertha '19 (#4,5,6) The most important thing about a hybrid is straight consistent distance.
  3. Leo Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 21 Big Betha 2019 T-200. I have not played Titleist irons but our son does. It would be interesting to compare this manufacturer with the Callaways as well as the previous Ping Raptures that I just replaced them with.
  4. Name and Location: Leo NE Florida How do you currently get your yardages? GPS on home-course cart and laser rangefinder How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? Technology has improved the game in a spectrum of ways from enhanced club performance to digital data for swing analysis.
  5. First Name/State or Country of residence Leo/Florida Handicap 22 Current irons in Play ping rapture The carry distance of the your 7 iron 130 My Raptures have reached the limit of their technological advantage for me. I would like to see if 15 years of advances gets me back to my younger distances! I would look forward to seeing if technology neutralizes distance loss due to age. Can I hit the G410 7 iron 150?
  6. First Name/State of Residence: Leo/ Florida Current Drive specs: Model/loft/shaft/Flex Ping G20. 10.5/ Regular (STANDARD) Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection: 22/ 87MPPH No data collection devices. Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. I have hit one model at a PGATSS a couple of months ago but not used one on the course. The feeling was solid with a good sound. Distance was comparable to current driver.
  7. First name and city/state Leo Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 2. Handicap 21 3. Current Wedges Vokey SM6 (M grind) 58, 54; Ping G10 50 4. Your desired set/lofts 58, 54, 50. I’ve gotta pretty handy with theslofra but would love to try some with more bite so that I can approach the aggressiveness that I see Phil playiyon TV.
  8. To apply, please tell us the following: 1. First name/home state or province: Leo/FL 2. Current rain gear: Patagonia from a decade or more ago 3. Worst rain you've ever played in: Pouring rain at Greystone G&CC in Birmingham, AL. The pro shop sent a Jeep out to bring us in (kicking and screaming)!
  9. Your first name: Leo Your home state: FL Your current driver/shaft: Ping G-20/std Fit for driver - no
  10. Your first name: Leo Home state: FL Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: Ping G20 10.5/Ping 169 D Graphite Current swing speed: 85 MPH
  11. Your first name: Leo Your home state/province/country FL/USA Your handicap: 22 Your current irons set/shaft: Ping Rapture/graphite Your PING choice - i210 or i500: i210
  12. first name/home state: Leo/ Florida Your current wedges (OEM/lofts) Ping/Titleist 50 54/58 Your desired set/lofts 50/54/58
  13. - First name & home state/province Leo Florida - Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes Ping rapture - Current fairway wood lofts 18, 24 Last week I previewed the tour edge exotics while my wife was hitting. I am comfortable with my Raptures but they are 12 years old and I would be interested to see how technology has advanced.
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