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  1. I still game the SLDR mini 14* for when the driver goes south. Pretty darn straight and maybe 20 yards short of a driver. Can't manage it off the deck though thus the 4 wood in the bag.
  2. I absolutely hate the PGA SS in DFW. Every time I leave the store I have no cash left or my credit card is in flames!
  3. I usually play north of DFW in Allen, Frisco and McKinney. Plantation, Twin Creeks and Westridge
  4. Yup, midwest weather does suck, lived in Milwaukee for 25 years. Now I live in DFW and I can actually golf in January, never did that in Milwaukee!
  5. Growing up a Yankee fan in NYC during the 60s and 70s Yogi was the man! Mickey who?
  6. Without a doubt, Mary Ann. If I have to explain why, you would not understand.
  7. I was searching for some info on a few clubs and stumbled in here a few months ago. I recently joined after seeing how most of the people interact with each other, it's actually pretty damn good!
  8. Definitely agree with cost being a factor. I strictly buy 1-2 year old equipment because of this and end up saving 50% if not more.
  9. I picked up an SLDR mini 14 last year and while it works very well for me, I lose too much distance from my Driver. Being an old short hitter I need every inch of carry and roll I can get. I also don't see that much difference in the SLDR mini and my TE 4 wood, maybe 10 yards or so.
  10. Second post here but have been lurking for a bit!. Currently living in Frisco, TX. Been into golf for a long, long time. Handicap is between 12-13, play 1-2 times per week.
  11. Here you go! First name: Alan Home state: TX Current handicap: 12 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex: Ping G25 4 iron CFS shaft (Ping) R flex
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