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  1. I believe I had added a player from the “waivers”. I dropped him and submitted the claim the correct way.
  2. Maybe I should have been placing bets. But either way, I enjoyed the survivor pool, it was a fun side game.
  3. Is that really a hard decision for me?
  4. Thanks guys! So everything is going well. Hopefully that continues. It was more filled with snow than birdies, but it was still good!
  5. I’m in again if I’m not too late!
  6. You beat me to AB, he’s an all or nothing player, and with my team where it is, I needed the potential.
  7. Thanks! It’s taken me a while to get used to as well, but it is growing on me.
  8. Where can you find the scoring?
  9. If you ain’t first, you’re dead last. Participation trophies are for... Well, I can’t finish my thought on this forum without breaking some rules, but you know what I mean.
  10. So... I came in Dead Last... even losing to the guy who withdrew with 2 weeks left. That clearly wasn’t my best performance. Oh well, I still had a blast with this challenge. We’ve got so many great member who contribute to this thread year in and year out, too many to name, but y’all should know how much we appreciate you. Somehow, even with a significant swing rebuild, and coming in a verrrrrrrry distant last, I still managed to drop my handicap 1.4. That not nearly as much as our newly crowned champion @B.Boston, but it’s still very respectable. Baseline New aver
  11. Frankly, I agree. Well, they won’t end well for the guy talking to me. Seriously, congrats on the driver, and you did an absolutely excellent job keeping this thread entertaining! Well deserved!
  12. Pfft, it wouldn’t be a CCC thread if someone didn’t rag on my age. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! 58* wedge, then surprisingly the 3W. The flop shots I can hit with the 58° are absolutely amazing. Not to mention it is just automatically within 10-15 feet from 80 yards. The 3W because of the Baffler rails. I finally found one I can hit off the deck, and it’s nice. This is interesting, I’ll need to post a photo of mine, but I’m seeing significantly more wear on my 54*. I’m not sure if it is due to the soil here being mostly clay, or what.
  13. To add to what @edingc said, the system also uses your phones microphone to detect the sound of the ball being hit. Usually the system doesn’t mark practice swings (for me), because there is no sound. I’ve also had no real issues with Arccos detecting shots where I took no practice swing. I don’t get up and play at the break of dawn, so I’ve had no issues with there not being enough light.
  14. Official Arccos Review -GB13 So it’s finally time to review the unsung hero of the Cobra Connect challenge and winner of the hardest worker award... Arccos!!! I’ve never used any type of shot tracking before, so I was a blank slate to be impressed or disappointed. We were given both screw-in sensors for our old clubs, and our new Cobras came with smart sensors embedded in the grips. On the Course Performance - 3/5 Stars Arccos offers a very slick app interface (although it lacks a tutorial on how to use it). You simply download the course beforehand, pick
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