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  1. Only thing I disagree with there, is your prediction of Joe Burrow’s NFL career. I predict he’ll win a Super Bowl or 2 before he’s done.
  2. Hopefully not, but I don’t like my odds on that comment.
  3. Yeah, that’s probably accurate. All these good games, and Clemson playing Virginia, really shows what a joke the ACC is this year. It’ll be interesting to see how good they are when they are playing teams with a similar talent level.
  4. Yeah, I think the bigger question is, are they ahead or behind Oklahoma?
  5. It’s a cop out, because instead of taking responsibility, he blamed his infraction on something else, and not himself. Therefore, he’s saying it wasn’t his fault and we should blame the cameramen, not him.
  6. This seems to me like a cop out and refusal to accept any responsibility for his action. Intent or not, he improved the lie, and in a game of honor, the proper thing is to say, while not intentional, I understand I improved my lie, and therefore should be penalized. I mean, you know you’re gonna get penalized anyway, why not save face and act like it wasn’t intentional? Good.
  7. I’m not mentioning the other times when I do it unintentionally....
  8. Instead of throttling my driver, I take a full swing, but just (intentionally) hit a giant slice. It takes about 15-20 yards off the total distance, goes up higher so it lands softly, and it’s actually fairly accurate for me. YMMV
  9. Absolutely terrible day. I think I pulled a @Shankster and quit for 20 minutes after I left the course. By the time I got back home, I was already analyzing what went wrong to prepare for my next “adventure”. After extensive analysis, I realized that hitting 4 inches behind the ball was not producing optimal results. The cause of this ineptitude is pending investigation....
  10. I’ve only ever played there once a few years ago, but I still remember that hole. It took two absolutely perfect shots, which I did not execute, to have a GIR.
  11. My bank account, then I’ll send a percent of the money to Nifty. disclaimer: that percent may or may not be 0%.
  12. That was super close at the end, and I was worried that leaving Guice on the bench and playing Jones was lose it for me. Great matchup Shanks!
  13. Even as a Bama fan, I can admit that, that is hilarious!
  14. I know, it has Elon Musk written all over it... That’s the one that popped into my head, but I still say that the “truck” is worse.
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