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  1. GB13

    College Football

    They sure lacked effort all game. Not that I am complaining though. Ha! I hope that takes Urban down a peg (or 10). All that said, it was a great win for Purdue.
  2. GB13

    What are your weather limits for golf?

    I know that conversation all to well. After the -20° winter 50° feels like shorts weather. After the 100° summer, 50° feels like skiing weather.
  3. GB13

    College Football

    LETS GO PURDUE!!!!!!!!!!
  4. GB13

    Iron Terminology

    I wouldn't worry to much about terminology. I have no idea about terminology in golf swings but I understand the mechanics by giving my own names to the mechanics. So while I have a great understanding of the swing, nobody else can understand what I am saying. Just figure out what works for you and then it doesn't really matter what it is called, or what you call it. As long as you have an understanding of what's happening, it doesn't matter what most people call it.
  5. Grayson 4 Minnesota I am an awful putter and maybe it isn't the Indian, maybe it is the 12 arrows I have in my quiver. I look like a three legged elephant and the putter face wobbles like it has spent too much time trying to pick up the beer cart girl...
  6. GB13

    College Football

    Well, he looked like that most of the game. But I think that was from a phantom penalty. They called a bunch of unsportsmanlike conduct fouls throughout the game that were questionable at best. Most of the time the players just got up off the ground and were trash talking. The officials called a tight game in regards to unsportsmanlike conduct fouls and Harbaugh didn't like the call and was unhappy with his players for getting stupid penalties.
  7. Add them here. We would love to hear your thoughts.
  8. GB13

    College Football

    Yeah, that was a solid win but I'd still be worried about the offense. They had a run of good field position in the 2nd and got 0 points out of it. The efficiency isn't there. Their defense saved them.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing a review on a Skytrack or comparable device for winter testing. J/K (maybe) I like the idea of seperating out the review threads by category, drivers, irons, putters, training aids, etc. I also think that we should bring back Stage 3's in review threads. I think a six month update could be useful for product attributes like; durability and to see if it is still in your bag or how much it helped your game. I am still rather new here so I don't know why we got rid of Stage 3's to begin with?? Just my $0.02.
  10. The extent of my abilities seem to be pushing the ball away from the hole...
  11. Looks- C- Effectiveness- A- My swing is really flat, really long in the backswing, and really wristy. A launch monitor says I have a 2 way miss and OK distance control. On course, I strike the ball really well, I can work it both ways and my distance control is really consistent. My chief complaint is I am a little inaccurate with the driver. My swing looks like a mess but the results are really good, so I don't care how it looks.
  12. Luckily for you we have a team of people anxiously awaiting your request for entry, we will get right on it!
  13. That would make Stage 2 more like a wrap up. Stage 2 could become more of a summation of your thoughts on the product instead of the "full review". I think that could be a good idea, it would keep people more engaged throughout the review.
  14. GB13

    I'm in love again

    I don't know, but there certainly should be.
  15. GB13

    How'd you play?

    39-37-76 (+4) Putts 14-11-25 Well, the 3 chip ins helped here. It also helps when you hit 7 greens and have to get up and down a bunch. All in all, I chipped the best I ever have, 2 iron was on fire, and the I200's are still great. It's just difficult to hit greens from 24 inch fescue and behind trees.