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  1. 2 wins are 2 wins, no matter how undeserved. I wish they could figure out the Zurich, its a fun event to watch. It really doesn't seem like it could be too difficult.
  2. My team faded a bit today, but still another solid week for my team. Just need Furyk to start playing better and I'll be set.
  3. I really don't know what happened to him, he just wasn't as sharp as normal and at Harbor Town, little misses can turn into big numbers, and that's what happened to DJ. This is why I don't ever bet.
  4. I'm an overlap user. I played with a ten finger grip until last year, but then switched when I needed more cohesion between my hands. I did try the interlock, but it felt like I was going to break my pinkie off.
  5. If I were a betting person, I'd take DJ.
  6. Happy Easter everyone!
  7. You bet! It's days like this that make me want to play more, so it never happens again!
  8. Just a quick update to my progress, I'm still struggling to feel completely comfortable, and be consistent. Consistency is one of the main things I'd like this putter to give me and it hasn't yet, although I'm probably just being impatient. This putter is showing flashes of brilliance, and flashes of darkness. For example, my round yesterday, I had 24 putts and putted lights out. Today, I had 37 putts (no, not a typo), and couldn't make anything outside 2 inches. It's a work in progress, but I am moving in the right direction.
  9. Yeah, you've got a super solid team though, you're not someone I'd want to play when it matters most.
  10. Other than Furyk's idiocy, 3 of my players are in the top 5 and I'm feeling great!
  11. I'm struggling to pick a good shot today, but technically the best hit shot I hit today went in a lake. That pretty much sums up my round.
  12. I have two words- "terrible" and "whiff". I will leave it at that.
  13. Yeah, the only change at address was that I moved the ball back farther in my stance. I had already wanted to move the ball back in my stance, and add some forward press, so that worked out well. You could definately get specs that wouldn't require you to move the ball at all in your stance, you'd just need a proper fitting to determine what those are. I didn't need to make any change to my stance, my putting stance is fairly wide with a higher than normal amount of knee flex. If you get the right length, you shouldn't need to change your stance at all.
  14. Yes, I definately plan on trying different grips, mainly the claw and convential, non-overlap grip. I've briefly tried both, and the claw didn't seem to work super well, and I just wasn't as confident with the convential. I do think convential would be my second choice, with practice, it could work pretty well for me. I'm not convinced I should ever putt with a claw grip, I tried it with a non-armlock putter last year, and it was a mess. I wasn't planning on trying different stances, but if you tell me what different stances you'd like me to test, I'd be happy to give it a shot.
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