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  1. Two rounds down have tournament sat then will post on my thoughts
  2. M1 let's talk just shattered my nike vapor flex 440 Sent from my SM-S975L using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. If u can find one nike fly vapor 3 + I have min set at 12 super low flight great of the deck 240+ Sent from my SM-S975L using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Bad news after hitting about 20 balls today on range the back part had a hairline crack I didn't see and half of back part split and now that nike has no drivers any more all I can do is get refund sucks 150 refund for 500 dollar driver with 300 dollar shaft was super excited for this driver and had factory flaw real disappointing ending Sent from my SM-S975L using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Sound is totally Wierd on this club haven't got fitted with it yet tinkered with it at range and when struck well super long driver just need to get fitted to it as I would recommend with any driver looking forward to more than one round with driver
  6. Received my iron set from Oaks played one full round on them btw Oaks sent me the iron In as good as new from factory beautiful clubs. Played horrible as I went from current clubs bio cell plus same specs to these no range straight to golf coarse just couldn't get a rhythm going all day played oakhills in sutherlin oregon. Just overall a bad me day but when I did strike them clean and good quite possibly the best feel I've had with a iron a solid 15 yards farther then current club excited to get back out and hit going to range tomorrow the Next 3 weekend Tournaments so will give more info after a month of hitting but already a fan of these irons
  7. Excited for my first test on mgs especially on a item I was already looking at will be comparing to my golf buddy got 3 golf tournement in 3 weeks will get used asap thanks for the opportunity mgs
  8. I have the 8.0 counter balance model loved look could never get used to the counter balance the mallet version looks amazing more for my game will have to pick one up if I can find one loved the look and feel just counter balance not my thing
  9. Chrome soft 2016 or project a both amazing 150 yards in super soft for tour caliber balls
  10. I just got 2016 jpx ez forged from mgs hit the range today amazing and I play bio cell + irons and I could turn ball better and great forgiveness for off hits will put full review in a few weeks after I play more but wow mizuno did great with there 2016 line up
  11. I traded some old clubs in got odyssey works 9 will test it out sat might still by tour edge for fun
  12. Every time I go to be store never have any thing in Stock I can use they always have to order in so ya I'm guilty of buying online for half the price hate to see places like this go hopefully golf economy grows again in young consumers
  13. Putted with it at fiddlers green in eugene or two days ago loved it felt amazing wish had the mallet style which is what I like went with odyssey work 9 which putter second best I hit 40 putters and those 2 I liked the best
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