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  1. I really liked the addition of the line to the crown, really helped make the face look square. I remember the rogue looked almost toe down and open faced to me. One of the only drivers that had below 2500RPMS of backspin, couldn't beat my G400 dispersion or distance, but a real bomber! Only knock is the sound-blah!
  2. Haha I did and it was 100% based on your reviews!
  3. Really like the adventures in golf series with Eric, really cool to get a peak behind the process for the clubs. I've had folks from my club try my Miura's out and a few went out to get some sets. Pretty solid clubs, and with the amount of money you really should get fit- especially if you don't already know your specs. They really know how to hide offset and make a club seem bigger or smaller than it really is.
  4. My father who just turned 50 received an Xbox one for this very reason. He was a big western fan who he has been having fun playing through that. Not to mention with all of the applications on there it is easier to have all of them in one place, as well as having the ability to watch live television via the HDMI in the back.
  5. I have been especially since I sit in front of a computer all day. I don't before I play, but afterwards-definitely!
  6. That's pretty cool! That's my club! Tom and Nathan are great guys. That Jones bag is sharp [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. I would agree with this description- I used the Epic pretty extensively, but it felt pretty dead, that's just the jailbreak tech working. There is a lot of good stuff out there, but to the OP- from your brief description , it sounds like a sub par fitting. There might be life in that driver, but it may not have been fit properly.
  8. Corban headcovers? Were you playing out at Creekside Golf Club? Good luck testing the Hogans!
  9. Off the top of my head and based on my opinion: Taylor made spider tour black PXG gunboat Bettinardi with the honeycomb milling Toulon putters Those first two may have inserts but felt firmer though the PXG had the least feedback. Generally I stay away from insert putters for the same reason, though the Toulon putters have the sharpest feedback when you stray from the milling in the middle of the face, almost a tinny aluminum response.
  10. This is why I like Mizuno's shaft optimizer- I think it does a good job of showing you three options to start with- of course only shaft options mizuno carries. Trialing them out with a fitter may further clean up the choice. At this point in time I could probably use any iron head I want to, but the shaft is my dilemma!
  11. I found 82% to be a closer figure to what I see, 98 with a 6i and around 118 with a driver. Problem with this is these numbers are taken pretty early during a fitting and so i would be interested to see where I am at the end of my round!
  12. Considering my miura wedges were $260 and mizuno's were around 130-150 for forged; it'd be tough for me. Though my ping glide stealth wedges are just fine [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Good into guys! Just got a friend to buy the NX7 pro based off the rangefinder tests. Looks pretty good from the photos. Not in the market myself, but would've been significantly cheaper than the leupold I have.
  14. Great reviews guys! I got my LST back at the start of May and it has been awesome all around! When i got fit the heaviest and stiffest (and cheapest) option was a HZRDUS yellow 76 6.5 and I hit some long drives, but not a good fit, the lowest spin and launch combo was 14.4* and 2900 spin, that was with a 8.5* head lofted down 1*. I loved the head and got fit into a Oban tour limited 70 05 flex and am now at 11* and 2400 spin. Really happy with the driver I even got fit into a set of irons and wedges. I think Ping has some solid offerings even for faster swing speed/ better players. They m
  15. Becoming a ping fan

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