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  1. Have been considering a launch monitor for sometime, but never pulled the trigger on one. Would love to test this one!
  2. would love to test new putter shaft. Use a 35" Cameron Go-Lo5S, steel Scotty shaft
  3. Wow looks so nice. Would be great addition to backyard driving net
  4. Have played and liked the CG line currently offered. Would love to try the new line and see if they are a good fit for me
  5. Great chance to influence new products. Have tested Titleist in past and found it to be very interesting experience
  6. would love to give it a try. currently use a GPS. I have an NX7 and would love to compare
  7. The world of custom putters is so interesting as putters are so individual. Would be thrilled to put one n my hands
  8. Love my Mavrik SZ with Helium shaft. This is supposed to be the next step up. Would love to try it.
  9. Use a TA-Atomic 3wood, have the driver as a back up, and have a 38" cb TA putter. Would love to try and of the new ones, especially the blabes
  10. Dan P Parkersburg, WV Callaway Maverick Sub Zero (Helium A flex) 2.9 85 mph TSI 2
  11. Dan WV Scotty Cameron GoLo 5s 35" putting is a strength
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