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Seeking a solution for irons.

I'm 73 and lucky to still have a 100 mph swing speed.  Iron play, particularly short irons, needed work.  Spent all of last summer taking a weekly lesson from my pro.  Much improved (nailing the sweat spot about 90% of the time) but not satisfied using my older Callaway Apex irons.

I'm looking for comments/suggestions/advise on going into the players irons.  An option is the "mixed bag" concept.  My pro came up with the idea to explore using a more flexible shaft for the longer irons and stiffer for the short irons (assuming stiff shafts are more accurate).  Plus, the more I research, shafts are as important as the type of iron.

My dilemma is location and local pro capability.  Local pro does not have the higher end swing analyzers...and I'm hours away from a fitter like Club Champion.

Bottom line: any thoughts on what approach others have taken in a similar circumstance.

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