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    I like golf. Wedge game is my thing! Classic style! Traditionalist!!
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  1. Shankster

    2019 Golf objectives

    Play in November and December of 2019. Get fitted for the ugly stick. Take at least a handful of lessons. Keep my shoulder healthy (this will require a less aggressive swing) Have fun, and get my kids out more. Depending on where I’m at play a historical course. Play a round with a MGS member or 20. Have fun with the hickory sticks.
  2. Shankster

    New Wilson Staff Tour Ball

    Anyone else get some grass stains on these yet?
  3. Shankster

    Wintertime Golf Withdrawal

    We are taking the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on Christmas Eve, there’s a indoor golf center near by... be there for 2 days hopefully they are open on the 26th. Get some indoor time. Making it a goal to go to the college sim once a week in 2019 till real grass happens. Just hit my 30 chips in the basement into a solo cup. Holed 12. Still got it.
  4. Shankster

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    I like wedges... like a lot. Practiced a lot. At least a hour a day all summer, sometimes 2-3 hours with just Wedges. I wore my Taylormade wedges out in 2 years to the point where I could “see and feel” the performance drop off, but even then they still did the job, just didn’t bite as hard on the first contact. These could be a good investment for Vokey fans that want some customization. Heck, I might give one a try. I also see this becoming a “thing”. People are all about having the ‘It’ factor and most of your average golf buddies won’t have these, so if being ahead of the Joneses is your thing... have you ordered yet? Good concept for consumers to get their hands on some cool stuff. Vanilla becomes more vanilla when you can get your hands on some Chunky Monkey.
  5. Shankster

    Vokey Offers Custom Tour Grind Options To The Public

    Nice. This will be popular.
  6. Shankster

    What do you like about golf

    Blue Skies, fresh cut grass, birds chirping. It’s the ultimate chess game. You against the course, you win some and you lose some.
  7. Shankster

    Random Thread

    Said this before. But I just watched Last Jedi again... terrible. General Hux ruins the whole thing. Couldn’t tell if I was watching a remake of Space Balls or Star Wars... terrible.
  8. Shankster

    Got Problems?

    This the rant thread? Anyways, I just lost my uncle yesterday to a heart attack at 59 years old. Please take care of yourselves ladies and gentlemen. Get your check ups.
  9. Shankster

    100 Chips a Day

    Ok, I’m back.... just grabbed the 56 and hit 30 chips in the basement. It’s a little lower than my old house was but hey... it’ll work. I’ll junp on your 100 chips a day. Man that felt goood!!
  10. Shankster

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    If those Stealth wedges are near as good as the Glide 2.0’s (non stealth) they’ll be nothing short of amazing.
  11. Shankster

    Random Thread

    Especially since today was my first day back after a short Doctor enforced running break. Had some bad knee pain after slipping a few weeks ago. 110% now.
  12. Shankster

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    All over really. Without getting super specific: Lots of North East (ME, MA, RI) some PACNW, Monterey, Key West, Cape May A Ton of Virginia. One new job popped up right next to where the last US Open was held... don’t know if I’d be able to handle not being able to play those great courses, just have to befriend a member... [emoji23]
  13. Shankster

    Random Thread

    Just smashed my 5k record by 46 seconds. Pretty happy about that. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  14. Shankster

    What equipment are you thinking about?

    Ok. It’s getting close to me finding out where I’m going. And I’m getting the Itch... 2019 will bring me a whole iron replacement. Top on that list is those beautiful new Wilson Staff MB’s with a fitting Second will be a driver, with a proper fitting. And third on the list will be some wedges, still have the BStone’s so whatever they are they’ll have to beat those out. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  15. Shankster

    Quitting golf cold turkey

    I quit golfing right after High school for about 10 years. It was a lack of interest, lack of cash to play the game, and all my buddies had also quit. Now I’m much older and wiser and realized how much I missed. I didn’t even get to watch most of Tigers terror streak. Didn’t know who Pat Perez, Rickie Fowler, or Jason Day was when I got back into golf. I was at a point this year where I was extremely bored with the game, and almost just hung it up again... but I think getting into the Hickory and History side might help next season, that and I’ll be at a new location with new courses, so it won’t be the same old place every time.