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    Wedge game is my thing. Remembering the history of this game. A modern traditionalist of sorts, respect the game, quiet please. Talk a walk in Wingtips.
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  1. Read through the blog post again. If anyone knows how to get the Left Dot V1 or the V1* please let me know, DM me if needed. It’s for an experiment, and part of the BStone review. Thanks in advance.
  2. I may be ignorant to the topic. But where/who/what/why are they getting this information and why do they care anyways? It seems like social media “brands” and complainers are influencing golf more and more. No I’m not talking about this wonderful place.
  3. After watching the TXG video yesterday with the V1x and the -V1x... good grief, I’m surprised they can modify a ball so much to gain 13 yards in the same line... that’s insane.
  4. You guys are really trying to convince me to buy that 54° D grind in Brushed Chrome with a KBS 610 Shaft, and a MCC +4 Gray Grip in my shopping cart aren’t you?
  5. For once I’ll agree. I just don’t know if he (JS) has the drive like he used to?
  6. If he ever gives up golf... he’d make one heck of a James Bond.
  7. I have a bit of data, but hadn’t thought about that. I’ll do some research on it, thanks for the idea! My biggest issue has been this move, the school posts all the important information to some weird app that we are supposed to stay up to date with... but they’ll update say a basket ball game 1 hour before the game. We don’t check the app constantly, so we are late, or miss it completely. A simple text would work wonders, or a phone call maybe?
  8. I have to write a paper next week on how social media has changed our lives. I’m on the other side of the Spectrum, I wish it would go away. I don’t follow any of what I think in my opinion to be parody accounts. I’m glad that people get some entertainment value out of it, but I can’t stand any of it. Probably a topic for a different thread. I’ll edit my paper and post it somewhere maybe.
  9. A Tiger-less field in Mexico this year. Are we ready for 400 yard drives at altitude? Me personally, I’d like to see this event somewhere else, could be in still, just a better venue for viewers. I’m picking the hometown favorite, Mr. Ancer. Could/should this be the Premier League?
  10. Come on Scotty, don’t bunker this one away!
  11. Interested in some real world reviews on the SIM. As a former diehard Taylormade fan, I have a few of their products in my crosshairs. Not the driver yet, obviously but maybe some other offerings they have.
  12. Well, I guess if we both stay in our lanes I could manage. [emoji51]
  13. Alright. Let’s eliminate any directly in gator alley. I can deal with almost any sort of land mammal, but gators?! Is this all of them then? Haha
  14. Well this one is tough. I really enjoy watching both of them, and we named a cat after the Irishman... but I am pulling for Scotty tomorrow.
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