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  1. My favorite ball the TM RBZ Urethane can be purchased for $9 online. Loved that ball, giving the Wilson Duo Pro a run, probably before the other two. I also really liked the 2015 Wilson FG Tour ball. I am hoping the Duo Urethane is “the one” between them. I like a softer compression, especially after playing the V1x Rock all last year. Nothing wrong with those Wilson’s. I played one of my best rounds with a regular Duo. Once I got passed the tennis ball feel it actually performed rather well. I’ll be getting the orange as well in the Duo Pro.
  2. Not trying to threadjack chisag... Just throwing out a link that made it all click for me a while ago. Please share any tips you’ve come across. https://www.adamyounggolf.com/low-point-control-in-golf/
  3. Shankster

    WGC Mexico

    Yeah. I’m all good on the 1.5” inseam shorts. Can’t believe those were ever actually a thing... [emoji15]
  4. Shankster

    WGC Mexico

    Man for 48 years old he’s got a lot of definition going on there though. I am personally not a fan of shorts myself... you all might remember my rant last year. Even on myself I can’t stand them playing golf, it messes with my head for some reason. Fabric, pastie white leg, sock, shoe... too much going on. I’d rather not blind everyone and have pants on. Not too tight or baggy... that messes me up too.
  5. I hear you. But when all you hear is hit down on the ball it’s no wonder many struggle with it. They are literally trying to pound the ball into the ground... I’ve seen it.
  6. Shankster

    What are you listening to?

    You might like this one too. Tommy is a magician.
  7. Shankster

    Slow Play Survey

    Set em up like BlueJack National. The rough is slightly longer than the fairway if I read correctly. I could handle this all day long and so could everyone else.
  8. What’s your thoughts on trying to hit down? I’ve seen a huge amount of people try to hit down on the ball and just ram the club in the ground behind the ball. I try to remind myself of low point in the swing. But I cannot seem to get my dad to understand. He takes a divot the size of Texas. I’m a picker to small divot player so finding my low point is easy, but when you hit down so steeply that you stick the club in the ground how do you explain the hitting down part? Think low point? I need to get my dad from doing that and ruining his rounds.
  9. Shankster

    WGC Mexico

    Looks like Sneds turned down the invitation... dang it.
  10. Shankster

    Slow Play Survey

    This topic is one that I could go on for days about. But I’ll spare you all. Slow play and waiting for terrible golfers is the worst thing about golf. Imagine 4 JB’s in a group with an average drive of 150 yards playing from the tips. I know you’ve all fallen victim to this at some point. I’m not talking kids or Champions Tour guys. Guys my age that just can’t play golf.
  11. Shankster

    Shorts for Tour Players

    Didn’t they do this already? Last year?
  12. Shankster

    Slow Play Survey

    I can do 18 holes in 1:50 with putting out every hole. Put a 4 some in front of me that helps each other with the range finder only to Duff it 3 yards and add 3 to that. I forget where I read it, but one of the pros... ah Sam Snead said sometimes you might just want to find a new hobby... Or at least find a par 3 course you can hack your way around. I think it’s skill level and trying to out do your buddy. Growing up working at a course was funny, guys literally spent 3-5 minutes with a range finder and hit it so far out of bounds... it’s frustrating waiting around for these guys. I think everyone should be able to enjoy this wonderful game... get a few poor playing 4 somes out on the course and it really sucks the fun out it. Maybe only let 2 go at a time. There isn’t a cure I don’t think.
  13. Shankster

    WGC Mexico

    You’re probably right. I hope he has the conversion chart made up for the altitude and air density. [emoji846]
  14. Shankster

    How'd you play?

    Good to see you around Rick!
  15. Shankster

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    0-6 upcoming. Thanks for pointing that out Stud. It would be nice if Justin Rose would play golf.