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    Wedge game is my thing. Remembering the history of this game. A modern traditionalist of sorts, respect the game, quiet please. Talk a walk in Wingtips.
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  1. Really hope Michigan doesn’t get Bama in a bowl game. Last time didn’t go so well. [emoji23]
  2. Almost finished up with the Stage 2 everyone. The past 6 weeks have been so erratic with work I haven’t had much time to myself. Looking to have it up by the end of the weekend. Spoiler... they are staying in the bag!
  3. Can’t wait! Thanks for another great opportunity. Can’t wait to see how our weather differences effect the testing.
  4. Yeah. I see that too. My biggest fear is the lack of QB development. With the new transfer stuff I think we lose DCaff or Milty next year.
  5. Could help. But I’d recommend taking up chess instead.
  6. You pretend not to care about the teams that are in the final 4... and watch anyways... it passes the time.
  7. Those are straight out of 1978... love it.
  8. What’s the rest of the specs? Blade height, length, and COG location? Reverse muscle? CB?
  9. Terrible match up last night. The Pats looked terrible. Good luck going forward!
  10. Well @GB13 I think my Luck has run out. it’s been fun Gents. Can’t wait till Golf Fantasy 3.0!
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