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  1. Right to know... mmhmmm. What is wrong with people.
  2. Not a good Tuesday... hope he recovers 110%.
  3. We have a competitor for the Ugly Sweaters for next year...
  4. Alan Southern Maryland 450+ on a good day, 260 on average Speed: All of it, Chuck Norris Style oh...
  5. Kenny... I’m coming for you... I’ll get there at some point if things ever slow down..... Busiest two month stretch of my career...
  6. That TSi4 driver...
  7. I think it will be Ian Woosman... he has been off his A game for a while, but he takes the jacket by 1 over the beastly driver operator BAD.
  8. Nothing like a little Van Morrison... Jimmy Buffet radio on blast right now.
  9. Man... this has been a Kraken of a Super Bowl...
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