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  1. True story. I much prefer the C-Taper’s over most other shafts. Paired with the T100•S on a pure shot is just what dreams are made of. Do not like the Tour-V though, Tour’s are a close second to the C-Taper. For wedges… the KBS 610 is by far my favorite.
  2. I actually wish the PING i59 was more like the iBlade 2.0… being cast rather than forged. I’m sure no one expected me to say that, but danged if cast clubs don’t hold up better and probably last longer. With all of the technology today, you’d think they would be able to make a club like that feel as good as a forged blade. The softness of forging gets dents and dings just sitting there… Nah, never mind. That’s a bunch of B.S.
  3. That photo is some might tee fine looking bacon.
  4. Just the opposite. My dog spits that kind of stuff on my feet if I try to give it to him. Haha. Peperoni though, he will jump through a window at full tilt to get a slice. Haha.
  5. If a Waffle House failed…. Shanky’s is doomed.
  6. Thinking about making some tee shirts… it’s that good.
  7. Got the slogan all made up and everything. Just need a building and an investor or 6.
  8. I got it @Rickp Shanky’s Place… on tour, we will bring the shenanigans to you. “Shanky’s on Tour”
  9. Sign up. You’re welcome.
  10. Hey man!! Good to see you back in action on here.
  11. I think cardboard might be better. Yes, I’m sure I ate it as a kid, cardboard that is. Probably more recent than that but I won’t admit to it….
  12. Don’t know, I accidentally bought some low sodium bacon a few weeks ago… it was disgusting.
  13. I wasn’t going to say anything…. But I know for sure there won’t be any low sodium bacon around at Shanky’s place. So you gentlemen better take good care of yourselves.
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