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    I like golf. Wedge game is my thing! Classic style! Traditionalist!!
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  1. Shankster

    College Football

    Woo! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Shankster

    College Football

    Good win boys!! Keep it up!! Go Blue!!
  3. Just an App Refresh to go with the main update and I’d be happy. Picture storage upped. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Shankster

    College Football

    Tomorrow will be fun. I won’t have to run. My blood pressure will be as high as the sun. I will be rooting a ton. While eating my hotdog on a bun. I hope they put Shae in the Shot - Gun. Let it be DONE! GO BLUE!!!!!
  5. Shankster

    Rant Thread

    No not really. Mostly undesirable locations at least for me. I hate big cities and that’s pretty much what is left.
  6. Shankster

    Rant Thread

    Didn’t get one of my job choices... now the waiting game. Son of a. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. Definitely worth any extra “Honey Do” list items. Enjoy that 56°[emoji844]
  8. Heck yeah! You won’t be disappointed.... especially if your still gaming that cobra, far better feel.
  9. Shankster

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    I only need the [emoji238] to get like 117 points tonight.
  10. Shankster

    Groove or No-Groove Putter?

    PING Anser 1966TR... full face grooves. Definitely like the idea, the result, and the looks. Feels like it gets the ball hugging the ground like a Ferrari.
  11. Shankster

    College Football

    I hate Cheese, Spartans, and Buckeyes... But I love Cheeseman. Onward.
  12. Shankster

    My son's first hole-in-one: age 5!

    Awesome! Love it!
  13. Shankster

    Happy thread

    Daughter came in 9th at the CC final meet. I told her to keep the 4Wheeler in her sights.. she heard run with the 4Wheeler. Lead the girls for half of the race before running out of gas. So proud! Can’t wait for summer training for next year.
  14. Shankster

    Happy 243rd US NAVY

    Happy Birthday to the men and women who serve on the Haze Gray!
  15. Shankster

    Rant Thread

    33° this morning when I woke up... and now this. [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]