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  1. Past week or so, the forum had been really laggy, and slow. Fails to load pages at times. I’ve tried with WiFi and without. Same deal.
  2. All I can envision is the lady falling from the second story window on Happy Gilmore… I hope your rotator cuffs can keep up with this beast mode. Goodness that is moving. I haven’t messed with that thing in months. Refuse to practice and or change anything that I’m doing currently…. Because, well if I say it, it will all come crumbling down. So use your imagination.
  3. Haha. True Sam. I’ve tried Chess, and let me tell you, I can mess up a game in three moves for sure. So I’m sure I could mess up either of those two games if I tried hard enough.
  4. I prefer to play as a single. I have a hard time spending 4 hours on the golf course behind a bunch of foursomes. I can play 18 in 1.5-2 hours by myself, and that is putting everything out. I will wait, or go off the back if there aid two groups on 1 and 2… soemthing that can’t be given back… time.
  5. I hit 3 wedges out in the yard today. Is that practice? Also, I probably just ruined my golf swing.
  6. I did this test last year. Stick with the AVX is my advice, for me the hard cueball left dash wasn’t much better off the tee. AVX is the longest ball off all of the clubs ever for me. It’s the best ball I’ve ever used. But, the 2017 ProV1 should be a combo of the both. If you read Tony’s blog about the left dash, there is a part about the “left dot ProV1” about it being the influence for the 17’ V1, I believe. Not a direct quote.
  7. Faldo - “A Tiger is no match for a Wolverine, he just shredded the competition.”
  8. Man… I should sign up for this one on the sheer chance that they might send a •ProV1… it’s in the portfolio right?
  9. You’ll have to start calling him (insert large land animal name here) as a nickname. I here Tigers are cool. Lion is taken. Perhaps Some Midwestern mammal? Roo? Yeah, that isn’t Midwestern.
  10. This is amazing. Nice work to the both of you. Marquette CC is no joke, played it once.
  11. I used my 58° 15 times today. Twice on one hole. I use it from 120-0. But it is my stock 100 yard club. The 52° is useless, at least on the current course I play, I rarely use it, and when I should have been drinking a Dos Equis… really thinking about adding a 62/64° wedge for a 70-80 yard full shots. I have a PING Glide WS 58, and it is not very versatile around the greens, especially with my setup.
  12. Eying a Vokey to match my 48°. The 52 cause me all sorts of problems today, it might need to be benched too. Really like the look of the RTX FF, I’d probably get a 64° of that. the 3 iron is officially benched for eternity. If I bent the 5 iron 1 strong I’d have a “real” 4 iron. My biggest complaint with the t100s, hard to figure out what to drop because the lofts are so strong.
  13. Super tired today, but I managed to save a 81 after a display of terrible tee game today. 1 bird, this was the hole of the day though. Even with the chunked 9 iron I made par. I tried a different approach on 2 holes, cost me 2 strokes above normal. Going back to bomb and gouge.
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