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  1. and everyone was perplexed that Tiger Woods was #6 in the world... eyeing that #1 spot again...
  2. I feel bad sneaking out 2 wins this week. Nah, just kidding... [emoji23][emoji23] A week off and back at it with the Where’s Waldo. I mean Wells Fargo tournament.
  3. Perfect timing. My new swing and low bounce do not get along at all. My 60° is useless.
  4. Was interlock for a while as a kid. Then circa 2014 I went to the overlap. Back to the interlock last fall. I prefer the interlock, feels like I can get more surface area on the grip. Putter grips is odd. I use a double interlock so I can get more right hand on the grip. Then the right index finger points down.
  5. I’d rather have 200 into a green from the fairway instead of 140 from the trees or Worse. Best round last year was all 3 or 5 irons off the tee on par 4’s and 5’s. Even if I miss GIR I can rely on the wedge game to get me close. Yeah... that putting thing. I’m with you on that... I’d rather chip. But I am going to make an effort to practice more putting this year.
  6. Inside takeaway is bad... very bad for me. Especially when trying to hit a draw... can’t get much more inside from and inside takeaway... shite goes last naming.
  7. 66° and gorgeous but not a damn course open within driving distance.
  8. Could try the BStone RX or RXS Srixon Q Star Tour Wilson Duo Pro Or any other ball with a urethane cover, should help with green holding power.
  9. 2 iron, 6 iron, 9 iron, 56°, Putter The perfect every day set.
  10. Just ran a 75% effort 1.5 mile at 10:38... Need to shave off 45 seconds so I can beat the kids at work Monday. I’ve got 10 years on them all. Only 2 that I’m worried about. A sub 10 will probably put me in 3rd.
  11. Yep. I think he’s good as he once was. It will be a feat for sure. But if there is anyone that can do it... it’s Tiger. He’s fragile, 40 something, but man he’s got game. But I’d wager that he is in as good of physical shape in a long time, and probably could out bench half the tour. Tiger vs the majority of the guys out there? I’d take Tiger over them all. Anyone in the Top 20 will be challenging and always were. But I’d still pick him even at 43 years old. [emoji3]
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