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    Wedge game is my thing. Remembering the history of this game. A modern traditionalist of sorts, respect the game, quiet please. Talk a walk in Wingtips.
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  1. Failed a test... thankfully. Rhymes with Movid....
  2. Let’s get a few Korn Ferry Guys, a Few LPGA ladies, and some PGA Champions tour out there. Have 4 teams of 2.
  3. I use the app 98% of the time. Just hit that little circle with a plus sign and you’ll have the option the add pictures.
  4. Loved The Players.  Volunteered for five years (2011 till 2015).  Was a Hole Captain for three years on hole #2.  Hole was selected as Best Marshaled Hole in 2014.  I had some great marshals.  Let me tell you it was a lot of work.  You arrive the Sunday prior to the tournament  to prep and place evacuation vans. then there is a drill.  Hole #2 had a van I was responsible for.  Keys, moving van into position, wait for notification to transport players, stage and wait for players to return them to course.  Had to schedule marshals for locations on hole #2.  Schedule lunch breaks and other personnel issues.

    Deal with spectators (drunks, cell phones, cameras, movement and children running onto course).  Do you remember Sergio and Tiger (hole #2 players left of fairway).  Would have to be at course a 6:00am till dusk after flag and tee markers were picked up.  It was GREAT.



  5. Wooooo! About time you got on here Joe! Everyone please welcome my former colleague and good good friend Joe to the forum!
  6. When this crap is over, we are going camping twice a month. Heading north in to West Virginia. Get some fly fishing, and stress relief.
  7. I know. And I was going for the poser golf trophy, remove the horseshoe guy and replace it with a golfer guy. [emoji23] [emoji23]
  8. The GOAT played well. His game is very similar to mine. He obviously hates the driver. Started hitting long irons off the tee... money. Plus that hole out. I’m around a 8 - 10 I suppose don’t keep. Handicap. I can go post a 100 right now. Why? Because I’m a mechanic.
  9. Sorry the 3 is out of stock. But the 15° 1 iron is still there. And the 2 iron.
  10. PXG has a 1,2,3 DI available at a good price right now. Lefty.
  11. Got a few full speed driver swings in today. Hitting a foam ball, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. Going to go full Bryson mode for sure. Trying to talk the boss into a few sets of the Super Speed system for our gym at work. There’s a handful of “golfers” and two of us that take it pretty seriously. Returning to my workout routine and running this week, hopefully be able to get out on the course next week. Can’t wait to put this swing back to use where it belongs.... on the golf course. I’ve got a few horseshoe trophies, maybe I’ll have them replace the hot shoe guy with a golfer guy... [emoji57]
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