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  1. Could be July the way this year is going... brrrr
  2. I am using a Callaway Mini 1.5, it is going up for sale soon. Hopefully a driver fitting is in my future.
  3. In my line of work fitness is required. It pisses me off when we get a 19-25 year old that can pass the minimum times. I am no workout guru, but I make sure that I am faster and do more than the minimums to set a good example. If I don’t do some sort of calisthenics and a run at least 3 days a week I get slow.
  4. I am here to see the amazing Golf Ball Whacker Guy... Can any of you hit it over the highway?
  5. I am going to pass your review along to my dad. He is gaming the G30’s. Probably just fine for him, but they just bought their retirement home in Florida and he will be golfing more. I’m sure he will want an upgrade. Hopefully talk him out of his 20 year old Cleveland wedges too... [emoji848] Nice work so far!
  6. Is it your iron ball striking that makes your handicap higher?
  7. The south course looks pretty fun too. Very unique design.
  8. 3 days into my vacation and I haven’t had to answer a phone call.
  9. Thanks for the write up Dave. And you even caught Poulters Pink and Purple!
  10. Woo! Awesome! Hopefully they come with some Woodland magic. Congratulations!
  11. The CB and MB are [emoji383], the others... [emoji15]
  12. 85 today. Was experimenting with only hitting fades. Much better golf than yesterday. I bogeyed all four of the par 5’s and 3 of four the par 3’s. A double on a par 4 because of a lost ball in the fairway... caught a tree root in a side hill for a bogey. Good game plan going forward. Only hitting fades unless a draw is called for. Also, I need to get fit for a driver. I was hitting my 2 Hybrid 250, and my mini driver 230...? [emoji848] Used the hybrid for all but 1 tee shot on the longer holes. If the fairways were cut a bit tighter I wouldn’t need anything more than that thing.
  13. I meant legally. Hahahahaha
  14. Haha. True. [emoji23][emoji23]
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