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  1. Good morning everyone. No more deployments! Have some very good news to share, but you all have to wait until April 8th. I’m Baaaaack!!!
  2. Don’t give a da*m what anyone says. Go Blue Forever.
  3. Can’t do Tiger like that. He’s on his way to Polo to take over for Tom Watson in a few years when he on the Champions Tour.
  4. Just glad to see something new. No red uniforms this year.
  5. Sure. * as long as you follow ESPN’s rules
  6. Good morning - Can’t wait to be signing Hail to the Victors this evening. Go Blue!!
  7. This is a sad moment for Golf. Tiger Woods is owed a lot by everyone who plays this sport, to see such an iconic partnership be tossed out the window is a perfect example of the current culture.
  8. Played for the first time since March of last year. We did a scramble, used all but one hole of my shots. Finished 16 holes before sunset at 4 under. Played one of the best rounds of my life, to include a 274 yard 2 iron to the fringe, a 316 yard bomb drive (wind helped) to set us (me) up for an eagle, just missed. It’s good to say I’m back to the game I love. That 2 iron man…
  9. Can’t wait to be more involved with the Forum again soon. 6 more months and I’ll be back to a few hundred posts a week.
  10. It’s ok. We love Spartans and Buckeyes as much as you love us. Very little, on the field of course. But what’s sports without rivalry
  11. Who’s got it better than us?!?!
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