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    On an one plane journey as of late. A modern traditionalist, quiet please, respect the history of this great game!

    Fishing, chess, and learning are my next hobbies in order. Almost finished with my Degree, only to start the Masters.

    Carry on.
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  1. Favorable weather for tomorrow’s round. I will be playing with some non-golfers, so my frustration level will likely be high. Usually when this happens I do not play very well... but hopefully it doesn’t take too long. With the swing feeling good and the speed up, I am going to try a different game plan for tomorrow. If it goes sideways, I will know after hole 4, then I’ll just go back to my normal strategy. Also, going to see if I can sneak a Cobra fitting in and snag one of the SpeedZone drivers before they are gone at $399, but get an exotic shaft if that is what I am fit into.
  2. I could eat a whole bag of Chessmen cookies in one sitting... so dang good!
  3. I wish they’d bring back the T-MB’s. They are missing out on the hollow club sales comparing to the 790, i500, etc.
  4. Take a look at his address position vs. his impact position. The club shaft is on a nearly identical plane. Kuchar does this as well. Even Moe was steeper on one of the other on takeaway and through swing.
  5. I’ve been eyeing these from time to time. Curious as to why no one on tour plays them, and I would love to get my hands on the CNCPT 2’s. Don’t think the wife would appreciate me spending $500 a club though... Looks like they added to the line.
  6. What is your main priority for the off-season this year? Anything specific or just general housekeeping?
  7. Awesome. I like his approach. He gets a little far in the weeds at times comparing things thing Bryson, but the theory makes sense. I would say I am more a KJ swing than a Moe swing, and honestly I started doing this a long time ago before I found any of the videos, and before I knew who Bryson was. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I knew that it worked.
  8. When he starts hitting it over 400 regularly, they’ll ban it.
  9. 48” driver.. no not really, well maybe. But RAD?...
  10. Love this thread. Can’t wait to follow along. I am going to try a similar approach, but I haven’t been in a gym in 20 years or more. Quit lifting in High School. Hopefully I can pick up some ideas from you. Nice work.
  11. I am terrible at explaining things. Haha. When doing PT for my shoulder, the therapist told me I have an extremely flexible thoracic part of my back, which lets me get a huge shoulder turn against my very un-flexible rest of my entire body. I can get my left shoulder beyond 90 in the backswing relative to my spine. Pointing out towards right field if I really make a turn. But I am purposely stopping that part earlier on the shorter backswing.
  12. Uh oh... Michigan football is going to be in a world of hurt... only QB with experience is opting out of the season.
  13. I made a deal with myself that I am not going to take video anymore. It is shorter for sure, less wrist hinge. Also, I am just hitting a foam ball in the yard. Going to take the idea of the short swing to the range today or tomorrow. They do start a little further right than the longer swing. Whether they’ll draw back or be a push is going to be the deciding factor.
  14. Messing around with backswing lengths, I’ve found that a shorter, Rahm-ish backswing generates the same speed as a full one... now I just have to figure out how to get the extra gear from the full swing.
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