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  1. My uncle, who I blame for getting me started in golf, once told me that I wasn’t good enough to get mad or be a poor sport. Maybe these guys needed better direction and wisdom from their elders.
  2. Nice thread! Gives a good start to finding your way around. Keep them coming!
  3. Chris Michigan Cold Weather Rainsuit - DryJoys Tour Select pants and Long Sleeve Jacket Warm Weather - FootJoy Hydrolite Pants and Hydrolite 1/2 Sleeve Jacket Imperial Rain Hat Umbrella - who needs one Worst Rounds - Garland, MI - Buddy’s annual golf trip. 1st round in the mid-40’s with winds at a steady 20 MPH and gusts over 30 MPH. Driving heavy rain all day. Played 36 in the tough conditions and then played 9 more become rain had lightened up. Each green had its own ball washer when the ball went into the cup. Steady flowing water over most of the low area
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