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  1. My uncle, who I blame for getting me started in golf, once told me that I wasn’t good enough to get mad or be a poor sport. Maybe these guys needed better direction and wisdom from their elders.
  2. Nice thread! Gives a good start to finding your way around. Keep them coming!
  3. Chris Michigan Cold Weather Rainsuit - DryJoys Tour Select pants and Long Sleeve Jacket Warm Weather - FootJoy Hydrolite Pants and Hydrolite 1/2 Sleeve Jacket Imperial Rain Hat Umbrella - who needs one Worst Rounds - Garland, MI - Buddy’s annual golf trip. 1st round in the mid-40’s with winds at a steady 20 MPH and gusts over 30 MPH. Driving heavy rain all day. Played 36 in the tough conditions and then played 9 more become rain had lightened up. Each green had its own ball washer when the ball went into the cup. Steady flowing water over most of the low areas of the course. Proceeded to play 6 more rounds. Out of 8 guys, 1 went home early. 2 had 5 rain tickets for the next year and I was the only one to play all rounds. Thank God for 2 rain suits and multiple pairs of shoes. Turned on the heat lamp and fan in the bath room to dry everything out. other worst round - 18-hole Sunday morning - quorum vote dictated no league play, 7 of us went out in 2 group. Only 1 person finished 9 with me and wine stole the last 9. Golf Pro tossed me a dozen Pro V’s because “you’re the only 1 dumb enough to finish 18 today”. Course closed down after I left. Snowball Open is our 1st event of the year and as the name implies, its cold and wet. Thank you for the opportunity!
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