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  1. Steven Western Australia Handicap of 20 Current set of clubs are Alpha RX-1 irons with Diamond senior flex shafts Single length please. Thankyou, love your work.
  2. Steven Schubert, Perth, Western Australia Handicap of 25, I have never used a tracking system before so it would be interesting to finally use one!!!!
  3. Steven Schubert, Western Australia, I currently use the marker points and a bit of commom sense! Loving it at he moment as we have just started our golf weather!!!!!
  4. Western Australia Handicap of 25 Wilson Staff Northside putter.
  5. Good morning, A the moment I am playing 12 rounds per year (I have 3 toddlers and so does my playing partner). My current handicap is 25, and my putter is a Wilson Staff Infinate North Side (which incidently dropped a put per hole off each round when I started using it).
  6. Good morning, I purchased a Taylormade Jetspeed Wood set (driver, #5 and fairway) due to the reviews of the post Taylor made models. As I couldnt afford a current series set I went to several golf stores which sold "as new condition" drivers and irons and went through the previous series of Taylor made drivers. For the price, previous reviews (on other sites) and quality I settled with the jetspeed. I believe the reviews enabled me to think outside the square and to consider the clubs I was using. I am now researching golf balls and their characteristics to see if I can improve my game even
  7. Steven Schubert Western Australia Handicap of 25 Currently use a PGF 60 degree wedge.
  8. 39 years old, I dont favour any brand name as long as it looks good, Western Australia.
  9. Steven Schubert, Western Australia Handicap of 20 I use my eyes and logic at the moment.....
  10. Steven Schubert Western Australia Handicap of 20 Would love to test an 18 and 23 degree with senior flex shafts.
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