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  2. 1. Cobra Fly Z driver 2016 and Taylormade Speedbladz irons about 2013. 2. Golfspy has reinforced my opinion that technology can help but the game is really between your ears. Comparisons of clubs are helpful when deciding on purchases to be made or not made. I would like to see some more head to head comparisons of new versus older clubs within brands and inclusion of ACER and Maltby clubs. 3.New clubs have helped marginally, maybe 2 strokes on average. 4. The newer clubs are easier to hit and I am soon into my 70 year so may have helped maintain some distance. However you can not shape them as easily as my earlier forged clubs 2001 Tommy Armour v31 CB forged or a set of 1966 Haig Ultras that I used until 2001 although sparingly for many years. Greg McCarthy
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