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  1. Scott / New York I try to put on a mat but it's not a great set up. I have tried a few but I never felt they were close to putting on a green Medium Speed
  2. Scott / Plattsburgh, NY / USA Taylormade Spider blade Piper C because I have a straight arc and have yet to use a center mounted shaft and feel that it would be a great help to my putting.
  3. Northern New York State Full Spectrum CBD Oil / Lemon-Lime Angry at myself for making a bad shot but then ready to move on by the time I get ready for the next shot. Fitbit
  4. 1. Scott / Northern New York State 2. Currently use U Swing app 3. U Swing app
  5. Scott / New York 14 Taylor Made SLDR 15 degree More consistency than metal woods and better ability to hit constant shots from rough
  6. Adirondack Mountains of New York 10 year old Taylormade Functions of storage and individual putter compartment. They all are similar but have their unique benefits
  7. I agree but take exception to the "constituents" comment. Just because I live here makes me a constituent but me and most of NY thinks he's an asshat. He only won the 4 large cities and lost all other counties in the last 2 elections. New York City controls him and he makes all decisions based on what will give him the city votes. Do you realize that there is a lot more to the state than that big s*** hole on the southern tip? Wasn't the Florida governor the one who thought that churches shouldn't be included?
  8. Our governor finally let courses in upstate open and now it has snowed for 3 days straight. Next week looks warmer.
  9. Yes, he finally gave permission to open in upstate!
  10. I gave up on pin seeking a few years ago and it did help. Now I only look at the slope of the green and aim accordingly.
  11. I live in rural upstate New York. Initially we could golf but now our Governor has decided that golf is dangerous and has forced the courses to close. It seems ridiculous to make rules for the whole state based on the tragedy COVID19 has caused in New York City. What is your state doing? Can you still golf and what are the specific rules being used to promote social distancing?
  12. Scott / New York 14.5 Taylormade RSi2 155 yards
  13. Scott / Plattsburgh, NY Yes, phone app Swing U phone app
  14. Scott / Plattsburgh, New York 14 / 96-100 Adams Red 18* because it is where I get loft enough to maximize distance
  15. Scott, Plattsburgh, NY Swing speed: 96mph Bridgestone B330 RXS. Almost out of what I purchased so will need to find new ball.
  16. Scott Plattsburgh, NY 105mph /14 handicap Adams 4 hybrid, Adams 5 wood, I bag an Adams 3 wood but don't use it due to lack being able to get loft. Right Hand
  17. I'd have to say Rory. He's striking the ball well and his putter has been decent.
  18. I love the humor these guys ad to their review. Thank you for the information.
  19. Scott Henderson, northern NY, approximately 50 Facebook, twitter, instagram 14, 96 Adams New Idea, Tours Edge Exotics 9 metal woods and driver F9 single length
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