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  1. Doug - Michigan 56 years old 13.2 Index Hogan Apex Edge forged 3 - E , regular shaft +1" length +1 up
  2. Doug - Michigan ( and yes it has finally got warm enough to play outside ) Tour Edge HL Senior Index - 16.7 C300 regular or Senior Over many years I have played mostly Wilson Staff C7 C9 C11 V2 Have slowed down in the last few years. Hit balls twice a week and play 3 times a week in season
  3. Tier 1: Justin Thomas Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Gary Woodland Tier 4: Jason Dufner Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -9 Low AM: +16
  4. Doug Zack Michigan ( Suburban Detroit Area) Driver - Adams Blue Stiff Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 - 2 and 4 Iron Wilson Staff V2 5-9 iron ( +1 length , +2 upright ) Scratch Wedges - Sweeper Slider - 47, 50, 53, 56 degree Ping Eye Two Berylium Lob Wedge - 60 degree Scotty Cameron Newport Putter - Custom Batman grip weights and head. 15.8 index My Goal: After a few summers of very poor health, I am determined to get back to single digit status. I intend to play my usual weekend games, hopefully walking for the exercise, and walk 9 holes another two times a week, I also want to get back to my favorite routine of hitting balls at least twice a week and working on my short game. I had considered joining the Golf Channel AmTour to help create competition and incentive, but would gladly be involved in Cobra sponsored competitions and willing to travel if necessary. I am determined to get healthy through golf and return to get back to 7 index. My mind is still a 7, now I just need to get my body there again. Thank You for the opportunity Doug
  5. Doug Birmingham Michigan 17.8 index ( With dreams of getting back to 7.6 index I was at four years ago ) Clubs in my bag change every round. Maybe that is part of the problem? Nahhhhh
  6. First Name: Doug State: Michigan Handicap: 18 ( Was a 7.3 four years ago, recovered from neck/spine issues and getting my groove back) Current Irons: Wilson Staff V2 or Scratch Blades ( very rare ) Preference: Definitely One length I have always been deadly with a 6 iron, therefore have speculated over my many years, great success with one length clubs. Finally back to my commitment to practice twice ( I am a scratch handicap on the range lol ) to every time playing. Planning a few trips to the better courses in Michigan and Arizona in the coming months. Thank you for the consideration
  7. Doug Zack Birmingham Michigan 13.9 index I definitely need help with ball striking, especially as I get older I have lost distance on my irons. Three years ago i was a 7.3 index and need to find a way back to land of single digit. I am familiar with DST. I have discussed the product with them at their booth at the PGA Merchandising Show in Orlando each of the last few years. I have not had the opportunity to actually try one out. At my club, I am one of the guys who live at the practice tee and always looking to share new ideas with the rest of club.
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