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  1. Casey - Rockville, MD I practice putting once a week for about an hour I average approximately 4-5 three putts a round. I am most interested in the real time feed back of distance control and club metrics (face/path). I do very well over coming hurdles in my game when I have data to internalize and base changes off of.
  2. I have dabbled my whole life but got serious about 4 years ago. Handicap hovers between a 7-10 and I usually shoot 85 and below. Best thing about golf is the personal challenge, i am only trying to beat myself from yesterday.... I also like it when ball go far...... I have been reading and following MGS for many years; i am a huge on course advocate to the dismay of some of my playing partners. I have come across a few casual readers. Central MD; Montgomery CC. This region has A LOT of accessible courses, the DMV area is unassumingly well stocked. There are places that can get pretty uppity; not always my style i can deal with it if the course is worth it... Ops manager for a Restoration/Construction company High school email account... still kicking.
  3. I have been a GolfTec student for roughly 16 months. I have had a lot of success. The results you see are a direct result of what you put in (DUH), meaning, if you only utilize the center for the weekly lesson and small amount of practice you will only see small improvements. I have recommended the center to multiple friends/playing partners and i have seen their improvement and satisfaction as well. I purchased a full membership and it ends up costing me about $140 a month. For that amount I get unlimited use of the facility, 2 hours of instruction, and other small perks that come along. I have had a great instructor and look forward to progressing.
  4. Rockville, Md BrianStorm Happy Mallet Line, Aim Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Casey- Maryland 13 Ping G SF- Tour 104 260 Patrick Reed Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Casey Rockville, MD Strength: Flop shots Weakness: 110-75 yard shots/Sand 52ss/56ss/60ss Color Code Green Shaft XP 95 Flex S300 Length +0.25" Grip 5L Grip Color Code Red
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