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  1. 1. Your first name and home state/province Toshi and Ohio 2. Your current handicap 7.8 3. Your current set of irons MP-27 4-6iron with steelfiber i95. MP-63 7-pw with steelfiber i95. 4. JPX-900 Tour Thank you for the opportunity. Would love to represent Hiroshima and have the chance to review Mizuno's latest iterations of its forgings.
  2. In this thread, tell us the following: Your name, home state or province and current handicap: Toshi Shoji, OH, 8.2 The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver. Driver--> Z565 9.5 stiff DI-6 3 wood--> ZF65 13.5 stiff DI-6 4 wood--> ZF65 17.5 stiff DI-7 Utility--> MZU65 3 bent to 21 stiff DI-95 4i bent weak--> Z765 with modus 120 S 6-9i bent weak (4)--> Z765 with modus 120 S PW, AW (2)--> Z765 with modus 120 S RTX-3 Tour Satin--> 54 VFG RTX-3 Tour Satin--> 58 VFG Putter--> Elevado 33 inch with WinnX Pro 1.18 Would really like to test what performs the best and open to fitter's suggestions.
  3. One day.... Especially with the increased FP option (less offset)!
  4. How did this guy review everything already?! http://www.golfalot.com/Equipment/Mizuno.aspx
  5. More information being released! http://golf.mizunoeurope.com/blog/all-the-info-on-the-mizuno-jpx900-irons/
  6. Really digging Rick's new swing changes, hope he keeps at it!
  7. Have also read that an EVO speeder II will be available without upcharge, not sure how accurate the info is
  8. Another site where I found the pics said the irons well be released in September, however they also mentioned that it was region dependent
  9. Yeah, well I'm partial to Hiroshima style myself Will make sure to post a picture when I get back to a computer that actually has pictures! Thanks for the welcomes
  10. Really looking forward to checking out the new t7 release, especially the lower lofts
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