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  1. Sure, let's roll!  These latest ones sound solid.  Worth a try!



    OnCore Elixr (most recent, I rotate several)

    If you've never played a Top Flite, do you really golf?  Like a single unmatched sock they pop up out of nowhere, and usually are in my bag or in an "all purpose" ball bucket in my basement.    Ya'all remember those Aero balls with the egg-shaped dimples?!

  2. Cool opportunity!  Good luck all.  Throwing my name in the hat here...

    Josh / Edgerton OH

    Sure have.  Have a beat up one in my garage now that is on the cusp of being thrown away.  I am in a family of golfers so we use it a lot!

    Currently no LM.  That said, i am closer to pulling the trigger on one as we now have cost effective options available.  And I have a HS golfer that would really benefit from learning a more complete view of her game.   Maybe Santa will come in clutch...🎅

  3. Josh  / Edgerton, Ohio


    48/56 Callaway Jaws MD5, 52/60 Cleveland CBX2

    Raw wedges flat out look cool.  And lack of coating giving them a dull appearance would probably help with any glare.  When I see other golfers playing a raw wedge I always tell them how cool it looks, and they reply that it performs well and it will be in the bag a long time.

    Thanks for opportunity!

  4. Josh / Edgerton, OH / USA

    Primary putter is Tommy Armour Impact Series #3

    Several of the Heppler models catch my eye and stroke type.  However, I have always wanted to try/test a “spider” mallet like the Tomcat 14.  Just did the Ping fitting tool, and it agrees with me.  Love the alignment dots running on the top.  I have mostly a straight back stroke and this should suite me great.  Would love the opportunity to test it against my current gamer, and provide feedback to the forum and Twitter!

    Thanks for opportunity!

  5. At a 9 currently, playing in areas around NW Ohio and NE Indiana

    Currently playing Sub70 699 irons (non pro), and LOVE them.   8i distance 155

    Been following Sub70 for over a year, finally contacted Jason and the team in late 2019 and was fitted (online and via phone) for my current 699s.  Havent ventured into other clubs of theirs yet but hope to in the future.

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