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  1. Josh / Edgerton Ohio Mix of Cleveland CBX2 (52 60) and Callaway Jaws MD5 (48 56) Would test 56* in Cleveland Zip Core against my current 56* Callaway Jaws MD5 thx!
  2. At a 9 currently, playing in areas around NW Ohio and NE Indiana Currently playing Sub70 699 irons (non pro), and LOVE them. 8i distance 155 Been following Sub70 for over a year, finally contacted Jason and the team in late 2019 and was fitted (online and via phone) for my current 699s. Havent ventured into other clubs of theirs yet but hope to in the future.
  3. Josh Giesige / Ohio Yes, currently rotate 2 as I am doing my own testing. (older) Garmin S2 & Izzo Swami GPS watches Don’t have a range finder, but when my playing partner has one it gets used a lot. I also use my watch to help with front, middle and back distances.
  4. Cool opportunity, thx! RH yes Josh / Edgerton Ohio bigger profile 460 103 speed (thx Bridgestone V-fit)
  5. Josh / Ohio 8 HDCP Rotate between Wilson Staff FG Tour F5, and Tour Edge HL4 iron-wood 1. Dependable distance from any lie. 2. Height height height 3. Low dispersion (forgiveness) 4. Small profile
  6. BGgolfnut


  7. Wish I could jump in on this but here in NW Ohio I am not able to for a few months. Looking fwd to reading the reviews tho. Have a great Christmas and New Years everyone...cheers to 2020!
  8. Cleveland is nailing it lately. After testing and reviewing CBX 2 wedges in another forum I am very intrigued by all of their latest offerings. Good luck everyone! Josh Ohio Currently gaming Tommy Armour Impact #3 I'm straight back and thro..so would love to test Elevado Single-bend (similar profile to my TA)
  9. Intrigued to try! Thx! Josh / Ohio ~110mph Rotate between Snell MTB Black and TM TP5x. Sometimes ProVx Tour X
  10. Josh / Ohio HDCP 8 Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 7i - 160 Great opportunity here, good luck folks. I am in the market for more forgiving irons and these are in my top 3 I'd love to test and compare. Thx!
  11. Another sweet opportunity, thx! Josh G / Ohio Tommy Armour Impact #3 (thx to you guys I gave this a try...love it!) HDCP 8
  12. BGgolfnut


  13. Josh / Ohio 8 HDCP Mix bag currently. 52 WS FG Tour PMP, 56 Cleveland RTX 4, 60 BombTech Grenade Love the 56 and it would be crazy cool to finish my set with RTX 4s Depends on turf, but 1/2 to 3/4 wedge approach shots that seek the pin and check quick are up there. Thanks for opportunity!!
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