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  1. After the long day I would imagine focus for putting would be difficult at best, let alone the issue which is at the fore front of your thoughts. Prayers for positive results from the imaging.
  2. Glad to hear it was not as serious as it could have been, but HBP is nothing to fool around with.
  3. Hope they get that under control and you back to normal quickly.
  4. Welcome and congrats on the milestone!
  5. Played the second round of our intra-course senior assoc. competition yesterday. As the formats change each 9 holes, I decided to focus on the 3W off the tee and fairway, when possible, to see how it would perform. While I was unable to get any data other than total distance and fairways hit, I am happy to report that the club performed well with the 17LO TPT shaft. Overall, average distance improved 21yds from an average of 207yds to 228yds. Also hit a monster shot with it, for me anyway, of 252 yds. Fairways in regulation for the day were 12 of 14 for 86% with the 3W going 10 of 10 for 100%. The two missed fairways were both just a little to the right on shorter par 4's where I used an iron of the tee. Ball flight was much like the hybrid, medium high and penetrating, which was very beneficial in the windy conditions. Again, the shaft loads smoothly and is firm and stable thru impact making it easy to get the ball launched. I'm not sure how to describe it in any other way. If there are any questions out there let us know.
  6. Good Friday morning Spies! Not much on the agenda today as my spousal unit has seen fit to allow me a day of relaxation! Not sure what to make of it and a little unnerving when considering the possibilities tomorrow may bring... A beautiful day in store here so I think I'll take advantage of this pass and get some practice in with the net. Still chasing the elusive in-to-out swing path... and then of course plenty of time in front of the TV for The Master's. @Erin B Safe travel and hope everything goes well for your wife's appointment. Everyone have a great day and hit 'em well if you have the opportunity!
  7. Happy Birthday and have a great day!
  8. I'm sure it is tiring but I am glad to hear everything is progressing quickly to get your wife the treatment required.
  9. Another great call this week. Good general discussion with a lot of information shared. Of special note was the actual % of qualified individuals signing up to be testers.
  10. Welcome to the Forum @Al_Mack! you won't find a better group of folks who love the game anywhere!
  11. Nice write up Jamie. Especially like the title picture...
  12. Happy Birthday and enjoy your day!
  13. Good Master's Thursday morning All! Not only The Master's but Calloway Paradym testing opportunity as well! What a way to start the day. The MGS staff just keeps bringing their "A" game! Looking forward to Community call and who the guest may be this afternoon. Starting the morning a little cooler but the rain is now out of our area. Range is closed today so no warm up and cart path only at this time will make for a longer round due to the conditions. Going to be a wet muddy one but we shall prevail and retain the Senior Cup. Time to finish my ritual biscuits and get ready to do battle with myself... Have a great day everyone and hope to see you on the call this afternoon.
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