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  1. Kerin Resch Warren Maine Hi, I am in Maine and if you can't play in rain you can't play golf here. I use Zero Restriction now with Foot Joy rain gloves and the gear works ok but is while the jacket is pretty good the pants are not great. When it is cold in rain the gear is not so bad but when it is warm it is pretty uncomfortable traps heat and I sweat quite a bit. I play reguardless of rain and last year in a tournament during a deluge, they did not cancil and we won lol.
  2. Kerin from Maine I use G B B Epic Driver, G B B Heavenwood, and Cleveland Mashie hybrids 20.5 and 26, T M Rsi 2 irons, Titlist sm 6 wedges. Have not found another hybrid face that had the ability to get a ball up and out from rough like the Mashies. And did I say long.
  3. Always looking to improve putting play an Edel 15 handicap live in Maine and travel a lot in the winter on golf trips
  4. I play 70-80 rounds each year in Maine and 20-30 in warmer climates in the winter. Have a 15 handicap and use an Edel E2
  5. Kerin Resch live on coast of Maine handicap 17. I travel a lot in state spring, summer, and fall. I really like mountain courses and use a Bushnell Neo which helps a lot in blind shot situations with big elevation changes.
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